How much do you sweat?

I seem to sweat alot more than the average person and I thought that after training for a few months (am a beginner to running but not excercise!) I would see the amount of it reduce.

I went to the gym tonight (weather awful down here) and my treadmill was like a swamp after 75 minutes. My kit was absolutely soaked through, sweat didnt have anywhere else to go it was running down my legs! When I did my quad stretch at the end it was almost like pouring from a teapot the about of sweat that came out of my shorts!

Anyone else sweat more than average? Is sweating alot a bad sign of anything? It seems that I only have to look at a treadmill to start sweating - help!!


  • A lot! I did a thread on this before - consensus seems to be sweaters are frequently really fit people but sometimes people are just natural sweaters.

    I have no clue how to stop it unless by frequent wiping.
  • "and my treadmill was like a swamp after 75 minutes"

    over an hour! I can run decent 10ks and would not treadmill for 20 minutes.

    Get outside, get wet.
  • TT makes a good point - treadmills encourage sweat because no natural ventilation - out of doors there will be nowhere near the same amount as it evaporates.
  • "I did a thread on this before"

    apologies, the "search" function doesnt seem to be working at the moment! I did try a search.

    "Get outside, get wet."

    I wasnt worried about the rain - more getting struck by lightning!!

    I was just reading on another website that is is comon among obese people - wouldnt put myself in that category though am just over 14 stone on a 6 foot 2 broad frame.
  • wasnt worried about the rain - more getting struck by lightning!!

    Unless your running in the middle of fields you won't get struck
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I'm 5'9" and 11 stone or so, so hardly a big bloke, but I sweat like a dog in a Korean restaurant. It fairly pours off me. If I wear a cap, the peak gets so soaked that it drips. And it's not as if I'm really fast, either.

    Same here with the treadie - no ventilation, environment already warm and sweaty.

    I went out just ahead of the thunderstorms this evening. The air was so thick I could have chewed it. I got back home absolutely drenched.

    But I love it! Standing in the conservatory, just back for a run, dripping away ... a great feeling. I don't think it's a problem but you do need to keep an eye on hydration.
  • Unfortunately us girlies sweat too - I set mine off beautifully by going a scary shade of 'about to die' red.
    But seriously - would you rather be sweaty by exercising, or be a couch potato and break out into a sweat just reaching for the remote control. Sweat and be proud!
  • "Unless your running in the middle of fields you won't get struck"

    The 3 foot metal pole I've got sticking out of my head seems to attract it wherever I am! ;p

    "I don't think it's a problem but you do need to keep an eye on hydration."

    I drink hardly anything during a one hour run (because I dont want to be stopping if you know what i mean) but do drink quite alot of water during the day - perhaps I should try reducing water intake during th day and seeing if it has an effect. Never thought of that, thanks.
  • I wouldnt worry about it - its normal to sweat and seventy five mins inside on a tready is a lot. I did an hour inside tonight with three layers on to get used to heat and all my layers were soaking. It was great ! Dont worry about it and i wouldnt drink any less.
  • Hello,

    I sweat absolute buckets and I'm a lady (well I'm female at least....). I just like to agree that it just means I am extremely fit (though this is not necessarily true). I also go bright red. I also get quite sweaty outside but at least if you are dripping there it is in a trail rather than a big pool around your feet! Kinda like Hansel and Gretel and the trail of breadcrumbs, at least you won't get lost! ;-)
  • Yep - i sweat like a dyslexic on countdown.

    I spent 30 mins on a treddie a couple of nights back (as I wanted to do a fast consitstent 10k) but i got to 7.5 and was just dripping everywhere.

    Lack of proper ventilation.

    I prob sweat the same on a hot day, but it evaporated much more easily....its only when I stop running outside does it start pouring off me.

    Also....i often end up smelling of ammonia (not cos ive p1ssed myself I might add)....and am not quite sure why...something to do with amino acids isnt it????
  • deffo dont try and stop it by drinking less that will be completetly counter productive.

    The main problem with being a very heavy sweater is keeping on top of salt loss if your going for a long time.

    (I sweat loads, like mutley with a cap on it will start dripping off the peak If I am wearing a rucksack the back of it will have salt "tide" marks on it when Im finished)

    I believe the theory is the fitter you are the more efficient your body gets at cooling your self so the more you seem to sweat.

    an advanced sign of dehydration is that you stop sweating, you wont be able to rehydrate yourself on the go as you have let it get to bad, carry on going past this point and expect to start feeling sick and weak very soon.
  • I was covered in salt marks after the marathon this year.

    A lot of people at the gym dont actually sweat as they're not doing any work.

    Like the girl on the X trainer last night reading a book. Whats the point ?
  • If i had attempted to read a book while on the x-trainer..it would have been papier mache after about 5 minutes!
  • Gah!! Girls at the gym in make up and totally unsweaty! Indeed, what is the point? When I used to go to boxercise at the end I would be sodden but there would be girls there who were totally dry without a drop of sweat on their brow. In this case they must have worked hard as there was no getting away with it. Would this just mean they were totally dehydrated?
  • I know ladies are only meant to "glow" but I sweat an abnormal amount.

    I got so sweaty running with my rucksack last week that I managed to soak a newspaper through the bottom of it. And i got salt marks on my black bra.

    Absolutley minging!
  • I actually think a 'glowing' lady rather attractive!

    Any other fellas out there agree with me???!?
  • the people that drive to the gym in order to walk on the treadmill get on my goat the most!!!!
  • Nothing better than working up a good sweat. Mind you, I never seem to sweat as much as many of the men I run with. Have heard that people with pale skin (like me) have fewer sweat glands. That could be absolute rubbish though.
  • ....and you favourite method for achieving that Lyra?........
  • "I actually think a 'glowing' lady rather attractive!

    Any other fellas out there agree with me???!?"

    Yep - the ones working out hard are generally the sexier ones!

    Nothing like seeing a lady in full flight.

  • Lol, Nick. Think I sweat hardest when I'm doing stupid exercise bike in my living room because I haven't managed to get a run in. Grrr! Nothing better than feeling beads of sweat tricking down one's abs.

    From a female point of view, it's quite liberating to perspire in public. Sooner seen in sweat than Prada.
  • I'm another who hardly sweats, even though I go rather red in the face! A salt line would be a badge of honour in my book. No idea why, but I don't feel the heat much, so wonder if the two are related.

    I'm just odd - I know that.
  • I have very pale skin and sweat like a horse! By the end of a good run my peaked cap will be dripping, my ponytail will be dripping, and my clothes will be soaked. As I also go puce apart from a blue/white area round my mouth I defy anyone to find that "rather attractive"!
  • ppphhhwwwooooaaaaarrrrrr!
  • "Nothing better than feeling beads of sweat tricking down one's abs."

    let me be the judge of that Lyra O'K ;)
  • Abs? What abs? Sweat in the bellybutton is always a good look. Though I once found a splinter of skirting board in there. Nope, no idea.....
  • Did a particularly nasty spead session last night on the tready and my shorts were saturated. Sweat was dripping down my legs!

    I have found that as i've got fitter and lost a little wight that I sweat more from different places. I always used to sweat on my back but now I sweat more around where my shorts come into contact with me. Suppose it could just be running down my back though so I'm probably just talking rubbish.
  • I'm a new comer to the forum pages and have just been giggling away at your comments.

    I am often the most sweaty and red face girl in the gym, and until reading this thread I felt embarrased by it, adding to the redness! some of the looks people give me....

    If I'd have known it was a sexy look I'd have done an extra 5 minutes on the tread mill!

    here's to sweating like a horse!
  • Lol Jel! I love that gritty salty residue your skin's left with once sweat evaporates. Oh, and the other day I did my first 20+ mile run and was introduced to the delights of sweat getting into my eyes. Rah, rah, rah!

    Welcome, Porkyplodder. I'll drink to that! :-)
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