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Hi all, Getting into running big time and have completed several runs with my Nike+ band which I like using and updating runs on the site - I am however thinking of getting a Garmin Forerunner 410 GPS with Heart Rate Monitor...Is it anygood?


  • I love my garmin and i dont know where id be without it, well worth buying one image
  • Are the downloads anygood and also is there any probs with signal etc?

  • The signal on my 405 is pretty good, although it can a couple of minutes to lock in if I haven't used it for a while. Generally Istart it searching while I faff about and its ready well before I am.

    On what you get as downloads feel free to peruse my runs/cycles etc starting

  • I had a Nike+ which didn't use GPS and then moved to Garmin which did use GPS..... Absolutely no comparison, I'd never go back to the Nike+
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    Love my garmin
  • I've used Nike plus ever since I did my first run and I think its great - especially the nike community and the ability to take part in challenges. Maybe I stick with it as it is my complete record of runs I've ever done (apart from the ones that didnt upload!!) However Garmin is much more accurate and has more features to use both during your run and analysing your run afterwoods. 

    I only use my Garmin to race with now as I find the pacing function dead useful.

  • Thanks for all the feedback - Think I shall invest and guess I can still keep the Nike+ and keep the runs on this as well (could run with both)....

  • Why not use the Nike + gps watch ? All the advantages of the sportband with gps accuracy. Cheaper (and better) than a garmin too !
  • Couldn't compare as I've never used the Nike product, however very pleased with my Garmin FR610 - lots of functionality during and post race analysis.
  • Have seen reviews on the Nike + GPS and they do seem good - Now I am in an even worse place than b4!!!

  • Having not used a Nike + GPS I am somewhat limited in my viewpoint, but I personally would very much question the claim they are "better" than Garmins. I guess it's waht you want the watch for, but they seem pretty basic to me, with not many options in terms of setting up structured sessions - even my extremely old Forerunner 101 can do that.

    DC Rainmaker has some really in depth reviews, and also a list of products he recommends (it is his personal opinion, but he is totally independent and someone who really tries out a product rather than just regurgitating the blurb).


  • I use the Nike+ sportwatch. The Nike+ site has just undergone a massive overhaul and is now second to none in terms of info, stats and challenges. Not used a Garmin as yet but if the Sportwatch is cheaper then surely it's a no brainer. 

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    On amazon the Garmin 410 with HRM is £5 less than the Nike+Sportwatch I don't know if the Nike has a HRM or can be hooked up to one?

    I have treated myself to a Garmin 610 and apart from the touchscreen it's not much different to the 410, and I love it. I'd recommend Garmin to anyone.  Just wake the watch up whilst your getting out of the car or strolling to your start point give it 30 seconds to find a satellite lock, and away you go.


    EDIT: Big silly typo corrected.


  • For me the big let down with the Nike+ watch has been the USB connector. It worked great at first but over time it has become more and more difficult to get my PC to recognise the watch is plugged in. It charges no problem but getting the Nike + proggy to see the watch and transfer data has become a nightmare.

  • Thanks for all the responses - I have a Nike + Sportsband and am finding this starting to happen after a year on and off whilst using the site....Like the look of the Garmin and may well invest (cheap on Amazon) and keep my cheap Nike band as I like the Nike stuff and added that all my runs thus far are on this....

  • I'm  satisfied Nike+ GPS (which is the iphone/ipod software).

    Just ordered the watch and hope it's as good, but I'm confident it'll suit my needs image

  • Let me know how you get on with it as I still have plenty of wood in my shorts from sitting on the fence so long!!!

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    Tim..... that sounds painful!!

  • <img src="" alt="Please Do Not Sit On The Fence" width="355" height="266" />

  • I am also having this dilema! I have been using the Nike+ sportsband since I started running about 18 months ago, never really had any problems with it until recently, for th last 2 months it's not been able to connect to the site and upload my runs. I am thinking of investing in a Garmin as well. Are you able to keep a track of your runs online somehow? As I do like the Nike+ site with a log of all your stats.

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    There is also a application you can run on your pc/mac.

    So I upload online and also to the software on my mac. Also the online version links into the garmin fit app so once uploaded I can view it on my iPhone / iPadimage
  • Sounds great, I think I'll take the plunge and get one!

  • Decided to get the Garmin as was really good value on Amazon however price has gone up again so going to wait - Thanks for everyone's feedback and opinion - If any further updates then fire away in the meanwhile happy running!!!

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    I have never used a Garmin so can only call out what I think are the good and bad points of the Nike+ GPS.

    I suppose the good point is that you can add functionality to the watch, I have been able to do a little more withthe watch that I could when I first bought it. The other plus point is that you can connect it to your Shoe Pod for running indoors on a treadmill.

    The main bad points for me is when it comes to support. The Nike website is dire when it comes to speed and also its very difficult to add runs manually.

    It depends what you want in a watch but if i had to go back to when I bought my Nike I would have thought twice if I knew the website was so poor. Probably the best idea to ask for demo and compare them side by side in the shop.

  • I have had a garmin for 3 years now, just a 205, the bulky cheapish one, but it has multisport, gps and easily programmable intervals.  However on a recent spur of the moment holiday i forgot to pack it - i love running in new places and uploading the maps when i get home, so much so i decided to buy a GPS watch at the airport.  The only thing available was the Nike+ GPS.

    So I have both (although the nike for monly a few weeks now)

    Nike+   ( In comparison to 205)                        

    Pros - great fit on the wrist (can pull layers on/off easily), better/faster GPS pick-up (than the 205 anyway), friendly interface online, vibrate function would be good for races, good to have the option for a foot-pod for heavily built-up cities/treadmills,

    Cons - limited information available on screen (only 2 data fields to garmins 4), touch screen is not particularly handy when running, battery life is very poor as it continues to work as a watch when not used for running, use for speed work is very limited

    I think the Nike will be my back-up watch, I'll always be a Garmin girl...

  • Thanks for the update all - Nike+GPS has gone down to £122 on Amazon whilst the Garmin 410 has gone upto £177..Need to find it cheaper say £145 or so or wait for it to go down again...

    Thanks for the update Katiecom and DMax great to get opinions..

  • Tim, check out ebay - i just did a quick search and you can get the garmin 410 for £130 (incl postage)!

  • Tim - I got a Garmin Forerunner 110 about 2 weeks ago and it is brilliant.

    Only £90 from (or com)

    No complaints

  • Let me throw a major spanner in the works!

    Why not POLAR? They are one of the biggest and best firms in the world for runners tech after all!

    For a runner, GPS is not that necessary. There are many sites which you can use to map your run when you get home ( etc.). A foot pod is much more useful for anybody trying to improve personal bests. Information like Cadence and Stride Length are much more important than any location logging.

    ALSO, Polar Personal Trainer 5 software is far more superior than, Garmin BaseCamp. is likewise more superior to both Garmin Connect and Nike+.

    There is a drawback though! Both the Polar software and web-site are considerably more difficult to use (just takes time). Nike+ has that very childlike interface and Garmin is just not as comprehensive as Polar.

    Polar also have GPS add-ons, Definitely have a look at them (RS800 is amazing) GPS is NOT the be all and end all.

    P.S. You also won't get a better heart rate monitor including R-R (HRV) recording.

  • A spanner indeed....I have however made a decision and with the price dropping today on Amazon have ordered the Garmin 410 GPS with Heart Rate Monitor...Will update when it arrives on how the running goes - I also secretly hope that the Nike + Band I have been using has in fact been slightly out in recording my distances and the Garmin tells me that I am running further and faster than I previously thought!!! Wishful thinking I am sure....

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