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So, currently working on refreshing the website.

Nothing radical is happening - all the existing text content will remain - only the site will look a bit different. Just want to make it easier to update plus keep it up to date and therefore more useful. Had hoped to sort it earlier in the year but I've been too lazy - so looks like it won't be much use for this season.

So, if anyone has any thoughts or links or anything really then let us know on here or via email.

Watch this space.


  • Although, to be honest, I've done absolutely nothing on it. It's all the Mrs's work! I couldn't design a website. But I'll be keeping an eye out for content, useful links etc and will help keep it up to date and focused on the annual pirate IM trip :-) plus supporting events of course like the IMDE grudge match, bala, vit etc.
  • Would be great to have a series of FAQs for novices like moi! Any thread that begins with "Help" currently attracts my eye.

    the FAQs could follow the themes of:

    Kit - what do you really need to get going?
    OW training/swimming - seems to be a fiar amount of chat about this.
    Racing - unravel the myths of registration, transition, etc.
    Training - how to train for multi discipline and maintain a life too (obviously excludes IM pirates). Benefits of brick training... something more than a recent post offered which read "swim a bit, bike alot, run alot!!" Although I was PMSL at that thought.
    PSOF - how to join the PSOF
    PSOF kit - link to Holly's store! And updates on latest orders..
    Races - recomendations for good Piraty type days out!
    Nutrition - dispell the myths - can you do a sprint on takeaways and 10 pints of Watneys Red Barrel.

    As a newbie (first tri this coming w/e) I have found all of the Pirate advice I've received so far has been absolutely brilliant, and this would pull it all together! Hats off to you for voluteering to freshen up the site - I can anticipate a fair bit of work in doing that!

    hope that helps....
  • look forward to seeing the new site JD.

    PSC there is already a list of FAQs on the current website, and most of the questions you've asked have answers if you search the various threads on Tri appropriately.
  • 'swim a bit, bike a lot, run a lot' is part of the point of PSOF. triathlon doesn't have to involve 43.5 minutes in zone 2g at 78.20358 % WHR. for those who want to do that, that's cool (and they will probably whip everyone's asses!) but it doesn't HAVE to be tri-ponce territory.

    plus i don't see any reason why being an IM pirate should stop you having a life!
  • Fantastic - thanks! i did say i was a newbie! Just shows how new I really am to this lark.... I absorb anything/everything I can at the moment trying to work out how to make things easier/faster/less effort etc :-)
  • re second post ergo-p.... so I don't have to shave my legs then............ LOL :-) TFFT!
  • I'm meant to shave my legs?

    No one told me that when I signed up!
  • "Hats off to you for voluteering to freshen up the site - I can anticipate a fair bit of work in doing that!"

    yeah, Claire's really got her work cut out :-)

    I'm also going to try to extract the useful info from the threads. I'm sure we've covered most topics to do with bikes on the numpty IM bike thread at least ten times.
  • PSC hope you find all the info you're looking for! sorry that was a bit terse, it's just that sometimes it gets a little frustrating answering the same questions over and over again - after all, being new to triathlon doesn't necessarily mean being new to the concept of a search engine! lol.
  • well, i shave my legs, but it isn't compulsory.
  • PSC,
    But if you don't make things easier/faster/less effort etc in training, just think how fast you'll be in the actual race ;-)

  • what's an "IM Pirate"?? it's an ironman team, that was always the point! it's not a knitting club!
  • panic not!!! I wasn't at all put out. I had read the FAQs on the site before but clearly forgotten which bl00dy site I had read them on!!! When I read your post I went straight back to the site and looked at them and sat here at my desk feeling mildly foolish!! I'm beginning to spot a common theme there tho - I've felt mildly foolish at everything to do with tri so far (except the running bit which I was doing before)! In a way it is really great to be back in a learning zone particularly at my age when you think - with all the pompousness of a 40something year old - that you know it all! Clearly not......... ha ha ha
  • I thought only guys in knitting clubs shaved their legs?

    JD if you want my IMAZ report for the website I can send it to you in a word document.
  • wow, i can be pretty pompous even now when i get going. i wonder what i'll be like when i'm 40??!

    most pirates are a bit disasterous a lot of the time, so i wouldn't worry - by that description it sounds like you'd fit right in.
  • If you can find Candy's recipe for DIY recovery drink that would be good (I think it involves maltodextrin and l-glutamine).
  • please send it along KK. race reports are really useful. also a good way to pass the dying hours of work.

    also should say if anyone doesn't want their reports, links to their photo album's of races etc or anything to do with them on the site then let me know! i'll remove it straight away no questions asked. i know not everyone (me included) likes stuff about them on the net (or at least doesn't want it on an easily accessible website even though it's buried deep in an inaccessbile difficult to search rw thread) and a few have had issues in the past.
  • thank God for that - I've brought the T Shirt :-) (Oh and about £750 worth of kit - but don't tell the wife)!
  • If it's an exclusively Ironman team, and I ultimately plan on doing an Ironman (albeit in about 10 year's time...), am I still allowed to wear pirate gear at shorter distance races?

    Or shall I get the knitting needles out?
  • Good stuff, JD!

    Will ping you offline with more ideas - wink wink ;-)
  • lol, yeah of course. non-ironmen are welcome in the team. but there are Pirates and landlubbers, not IM-Pirates and Pirates (respectively!)
  • Dammit - I had a lovely pattern for a cardigan picked out.

    I shall be a yellow-and-black-lycra-clad landlubber for now.

    (With bonus points for buying my kids a pirate ship paddling pool.)
  • hurrah, SVT- i knew you'd be convinced eventually.
  • oxy - long time no speak. Nearly 3 years since our last race.

    I've entered the Warwickshire Sprint, so I'm barely dipping my toe in the water, but it's what funds will allow. IM will follow, once the kids have left home...
  • JD why not bung the ranking thing on the website? you can even maintain an up to date list of who's got how many pirate points. that will be very useful(!)
  • Candy - point taken! Still on the beach obviously - but swimming a bit, cycling and running alot to catch up with the PSOF!!
  • jees, is it that long!

    you doing a mara this year? im doing leicester, i was going to do the niagra falls but apparently leicester is more scenic, and slightly cheaper.

    Just do IM Nice next year, easy innit! :0)

    and yes include the ranking, especially as i got some points the other month.
  • i think i was off target, with hindsight. it should probably have been 'swim a lot, bike a lot, run a lot'. hey ho.
  • allegedly barlist is now a Pirate

    we might need to hold a recount
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