Moonwalk 2

Yee har my bra has arrived today - and it does say that they're easily dyed, so FFF purple it is then.
Anyone wanting to get their's done please email me and we'll sort it out so we're all the same.

Any ideas about the decoration? I'll probably do sequins and feathers on mine (and Mr REindeer if you're reading this would you like yours decorating for you?)


  • Hi Fraggle

    Mine arrived today too!!!

    I think I'd better start a list
    So in no particular order

    Josie Jump (yellow start)
    Evil Pixie
    Jim the plum

    I'll trawl back through the other thread to see who else.

    Could I please also have an idea of who wants to leave thier cars luggage etc at my house so I can see if we need a taxi or a mini bus.
  • OK better list

    Fiona (running Duck)
    Jim the Plum
    JJ (yellow start)
    Slow Jo Rodreguez

    Some of the above are alking with their own teams but it would be nice to know where they were starting from.

    BTW Yellows start first which suits me :-)

  • Yellows? Wossat?

    I'll probably just travel down by coach from Brum and arrive in time for the organic vegetarian pasta, JJ, but will review the situation when I've seen the pack. The annoying thing is that I've been invited to a rather attractive-sounding beano on 12th May in London, and would like to hang around for that, but Mr V-rap would never manage all the school runs in the morning. Might still try to persuade him...

    I'll go for the sequins, beads and feathers option.
  • Have a look at the colour of your number or your luggage lable. That will tell you your start pen and time.
  • Vrap if you want to go to the Beano, please consider my spare room your own :-)
  • JJ, you are a STAR! Thank you!

    I am trying to persuade the company concerned to let me have hotel accommodation on the Sunday night (they're offering Monday, which I don't want, I'd rather come straight home after the "conference") and if they won't play then I shall definitely take up your kind offer, husband's goodwill permitting.
  • No Prob Vrap

    I'd enjoy having you to stay. We can put our feet up and chat whilst Mr J cooks tea :-)
  • I've checked, and my room at the Hyde Park Intercontinental (where the event is being held) for the Sunday night is officially booked. Now I can hang out with anyone who is still awake and in London on the Sunday. Perfect!

    Wouldn't say no to some of Mr J's legendary cooking, though!
  • And I shall harass all the conference delegates for sponsorship. Bet they're all GPs, who are notorious tightwads.
  • Thanks for the offer JJ, but living locally I've got my own bed for the night :)

    If there's any food going though.... ;-)
  • I'm yellow start too.
    not sure about travel plans yet - haven't really thought that far ahead yet!
  • Not sure what im doing yet
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Oh no, don't think I can cope with two lots of marathon info in the house at one time...

    Anyone thinking of doing the Hogsmill 5 on the Sunday? That's girls only run by Epsom Allsorts, I've been encouraging the women at my club to go especially newer runners and feel perhaps I ought to be there too giving support. Sleep - that's for wimps!
  • Womble

    I'd just written my cheque out for the Hogsmill 5 - but fortunately had not got a stamp.

    Better diary co-ordination required by me! I agree that sleep is for wimps - but what state might my feet be in? I have no idea, having not done a practise 'walk' yet.

  • hi,just got my pack this morning. we're going up by train on the sat night as I only live in herts but thanks for the offers JJ.
    Im starting from the yellow start, if we set off first does that mean we're supposed to be quite quick, gulp.

    I have to say Im not sure about wearing all the gear theyve sent, bra tshirt, hat and gloves . We're decorating our bras with stars and having tutus made from net with stars too. Had a girly trip to the fabric shop and just couldnt resist the fabric, however making the skirts is something else.

    Womble/slow jo you are very brave to try running the next day.... I shall be coming home and collapsing till hmmm Tues I think

    I hope to see some of you on the night.

  • Got home from work ready to go out in SARF LANDAN with my bra on and the bl**dy thing isnt here, really was looking for a row with the lot from Millwall, never mind always tomorrow.
    Probably coming on a low loader or something.
    How many mars bars can you get in a 42D?
  • Mine has arrived ... doesn't fit !
  • MIne's a white wonderbra (!!!!!! didn't know they did them in a DD!) and it's not too comfortable I'm afraid.
    Still once it's purple,sequinned and feathered it'll be a lot better.
  • Has anyone done any 'training' whatsoever for this? I have done absolutely nothing, but am seriously thinking of walking 26m this Sunday ... not least to see how I am going to feel about doing a 5m race straight after!!!

    Could it be possible that I'll feel anything other than knackered after a 26 mile walk? I doubt it.
  • Nope
    i walkes 3 miles today
  • Thanx Benz ... think I am just getting paranoid
  • Slo Jo and Womble

    I accidentally entered the hogs mill 5. If you guys are doing it I'll give it a go.


    Thinking more in the line of group transport then overnight accomodation.
  • Hogsmill starts at 10 I think ... maybe logistical problems getting to it.

    But I think we should be still in our purplesque attire if we do.
  • Yellow start starts at 22:30
    8 hrs makes it 6:30 am

    Home for 8:30

    Brekkie then 5 mile run. Lovely :-)
  • Mine had better ruddy fit after all the humiliation I went through measuring my bits while you lot sniggered!! :)

    Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow - I hope it's in a sealed packet otherwise I'll get some funny looks from the postie!
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