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  • Saw a dog poo in the middle of the path once, as I passed by it moved. Of course I stopped to have a look, watched it intently for a few minutes, decided it was my imagination and as I was about to go again it moved! Only a cm but it moved! So I watched it some more, a few minutes later it moved again. By now I was curious, and scared! I got a stick, turned the turd over and underneath was a huge stag beetle! Not sure if it was just unlucky to be dumped on or if it was trying to build a new home.
  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    A sewin swimming up the beach - it was so tempting to take it home for tea - but would have had to run 3 miles carrying a large slippery fish...
  • A police cordon and police across my path. Today, running in Hyde Park.

    Before that a fox with a limp, out in full view in daylight in Greenwhich. Threw it some bits of biscuit (it could walk, so doubt the RSPCA would have been able to catch it).

    20p the other day. Why can't I find notes?
  • A parrot!
  • Try running in SW London (eg Richmond). Parrots everywhere. They breed there now.
  • running with my dog he found a sheep that had fallen down a hill and couldn't get off its back. closest he ever came to using his sheepdog genes.
  • on one lunchtime run a few years ago I saw some dumped builder's rubble, a couple of TVs and fridges and  vibrator
  • A baby adder once, a slow worm once, and a young badger (all alive).   A weasel ran across my path one day - very fast.  More than a few dead foxes and badgers.

    Oh, and damsons and sloes - there are loads and loads this year image

  • most recent find was a very handy folding gardening/pruning knife - works a treat
  • fat buddha wrote (see)
    most recent find was a very handy folding gardening/pruning knife - works a treat
    wondered where I'd dropped that.
  • In two days in my sleepy town a police cordon as someone had decided to set themselves on fire, and a man tipped over on his mobility scooter after trying some extreme off road. Was waiting for another fire incident to get the full emergency services set.
  • I found my husband-to-be through running image
  • Seen two crows attack a bird and then hold it under water to kill it(shame they dont catch kids who trash the park) and i saw ten magpies siting on a fence last week
  • This wasn't on a run, but was whilst cycling along the High Peak Trail........I saw a stoat kill a bunny with a proper back of the head death bite. It was kind of extremely horrible, yet fascinating at the same time image
  • I saw a group of 10 deer on my last run.  Nothing particularly unusual about that, except that one of them was white.
  • I once found a completely intoxicated Irish man passed out with his head an inch or so from a stream.  My running partner pulled him out by his leg ... we made sure he was still alive before jogging on...
  • I was on the Tring 2 Town race a few years ago where one of the lead runners found a dead body by the canal.  Unfortunately all the rest of us found was police tape and a diversion.
  • Must be horible to find a body.
  • In one week:

     Run diverted due to car accident, then second run diverted due to suicide,  then third run delayed after assisting coastguard with body found on beach on misty day. The last one survived a heart attack.

    I had a week off the next week.

  • Lots of dead birds this past week. 3 wood pigeons 1 black bird and a robin, bit odd to see that many in a week.
  • On the North Downs Way this evening, a small scene of playmobil characters arranged around the foot of a tree, with a sign saying 'Gone fishing'. Not particularly close to any houses that I could see. Very weird
  • Dead badger last week, water vole week before that and back in April an albino squirrel.
  • I found a pair of mens pants absolutely filled with shit and a smeared pair of socks...............obviously caught short and tried to take his pants off and got it all over the socks and shoes.............can't imagine how he got must have been all over his legs and shoesimage

    saw aherd of wild pigs near the davy crockett ranch in disneylannd parisimage

  • At least 17p in pennies and 2p pieces fell out of the sky this evening during club run. Most odd.
  • Dead cat on Sunday's run, lying by the side of the path.  Freshly dead as it hadn't been nibbled or started to decay.  I didn't notice it on the way out, just on the way back.
  • Sloe Berries, Blackberries, and saw a Deer on Sunday.
  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭
    A flash mobile phone with a dead battery in the middle of a common. Took it to the police station, they managed to locate owner, who asked them to ring me up and say thankyou wery much.
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