Womens running tops/shorts

Is it just me or does anyone else have trouble finding a running top that fits in the size they take for normal clothes? I find that all the womens tops come up really small and even the size 16 are figure hugging, which I hate because I am not small on top! so I end up looking terrible. Then to add to my dilemma I am finding that all the shorts now are really short! hardly coming down my legs at all, and they are not exactly long legs! I don't know what to do, does anyone know good womens size running tops and shorts that are not so short!


  • Niketown had some nice shorts in different colours but I tend to stick to mens shorts as I find they are a better length for those of us who are not blessed with beautifull pins !!!!!!
  • thanks for the tip Kate, don't you think though, that all these top sports wear companies designing their new running kit, are all under the impression that all women runners are build like Paula Radcliffe! top and bottom?!
  • Must agree they seem to think that all women runners are flat chested and slim legged ..........oh how I wish !!!!

  • I now have two pairs of the Nike shorts which go just below the knee - they don't ride up and they breathe so that they are never too warm (I ran in them all summer). Much more flattering for those of us who would be arrested for showing off our thighs in public ;)
  • I bought a couple of pairs of Viga shorts from Bourne Sports, just above the knee and really long lasting. Gave up wearing anything shorter for 2 reasons - 1) big thighs, 2) big thighs !! Did one race with a fast developing HUGE friction sore between the widest part of my thighs - mighty attractive, especially walking like John Wayne for several days after - still, at least people gossiped about it.
  • Oh my god the same thing happened to me at the weekend, I have such a sore inner thigh were my shorts were too short and whilst running my legs rubbed. I am definately going out and getting some of these longer shorts!
    mind you any suggestions on bras, I have sore places all over even though my Bra is the right size, it's just friction I suppose, does every one suffer too or is it just me??!! Is there anything I could do to prevent it?
  • If my boobs were correctly sized in ratio to my hips & bum I'd possibly have a problem - but they're not ! The best bra tops I've used are the Adidas Sports Tops that feature regularly in SportsShoesUnlimited.Com sale. Are normally in the Sale Section for about £9.99 and made of soft cottony type material with in built support. Probably wouldn't suit anyone with a larger bust (I'm only 34B) but I find they breathe well and are pretty comfy. I have had some that leave me nasty friction burns on the inside of my arms as well but I reckon the aforementioned one is the best I've found.
    Talc, talc and more talc for those thighs !
  • Bagpuss - completely agree with you about running tops coming up small. I don't quite understand why manufacturers want to piss off female runners by making them buy one or two sizes bigger than their 'normal' size. But I recently bought an Odlo short sleeved top at my local running shop and it's FAB. A generous medium size, snazzy colours and lovely technical material.
  • My problem is getting nice clothes big enough - anyone got any help on this - not a small lady - 18 -20 lots of lovely gear for size 16 max - help
  • meerkat - I like the sound of your Odlo top. Where is your local running shop? I haven't seen any Odlo stuff except on-line.
  • Went through Runners World last night and there's a website called www.girlsruntoo.co.uk. Haven't had time to check it out yet but might be worth a look?
  • The girlsrun too site is excellent! But no very generous sizes, I don't think. WWW./sportsbras.co.uk has some excellent scaffolding though, in the sorts of sizes that made me at 36dd feel totally flat-chested and inadequate! None of the stuff I've ever bought from there (Sportjock, Panache) has ever given me blisters or chafed at all. There are some American manufacturers who supply larger-sized ladies' sportswear . . . Junonia is one, and Danskin another. This came from The Complete Book of Running for Women by Claire Kowalchik. Possibly a good search on the web should turn something up?
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