Best running headphones???

Can anyone let me know any decent headphones for running which don't fall out of your ears and don't pack up when they get damp please?


  • I got some cheap ones from Argos for about twelve quid and they're not bad.  They clip over the ear.image
  • I Had those to and they packed up after a few months in one ear.  Which is ok for me because if I wear them outside I only ever have one ear on so that I can her whats happening around me.  They are just the sports one, that hook over the ear.
  • Hello Tim i have used these never fell out or let me down

    most probaly the same as the other two have said but i woul recomend not wrapping the wire around them as they break

  • Tescos "over the ear type" for £1 !
  • I've got a pair of <a href= these </a>.  They don't move and sound good too.  I've worn them for over 3 hours at a time without trouble.
  • Don't know what happened there but the link works.
  • I've got a pair of the 'argos' ones as above. Just starting to wear out,after a year! Keep them in a pouch in my car with one of those little moisture retaining bags that come with trainers etc. Bargain, and good quality sound.
  • Another vote for the Sennheiser.  I've got the MX-70, which is without a neckband, but there are various sized earpieces that come with the product to ensure perfect fit.  Never had them fall out.  The sound quality is excellent.
  • I've been using the Sennheiser MX75, which have a twist to fit in ear system that prevents them coming loose or falling out of the ear when exercising. Excellent product, comfortable and they stay in place.
  • I went for the head band as I've had varuious over ear types which have been OK but start to irritate after a while on long runs.  And I just don't get on with in-ear types.  The headband ones just don't move at all.  Marvellous!
  • Thanks for all your comments so far - I really appreciate you taking the effort to help!
  • Actually, mine are the MX-75 as well, not MX70, as I thought.
  • i have those phillips ones from argos, take out the extra cover for £1.50 and you can replace them when they pack in. ive gone through 3 pairs in 3 years but only paid for one!!
  • Sennheiser don't know the model number but I'd guess they are the ones everyone else is recommending - £29.99 and worth every penny.  I've spent years looking for a pair that don't fall out of my ears or twist around so that I'm listening in mono.
  • Another recommendation for the Sennheiser PMX70.  They stay put no matter how much jiggling goes on or how sweaty you get.

     Just seen that the link to Amazon above has them at £15 which is a bargain compared to the normal £30 price tag!!

  • I've had a pair of these for over two years, and use them three times a week for around 45 mins at a time. Good sound and good value too.

  • I've been lurking on this thread for a bit as I need more jiggle-proof phones. Mine are Sony clip-on-ear type, but they jiggle loads and don't snug up enough to get a good sound. They're better with a headband over them though. I've sent off to Amazon for a pair of those Sennheisers that you all seem to like, I got the over the ear type as they seem the most practical and everyone rates them as comfy and suitable for running etc. Plus, Sennheiser are a a proper headphones brand.

    I'll post thoughts when I get em! 

  • I know this is an old thread, but does anyone have any good recommendations for running headphones? 

    I've been looking at these Sennheiser running headphones, but would be interested in comments and other ideas.  I've also been consider the Shure SE series in ear sound isolating earphones.

  • I have the OMX70 and really like them. Sound quality is good too.

    I also have a pair of Shure e4c but there's no way I'd wear those for anything other than at home, on the plane etc as the noise isolation is so effective.
  • although they arent exactly high tech and all that, i cannot fault the Philips SHS420 headphones.  I have very little ears and find that normal over the ear type ones are just too big, whilst the in ear ones keep popping out after about 5-10 mins.  These philips ones have a cord that pulls tight and although after some time they might slacken abit, after ALL the different ones i have tried, these are the best i can find for my tiny ears.  Sound wise, they are not the best again, but then i like this when running outside as it means i can still hear if a car is coming up behind.
  • On the rare occasions I run with an mp3 player, I use Shure EC3's, brilliant phones IMO
  • Another vote here for the Sennheiser MX 70.  Very stable.  They don't rely on bits of you being the correct shape for them to stay on if you know what I mean (ie dodgy shaped earholes).  They effectively keep themselves on your head, no matter how much motion your head goes through when running.
  • Yes another vote for the sennheiser PMX70.  I have never been able to get the ear plug type to stay in for more than a few steps so I used to have a cheapo pair which went over the ears and up over the top of the head.  It wasn't until I got the sennheiser that I realised how good music can sound through headphones.

    I have worn them for several 3hour + runs and found them brilliant.  They never move.  I was sceptical initially as I hate things in my ears and was sure that I wouldn't get on with them but hey they are just great.  I even like the pea green colour.  not cheap but for me worth it.

  • very tempted to try out these sennheiser thingys now............. do they fit over very little ears? (as in the overall size not the hole itself)
  • what are the ones called that sit behind the ear that were in runnersworld this month??
  • went and tried the sennheiser ones today - didnt buy any of them.

    The ones that go over the back the head didnt sit against by neck/head so bounced about - and my ponytail just made it worse.

    The ones that went around the ear that you could shape to your ear, were still too large for my tiny ears.

    Sticking with my Philips.... 

  • i have tried the pmx 70 & had to send back - i dont think they were tested properly because after 30 mins of running sweat gains in your ears making the earphone swimmingly annoying - i can definately recommend though the pmx40 senneisher - this headband has a perfect fit- & delivers the sound is quite amazaing especially when running - i have tried about 15 different neckbands over the years & this pmx40 is the best  around -  u want be disapointed

  • I love my PMX70s but have to admit, recently I've suffered with the wet ear syndrome, this has only happened since i had to replace my first pair though.
  • I've got a pair of phillips shs8000 - work perfectly and have never fallen out of my ears, build quality is decent too.
  • Hey

    I've had quite a few running headphones of late so hope my experience with them can benefit others!

    Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680 - Thought I'd give them ago, despite knowing that they were a product of a marketing meeting! They are okay, yet for the price are far to expensive for what they offer. They aren't the most comfortable, as after a few miles into the run when I started to perspire, the sweat was able to access my ear canal and affect the sound, and in all honesty my run. The sound volume controller is not conveniently positioned as I usually have my iphone in my short pocket and lead running underneath my shirt. Despite the volume control having a clip, it does not sit well. Obviously, it was designed for runners with armbands, yet I know a lot of runners run with headphones this way. If you use your headphones this way, then these are not for you.

    Sennheiser PMX 80 - This is very similar to the updated PMX 680, yet without the Adidas branding and the hefty price tag. For around £15 you can get a PMX 80 and despite obviously having similar issues to that of the Adidas/Sennheiser collaboration when it comes to sweat and sound performance, they seem more acceptable as they cost £30 less. They are not the most durable, as these broke in my gym bag. (The neckband snapped near the earplug)

    Urbanz Hooky - I bought these off ebay after simply putting in 'running headphones'. I never usually purchase unknown brands, yet I thought for £7 they couldn't hurt. I must say, they are not special, no real technological features, yet are simple ear hook earphones that fit really well. I have since gone back to eBay and purchased a pair for my gym bag!

    Sennheiser MX 85 Sport II - As you may be aware, I've been through some Sennheisers! They are generally renowned as the go to brand for sports headphones... The MX85 is very good, fits in-ear very well and for around £25 offer better value for money than the PMX 680 and are a better product that the PMX 80.

    Philips SHQ4000 - I had these a while ago, and are similar style to Sennheiser PMX 80 and 680 as it is a neckband headphone. Saying that, the earplug fits securely in the ear canal and sweat was never an issue. Good headphones. Amazon selling for £27.99 which I think is reasonable.

    If you want a quality headphone go for the Philips. Sennheiser have swayed towards gimmicks and marketing, and forget about true performance.

    Hope that helps.

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