Reflective law



  • 'how do I look with my boobs squashed up against your driver's side window? Surprised? Me too!'

    Jj can you please foward in a plain brown email your expected route and time you will be running......

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    I came the nearest so far to being knocked off my bike on Friday, while wearing my dayglo cagoule having been in front of the culprit to start off with. He said he can't have seen me even though I was quite bright!!!!!!! Yes, and driven past me.

    And I have been subject to the in/out of drives thing on several occasions, on bike and while running.
  • Cougs - well, given that back lights are Cateye 1100s (10 LED, 2 flash patterns at once), all flashing marvellously out of sync with each other and arms & ankles, then I think I'd make quite a good alien as is!

    I did make my test DiNottes into a head torch, but I think they were so bright (5W version) as to be a bit counterproductive really, not to mention that pedestrians looked absolutely terrified when this scary monster was wobbling towards them. Good for off-road running, but so bright as to nuke your night-vision. I do think they are missing a trick not making them head-mountable for running too - a bit of duct tape & cannibalised tikka+ elastic worked fine.

    really really dark country roads with high banks where no-one's even expecting cars need all the lights I can get - I wouldn't just use passive reflectives without street lighting as they only work when you've been caught by car headlights - and where my parents live roads are so twisty & hilly & banked that that's not always going to happen. I also like having lights in case I get lost or hurt in the off-road bit of my route - easier to spot in the dark.
    the other advantage is that on dark country lanes only the cows & sheep are around to point & laugh. Drunk people & pretty sparkly lights are not such a good combination.

    Comment by friends recently, looking out for me in the dark: 'That's not Duck - Duck's always flashing' :)
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