Online Shopping- friend or foe?

I recently tried to purchase a new pair of racing shoes from the Bourne Sports website. Wanting them for a race on June 4th, I ordered them on May 19th (Their website stated that you need to allow 7-10 working days for delivery). However, as of now I've still not received them. After ordering them online, I phoned a few days later to confirm that the order had been processed. The lady I spoke with, informed me that the order had been processed and the shoes had been sent. I haven't received them yet so today I phoned the shop to chase it up. I was a little surprised when the lady at the end of the line told me that the shoes had not been sent yet, were not in stock and would be sent as soon as they were in stock, but she was unable to tell me if that would be this month, next month or next year! Has anyone else had trouble with this particular shop or any other online stores?
By the way, Im cancelling the order and heading down to my local store!


  • If you check back through the threads here you will find numerous similar stories...
  • I have bought a few things from startfittness and they have always arrived within 2 days
    I may have been just lucky but it was quick
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    Yes I was praising them too the hilt-Start fitness until I returned one item...did they refund my CC no, did they reply too 6 emails no,even rang them up and said it would be issued that day another 3 weeks no sign, so sent them a strongly worded email plus letter sent recorded deliver and guess what it was refunded within 2 days!!!

    Not best pleased with them.
    ALF: Always a little further
    Miles makes smiles.
  • Bourne Sports are notoriously poor, check back on old threads. They may be a couple of quid cheaper but you certainly pay for that in poor customer service. I ordered a pair of trainers 2 weeks before a 20 mile race so I could break them in. They arrived 4 weeks later.

    I've never had problems ordering from Sweatshop, TFN, Runners Need, Up and Running, Complete Runner.

    Don't know why RW still feature a link to Bourne Sports on this website given all the complaints.

    I'd prefer to order over the phone as then you can check the item is on stock at least.
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  • the problem with online store is that usually their inventory doesn't sync up with what is on the website. and sometimes orders get lost in the fulfillment team, and also delivery is a different company again.
  • Go to the local store if possible 
  • I don't have anything against online shopping, but if I have a chance, I go to the local store. I always want to have a chance to touch something, see it in real life, before buying it.
  • I'm not impartial to online shopping but personally for me especially when buying running tops, I like to try them on and get a feel for the material to make sure it's not going to be uncomfortable.
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