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Please can everyone running on Sunday not take friends and family with them to the start. The trains are crowded enough without them and there will be plenty of people to talk to and help calm you down if you need to be


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    I went with friends to the start last year (I was running), and there was no problem. It wasn't crowded, there was plenty of room to move, the trains were full but not over-crowded, and it was fine. What's the big deal with it this year?
  • Look - I want to find my friend at the end. So can the rest of you just b*gger off so I can find him? Thank you.
  • sorry im just in a bad mood and people seem to be really negative about the start when it hasnt caused major probs before? its a big thing and im a bit of a fanny and need support. ok i understand if your taking most of the family tree ...
  • I have seen trouble on the trains before now - especially with people not moving down the train and clogging up the doors. Tempers fray with all the nerves - so I wouldnt really reccomend it.

    If everyone took supporters on the trains - there would be no space for runners.

    But ho hum - its up to you.
  • just see how it goes and use common sense
  • Wilkie you must be lucky. I've always been squashed on the trains in the past. What would it be like if all runners took just one non running person with them?
  • Obviously everyone should just run to the start, that way the trains are left for spectators and everyone gets nicely warmed up.

    Problem solved.
  • Leo M - or swim up/down/across the river. If they're real athletes :-)
  • out of interest, how many of you are regular London commuters?


  • I've been on trains packed, and I mean packed, full of runners before now to be stood next to someone with mum, dad, boyfriend and gran all in tow. I think it would have been more considerate not to have brought them to the start. Runners were really struggling for room on that train and they were reliant on the fact that most people don't do it.

    If you must bring them to the start, then use your sense, but I wouldn't if I didn't have to.
  • Im Taking 15 to the start with me, I don't care how packed the trains are there still coming with me.

    Maybe thats because we shall be leaving my house in the morning after a nice breakfast and strolling through Blackheath village and across the heath in time for the start.

    Sod all that getting trains, getting vexed, getting sweaty and angry then running 26 miles.
  • I can understand the problem, but I need support for this momentous occasion! And I think I need looking after at the beginning and end - I only want to have to worry about running. My trainer has seen me through every trial and trouble during training and I want him with me as well as my husband - but that's it. Everyone else is supporting me from a distance!
  • If I remember correctly non runners are not allowed in the start area, although I think they can spectate at the start.
    I would also have thought their biggest problem will be getting back from the start so they can see you actually running the marathon. There will not be that many trains running back to the centre, and although they can walk down to the Cutty Sark, it will be very very crowded.
  • While we're at it, can we have no pushchairs at the end?
  • Good point - if we can run 26.2 miles - these pampered wussy babies can crawl round the streets of London.

    We're spoiling them I tell ya !
  • Can we have dancing girls and free champagne at the end?
  • Peter Stringfellow is sorting that out. I think there is a nominal charge though.
  • The pushchairs aren't for babies, they are for the people like me who won't be able to walk after the marathon.
  • I think the time it takes me to run a marathon even our decrepit transport system can get them from Greenwich to the finish area and I don't think they will be bothered by it being crowded; they are expecting to join in with the crowds and enjoy the atmosphere.
  • Do we get the dancing girls to chauffer us home in Rollers afterwards? Maybe stopping at a few of the free bars that Flora have put on for us
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