I've got my first evening race tonight and I'm worried about "the digestive cycle". Does anyone else try immodium before a race for peace of mind and if so how long before.

Sorry this isn't a very pleasant thread


  • Yup, it's never failed. Not that I've raced much, but I always take it before any run longer than half an hour. I've taken it anything from an hour before to only 20min before.

    Hope it works for you. Nothing quite so unpleasant as to be caught short.
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Have taken it twice as a precaution before a couple of Half Marathons - It works very quickly and lasts for hours so you can take it anytime up to half an hour before the race. No side-effects or dehydration to worry about.

    Pre-race nerves tend to give me a bit of a dodgy tummy in the mornings. The immodium settles my guts which in turn helps me relax.
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Immodium Plus helps settle the stomach as well as sort out 'further down'. I take it for races from half marathon upwards. Part of my success in doing a pb at London this year was, I'm sure, down to the three (yes!) immodium plus taken in the morning. I took two at home and then another one for luck just before the start! As a vegetarian I have a very quick metabolism so it gets even more dodgy.... On training runs I reckon I can always: get home by walking, find an open pub (did you know they have toilets?), find a bush or dark corner (sorry). I did follow someone up their garden path once and ask very pathetically if I could use their facilities and the nice lady said yes!
  • I tried the chewable Immodium for the first time on the morning of the FLM and almost immediately threw up violently - they are revolting. Suggest you stick to the capsules.
  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    Lovely thread for a post lunch sweep. Immodium pre a big race? definitely! Two Immodium ( or Boots far cheaper version)before a race to save accute embarrassment.
    I hear immodium plus is even better, but yet to test it.
  • Thanks all,

    I've got them in my bag and will take them around 5. Its not a nice thread I know but I don't want to be having to worry about finding somewhere to stop half way round.
  • Instead of Immodium you could try my Mum's remedy which is a teaspoon or so of cornflour mixed with a little milk and a bit of sugar. It always worked when I wa a nipper !!
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