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HI Guys

would like a few opinions I am running the brighton Marathon next year again after a complete disaster this year,and would like to do a half before and would like your opinions on the time I should leave between the 2

example Hastings half is 24th March and Brighton is 14th April , do you think the time  apart is enough

I did a 16 mile on 1st April then ran Brighton this year but had to pull up at mile 12 due to muscle going in my leg and not able to even walk properly .planning more leg strenghing I had also had a heavy cold just before the marathon so do not think that helped .

any help would be appreciated


  • You would just about to go into taper. It depends on if you are going all out for a PB for your HM (which I find loses you a few days of marathon training because you are knackered!) or you use it as a training run for your marathon run and run it at MRP or as a tempo run. I personally would do it (I am running GNR 2 weeks before Loch Ness Marathon) but other's wouldn't. Only you know what you are capable of.

    Sorry you had a bad time at Brighton. Nothing worse. Definitely do some leg strengthening, any strengthening work helps your running.
  • there are plenty of other halfs around that are earlier than Hastings that could fit better - Brighton 1/2 in February; Barns Green (near Horsham) in Autumn; Eastbourne beginning of March etc

    take a look in the Events section to find one that suits - if you can't find the future one, look at this years as most tend to be on or around the same time each year

    as HO2 says, if you want to race the 1/2 you need to leave plenty of recovery time to the marathon - 6 weeks or so before would be better. more experienced runners would approach matters differently as they know what their bodies are capable of and what their recovery times are like
  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭
    What training did you do for Brighton. What speed are you running your LSRs? How many 20 milers did you do.

    I would suggest that a half marathon 2 weeks before, run at marathon pace would be fine and you would normally do a 13 LSR at that point anyway.

    It takes me about 4 weeks to fully recover from an all out Half Marathon and I wouldn't run one in the months leading up to a marathon just because that would interfere with training. Other people run marathons every month but that's a different story.

    13 mile tempo run? Tempo is a commonly misused term, not sure what was meant there.
  • HI Guys

    Thank .you for the replies big help ,I will do a suggested and look at some before that. I do have The Royal Parks 31 mile race from Hyde Park to Bushey  in October

    But Brighton is my thing I want under 4 hours for that so everything has to work around getting that time

  • Apologies Tim - sorry I should have been more specific. I would run it as a progressive tempo - 4 miles at easy pace, then 5 miles at MRP then last 4.1 at HMRP. That is one way I would do it, especially a few weeks before a marathon if you were concerned about injury.
  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭
    So razcatz. Have you completed a marathon before and how many 20miler LSRs did you run in training. Your legs should be getting strong from doing lots of LSRs.
  • Hi Tim R

    I have done one full Marathon Brighton Last year ,have done couple of 20 milers and few 18s

    also raced Kingston Breakfast Run this year,think the main problem was not enough recovery time between the 2 runs this year and had been ill in the run up to Brighton

    the reason for the question was I was getting confused as to how long I should leave between half and full marathon people seem to have varying opinions

    When I was a child I had problems with my legs I could suddenly lose the use of my legs so thought maybe I needed to spend a bit more time on strenghening them I enjoy running and would like to do a marathon in under 4 hours. so any advise on how best to strenghen them apart from riding my bike would be greatfully recieved ,I have a little competion going with my daugher who also runs ( I beat her time by hour last year she did London in 6.30 I did Brighton in 5.30 ) she will be doing one next year and thinks I am to old to beat her again (not good idea to tell me that I am very competative)

  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭
    What speed are you running your long runs at? What is your fastest half marathon time? I think to get a sub 4:00 marathon you will have to be capable of a sub 1:50 half marathon.

    Knocking an hour and a half off your marathon time is quite a lot. Although I'm guessing that you're doing ok for the first 18-20miles and then run/walking the last 6-8 miles.

    Concentrate on running long (13-15miles) slow runs.

    How many runs/miles are you doing a week at the moment.
  • Hi TimR

    the following is a training plan I have been advised to start for Royal parks ultra in October if you think it needs any tweeks etc please feel free to let me know ,They have suggested start training in June but I am giving myself a bit long and starting  this bank holiday

    WeekMonTueWedThurFriSatSun1Rest3 m run5 m pace3 m runRest8Cross2Rest3 m run5 m run3 m runRest9Cross3Rest3 m run5 m pace3 m runRest6Cross4Rest3 m run6 m pace3 m runRest11Cross5Rest3 m run6 m run3 m runRest12Cross6Rest3 m run6 m pace3 m runRest9Cross7Rest4 m run7 m pace4 m runRest14Cross8Rest4 m run7 m run4 m runRest15Cross9Rest4 m run7 m pace4 m runRestRestHalf Marathon10Rest4 m run8 m pace4 m runRest17Cross11Rest5 m run8 m run5 m runRest18Cross12Rest5 m run8 m pace5 m runRest13Cross13Rest5 m run5 m pace5 m runRest19Cross14Rest5 m run8 m run5 m runRest12Cross15Rest5 m run5 m pace5 m runRest20Cross16Rest5 m run4 m pace5 m runRest12Cross17Rest4 m run3 m run4 m runRest8Cross18Rest3 m run2 m runRestRest2 m runMarathon

  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭
    So basically you are increasing your long runs by mile a week and running short runs during the week.

    Bearing in mind that you are training for long distance running. You should be running long runs a couple of times a week. Then a tempo run.

    My training is essentially 10miles wed, 10miles fri and 13-15 miles sun when training for halfs. Then for maras the sun goes 13,15,18 and repeats.
    No speedwork, all run as LSRs. It's all about getting used to running long. Once you have a good base then add the speed work which for me is Wed 2 miles easy, 3 miles at marathon pace and then 2 miles easy. I do this once every couple Of weeks. So still a 7 mile run.

    How long have you been running? If you're up to marathon distances why drop back down so far on the long runs?
  • Hi Tim R

    Thanks for this advise very helpfull,  I will try it your way , I had a few injuries that put me out for a couple of months ,broken rib then got bitten by a black fly which resulted in my foot looking like a rugby ball.

    the trainig plan I put on here is what they recommended I do in the run up to the ultra  I am glad i did now as I did think some of the mileage was a bit small  and wanted somebody else to glance at it

    I will try your mileage and let you know how I get on sounds more like what I should be doing

  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭
    Is that a personalised plan from someone who knows you, or a generic plan from the Ultra organisers?

    Don't jump straight in with the mileage I'm doing. Especially if you don't think you're ready.

    All my miles are slow with the emphasis on being able to continue to run afterwards.

    Probably start with 3 8 mile runs and gently add to that. Just do what feels best. Especially if you are a beginner, you haven't said how long you've been running.

    Most plans will recommend some speed work and if you feel you want to do speed work then include th 7mile tempo run as I describe, instead of the 3rd long run.
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