wow how hot is it today, no excuses for not running now!!

am bored so thought i'd see if anyone would talk to me


  • Hello Becky, yes it's been lovely today, I went for my run/walk in the park (recovering from injury), and then treated myself to a soak in the jacuzzi, steam room and sauna at the health spa, lovely.

    I meant to mow the lawn too, but I had too many household chores to do, shame though as it's been gorgeous out there.

    Did you go for a run today?
  • Becky,

    Just back from the Paddock Wood 1/2M and you are right it was bloody hot.
    Wasn't feeling on top form because of the remnants of a virus, but the sunshine cheered me up.

    What type of run did you do today to enjoy the sun.
  • hey nice to talk to people...i went for a half hour run/walk about midday..was such a lovely day so am in a really good mood
  • i can't wait for summer so i can go running early in the morning when the sun is coming up and its all quiet - about peaceful, wot do you guys think?
  • Sounds lovely Becky, I love summer too, but alas I already have to get up at 5.30 to go to work and I can't face getting up any earlier.

    If I lived near work I certainly would do and I reckon I'd go running more.
  • I ran in the mornings last year, at 5.30 am
  • I often run between 5 and 6 on a Sunday morning - can't beat it.
  • Now you are just making me feel guilty aren't you!
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Running first thing on Sunday morning is fab if you live near a street full of pubs - amazing how much cash you find on the ground (once a poor student, always a poor student ...)

    Psst, Caz - round the back of the Cricketers' was always a good hunting ground ...
  • He, he, he, the Cricketers!!

    Cheers Lizzy, right I'm off out to see what I can find :)
  • Too hot for me running today - I wish I'd been out in the garden relaxing!
  • Oh the lawn still needs doing, oh, oh, bit late now.
  • Shame!
  • hey anyone still there?
  • no, all gone !
  • Sorry, just kidding!

    <head down looking at her feet and feeling very sorry>
  • What's up 1/2MG?
  • nothing and u?

    How is your eye ?
  • hiya becky - am also looking forward to summer - have been ill recently but am looking forward to those misty sunshine mornings :)
  • The eye's OK thanks, had a bit of a wobbly moment this morning but it's settled down.

    When I said "what's up" I meant why were youfeeling sorry?

    I love mornings like that Cath, I just don't like running in the heat that follows!
  • Reindeer - normally I'd run with the dog on mornings like that cuz there's often no one else around so it gives me chance to run without anyone commenting and also Oscar gets a run without getting distracted by other dogs... actually, when I say Oscar gets a 'run' I mean a very fast walk :)
  • It was nice today but I've only been back from South Africa a week so it did not seam that hot. It was over 30c everyday!
    I loved it.
  • That's it show off Tim! :)

    Hi ya Cath, I hope you are feeling much better!
  • Caz,
    How are you? are you running yet?

    I'm going to make the most of SA!
  • I'm fine thanks, you?

    Yep went back to running on Wednesday and had another run/walk today. It'll be slow progress but better that than get injured by doing too much too soon. I was supposed to run yesterday but I was too hungover from the social!

    I have been told to have two days off between each session.
  • Caz, you get up at 5.30 to goto work? I'd ask work if they would kindly move to a nearer location.

    Milton Keynes 16 mile race was fantastic today, great scenery (I know not something you'd expect from MK) and was speaking to 2 loverly young ladies on the way.

    (One of which zoomed past me and I decided to get some pride back and run after her. Turns out she has 2 kids and a job to contend with as well. She managed 9 mins per mile and so did I thanks to her. Good on her I say!)
  • At least that's better than nothing.

    My training whilst away was fantatic but I payed for it today at Paddock Wood. I nearly stopped after 1 mile my legs felt so dead! I did make the finish but I'm not dissapointed as my holiday was fantastic!
    Lot's of red wine & I feel better now.

    I've got Folkestone at easter. How soon until you can race!
  • Hi ya Scouse, well done on your run.

    Sounds like everyone enjoyed running in the sunshine today.
  • Not sure, I'm still seeing the physio, but I'm not too sure how long before I can run normal again and start building up mileage.

    Mileage today was 2 miles run walk in 20 mins, so I have a long way to go. I have GNR nad GSR planned and I hope to be racing by late May early June, but I really will have to wait and see how things go.

    Oh starting from scratch, UGH!
  • Take it easy & don't rush back.
    You could try one of those race for life events!
    I may do GSR again but I would like to do an October marathon.
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