Running it tomorrow. Woke up with a cold today. Aaaauurrggghhhh! image


  • how did you get on noanie? did you shake off the cold?

    it was my first ever ultra. had a great day.

  • Hey Dude.

    Was my first ever ultra too! Ignored my cold as best as I could, started off slow and took it quite easy, enjoyed the beautiful scenery, had a great day, enjoyed every minute of it, even the rough bits. Told every marshal and organiser it was the best race I'd ever done, and it really was. Couldn't believe the value for money, and the table of home-baked cakes at the finish line was so welcome I nearly cried when I saw it.

    I squeaked in just under the 6 hour mark. Extremely chuffed as I'd originally thought I'd be doing well to make it in six and a half! Loved that loads of the fast runners hung around to cheer and clap everyone else. Really great atmosphere. I'll definitely be going back next year... 

    So how did you get on?

  • That's brilliant, well done. I agree about the value for money. I couldnt quite believe the hospitality. special comment to the delicious banana bread at the last checkpoint, it almost literally saved me! image

    Although there was perhaps a little more tarmac than i'd have liked, it was a really interesting and pretty route, and we couldnt have asked for a nicer day.

    yes there was a good spirit to the race. at the 'turn' i got a hello or words of encouragement from just about every runner going the other way, including the elite ones. that was nice.

    I did ok. did my usual and went off too fast, suffered in the last five miles with blister, but was chuffed to finish in 4.40ish. good for a first bash image

  • also i thought the 'hurricane bawbag' medals and special souvenire brewdog beer was a nice touch image
  • Haha, yes. Loved the medal and beer. Gave the beer to my dad though as I prefer wine.

    Amazing time btw, well done! I wonder when the officical results will be upon the race site...

    I deliberately started right at the back so I wouldn't be tempted to set off at 10K pace and just slowly overtook people for most of the race which wasa great mental boost. Realised near the end that I might get in under 6 hours and went for a mad 'sprint' finish. Looking at my Garmin, my splits are quite funny. I had been running steady 10-11 min miles right up till 29-30 miles, then my last 3 were 9.45, 8.53, 8.30. LOL!

    Definitely going back next year image

  • that's hilarious...no wonder you were carving past people in the closing stages image

    my splits didnt really drop off that much in the later stages...but it hurt image

    the results are up! for some reason my name isn't there image i entered on the day so maybe that's something to do with it. ive emailed george so hopefully....I DID DO THE RACE I PROMISE!! image

    I'll be back next year too....if i survive the highland fling! image

  • Oooh, the Fling! I'm not brave enough to try that one yet. Offered to marshal at it instead. Maybe next year...

    But the one I really fancy is the Cateran Trail. 

  • i got roped in because my mate is organising, but now im really looking forward to it. I want it to be tomorrow! image well maybe not tomorrow because im still sore from the weekend...but soon! image

    make sure you've got a stash of jelly babies when i pass you image

    The Cateran trail looks awesome. its near where i grew up and i'd love to run it. maybe too soon for this year but it's on the list image

  • Don't worry, I shall make sure to bring a large tub of sweeties along to the Fling with me.

    I was helping out at one of the checkpoints at the Glasgow to Edinburgh race at the weekend and it was really funny watching to see what everybody had stashed in their drop bags. Some folk just had a couple of gels, others seemed to have packed the contents of a whole picnic hamper. I watched one guy sprint away sucking on a squeezy tube of condensed milk and another guy stop for five minutes to wolf down a giant foot-long Subway baguette.

    Suppose I can't say much though, I went out on an 18 miler yesterday with a squeezy sachet of mushed up banana-rice-and-apricots baby food after someone suggested it was better tasting than most gels. And they were right! 

  • 6 sleeps to go for 2016 ...

  • Oh that'll be a nice run. I used to live up  in Aberdeen a lifetime ago and go cycling along that route. Might make a bookmark for it next year. cheers.

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