Wed 2nd Jan 2008

Guess who starts work again tomorrow? Today.

I suppose that I ought to review other things in my life. Now that Christmas and New Year are officially history, a period of sobriety could be called for. The mileage will be needed to help the weights line. After yesterday's decent outing I suppose that plodding is on the agenda. Longer slower calorie burning miles.

Have fun whatever you do.



  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Morning Blisters

    Longer slower calorie burning miles - i like it

    What: 6 miles
    Why: because i can
    Last Hard: Still can't remember

  • I have a gut feeling (you know, the 'watch that jelly wobble' feeling) that I need to do some calorie burning too, Blisters!

    Resurfaced after the festive season's excesses scraping in on barely right side of 80 kilos, and plenty of brain and liver cells never made it to 2008. The food back home is still great and the assorted breweries still concoct a mighty fine 'triple' beer.
    Even managed 2 runs along the country lanes around my dad's to at least transport some oxigen around my body too. It didn't get rejected as a foreign substance, so some success there

    Best wishes to all and I've raised plenty of glasses to toast for great things to come in 2008 for all of you individually. Cheers.

    What: club run
    Why: get the year going and catch up with friends
    Last rest: yesterday
    Last hard: getting out of the car yesterday after driving for the better part of the day.

    PS: I'll try and read back a bit at some point

  • morning

    cheers to you too imski for 2008

    great result yesterday gobi, impressive splits and finishing position. lots more in store for you this year

    hope you are over the lurgy pammie

    what - warm up,  8 X 100m fast,   warm down
    why - session is called pure speed but it probably won't look like that
    last hard - 2 days
    last rest - 3 days
    lyrics - yes

  • Hiya

    what: 2 x (3 x 120 with walk back recoveries)
    why: getting the legs to turn over fast
    last hard: two days
    last rest: hmm not sure....
    lyrics: yes

    Sort of session I love but I couldn't do it justice. My legs are really tight after the effort of Sunday. I know they were stopping me really going for it. First rep was 19 seconds and the others were all about 21. Interestingly the other girl there ran her first 120 in 17 then the other 5 all at 19. She is always faster than me - but the pattern was very similar. The plus to take from the session was that even only firing on two cylinders these reps were up to 2 seconds quicker than I could have managed 3 months ago. And they were even. But I am a bit pissed off.

    Ah well a joke bonus is that I can now say I have run reps with an Olympic Sprinter! True! He ran the 400s for the UK at the Sydney Olympics, and is still a member of my club down here. Needless to say even out of shape and carrying a bit of extra weight he still 'won' every rep. The boys were doing 150s to our 120s.

    M Pretty good day's effort there, excelllent tempo run and you have to factor in the long walk. I loved your post on the new intervals thread. Says it all (about you) really.

    AF That is a brilliant achievement. So great to actually see your name that high in the rankings. Cor!

    clink That was some cautionary tale. I am listening.
    After last night I have decided NOT to go to track tomorrow. I've got to go back to London anyway so I will just make it sooner rather than later - and hope to be fresh and de-tightened by Sunday for the next scheduled session.
    PS Why 'clink'?

    nightnurse Further to the above and to your questions to me a day or two ago, I guess I am hovering on the edge of being injured so I am going to ease off for a day or two.

    My training isn't exactly painful - honest, but yes all that speed stuff is high risk. I do have the right build for a sprinter - being what I think is classed as meso/ecto. It's hard to be objective about one's own body but I guess I am what you would call petite but not skinny. I DO have strong legs. And yes the weight thing is tricky. High mileage would be totally counter productive but you do have to keep the weight down somehow without losing muscle mass. According to the recent debate on mmm marmite's Weight and Performance thread my ideal sprinting weight is 7st 12/13. i'm currently 8 stone 1 or 2 so there's my New Years resolution.

    But 3 or 4 pounds can be dead hard to shift!
  • Cheers Clink, a nice way to start my new year. It is my first PB since I turned 37 so hopefully the sign of a good year ahead. Amzing thing for me was the HR. In August I ran the same speed as a split in a 10km and my average HR was 172 for the race yesterday was 161. That and my mileage being through the roof is surely a good sign.

    What: 10 miles easy AM
    6 miles easy PM
    Why: easy day
    Last hard: yesterdays intervals, not my best move after yesterdays race.
    Last rest: 11 days
    Lyrics: Oh yes, great band
  • Morning all, missed off yesterday's thread (was around but couldn't find it yesterday morning, then got sidetracked in afternoon) so happy New Year to all. Not that I am complaining about being sidetracked, it was by family New Year's Day celebratory lunch - the turkey we didn't have at Christmas and the trimmings (including home made bread sauce, home grown brussels, parsnips and broad beans) followed by homemade mince-pies (including the mincemeat) and HP5 on DVD! SO no wonder I needed a refreshing run this morning to clear the cobwebs and general sofa induced lethargy.

    What: An hour in a forward motion
    Why: To blow the cobwebs away and shift some calories (see above)
    Last Hard: yesterday morning, running whilst passing all the revellers from NYE on their ways home

    Year End Stats: 2225 miles, plus untotalled amounts of cross-training
    Year End Highs: Tokyo Marathon and personal worst in February
    Year End Lows: Ongoing running-trots

    Seems to have been lots more good running going on and plenty of New Year's resolutions being set down for the collective. So here we go with mine.

    1. Sort out personal problems
    2. Make decision about FLM and training ASAP
    3. Sort training regime out
    4. Regain 'healthy' weight if possible through less mileage and more cross-training
    5. Try to stick to numbers 1-4 above...

    Well there we go - how well I stick to them who knows!
  • good plan sharkie, i think if you listen to it you'll know what it wants you to do. also you aren't doing longer runs on it so that's in your favour. (i raced a half marathon as it was still getting worse, i don't know what i was thinking about really). the clink think is just a mucking about of my first name (clare) by mrC from many many years ago, sometimes comes out as cling or clurk, he spouts a lot of rubbish. quite separately my brother stephen was called stink when we were kids.
    when i signed in i thought it was just going to be a codeword to get on the forum but now i'm stuck with it!

    the heart rate stuff is very comforting because it gives you the idea of how much better you're going for effort, in a kind of miles per gallon way. you're running much more economically and it's coming through in the race times
    a lot  of my training miles are now coming out about 2 mins per mile faster at lower and mid range HR than a year ago but i'm still waiting for a significant showing in race times (i.e. at higher end of HR) . i think this will only happen when i can get a flat out mile at closer to 6 mins

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    looks like snow is on the way if you believe the forecasters...
    What : 5 easy miles
    Why : recovery run after yesterdays long one
  • Clink, indeed. I hate HR training as I think it is an excuse to run slow BUT I love to monitor it all. What surprised me was how much is has dropped for the same pace in 5 months.

    The only downside is I still don't sem to run any faster :¬0
  • Morning all,

    Back at a desk in one of our offices today - rather depressing after a relatively long break.

    What: nothing
    Why: still recovering from being ill over Christmas - have run gently for the last 3 days and think a day of rest is called for now.
    Last hard: no idea
    Last rest: Saturday
    Lyrics: yes - two days on the trot - if I get tomorrow's it will be a PB

  • Ah yes, the new year in Bonnie Scotland, we also get today, 2nd Jan, as holiday, so for me it's the first 10K of the year, in my local village Lumphanan, in Aberdeenshire at 1130.

    It's cold, wet and miserable, which is actually unusual for here.  Might be better in the offices today folks.

    Have a good year all..


  • here in NZ it is also another public holiday on the 2nd.  some shops open but lots still shut. 

    sharkie - definitely sounds like a good plan to head back to london and recover.  good session anyway - and i'm very jealous of you getting to train with an olympic sprinter!

    what: 10k easy
    why: getting some miles in, legs needed a rest after yesterday

  • Morning All

     Also back flying the desk.

    What: Maybe 7 miles late
    Why: Nursing a groin strain, if I'm sensible I wont run
    Last Hard: But when was I ever sensible?
    Last Rest: 4 days

  • Good morning all, good morning desk

    Back to the same old same old

    Well run Blisters and Gobi.
    Fantastic achievement AF, now you need to find 2 minutes. And well done PH for loads of PBs.

    Now that I am back at work I have checked my 2007 - 871.1 miles in my first full year of running. I had targeted 1000 but lost focus for a couple of months in the summer. Main achievement was completing my first half-marathon in 1:44:xx.

    December mileage a brutally disappointing 63.2. Consolation comes from doing that in effectively 2 weeks thanks to the flu.

    For 2008:

    Complete first marathon, PBs at HM and 10k.
    Mileage target 1600 which may be ambitious but it's ONLY 30 a week.
    Stretch properly and stay injury-free.

    More generally I will also be moving jobs and moving house this year, including a possible (re)emigration. If the emigration comes off I will be aiming for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon as my debut at that distance.

    What: 6 miles at lunch
    Why: 1600 miles to do this year and I already wasted the extra day
    Last hard: 2 days
    Last rest: 1 day (family business binned yesterday's run)
    Last lyrics: 1 day

  • Morning peeps.

    Yesterdays lyrics were: New Years Day by U2, but you all knew that anyway !

    Yup official holiday up here in Scotland as Geoff has said,so house quiet all the rest still sleeping.

    Today: 30-45mins steady.

    All the best to those racing today and I skimmed through the rest of yesterday and believe some good Ne'er Day performances. Will read back, but well done to all concerned.

    Right weight loss starts again ,officially, today, one of my 2008 resolutions peeps.

  • Commiserations for those back at work - I've lost track of the days recently so had forgotten that today wasn't actually a Bank Holiday everywhere. Why it that??? Anyway, bet the Scots and Irish are feeling suitably smug, as too are our Kiwi 'cousins'.

    I should be myself (student, permanent vacation etc) but am 'back' hard at work on my next academic challenge, my dissertation (due in five months time) and badly behind schedule due to various issues pre-christmas (not least funding being cut for the scheme I was set to use as a case study).

    That said about a permanent hol, have seemed to have spent considerable amounts of time on work over Christmas period this year (probably a realisation of their importance as they actually count to final degree mark this time round)! Still cannot complain as company has more than made up for it (well I have to say that, after all I am living with my parents permanently!!!)
  • Morning, just about to scope what work I need to do for the start back next week, then I'll reward myself with a run, possibly from the gym, then it's a change of scene!

    SamtheMan -  Got a suggestion for you. BR used to have runners' trots problems when he first started running a lot until he cut dairy products from his diet. Maybe you could try it?

    What a gloomy morning it is up here, overcast and dismal conditions. 

  • Hello again

    • What: swim this morning, run tonight
    • Why: kick start

    Have a good one!

  • Morning all,

    AF - Wow! 

    Sam - that sounds seriously frustrating, the situation with your case study.  Hope you can rescue it somehow.

    Hello Geoff!

    SGQ - sounds a good decision.  Those viral things have scorpionic tendencies - the sting is often in the tail.  Stay conservative in your runs. 

    I see Gobi's been up to things again.  Shall have to check back. 

    Sympathies to all you who are back at your desks.  I shall be heading that way myself, though the distinction is a blurry one given the nature of the job. 

    Me? Aborted interevals session. Wondered whether it was a good idea on the way out, legs didn't feel good, but seemed to work ok.  Intended 4 half-mile ish reps with recovery one tour of the paddling pool, but got to the end of the third rep, while recovering adductor went into spasm, managed to get it out by massaging it, but my attempt to run caused it to seize again.  Gave up, started walking home.  Tried to jog a bit after it let go, but by then the rest of my legs were having none of it.  It was cold out there.  Trying to type now is interesting.  Still, be generous and call it 3 miles.  

    Friday, all being well, shall attempt 5 miles - creep up on the distance. 

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Sam/FL - you can try cutting dairy, but there may be more to it than that. I'm dairy intolerant: no butter/marg,cream or cheese and limit milk to that in tea, yet I still suffer 'looseness' shall we say! My doctor (a year ago) suggested it can also be stress related, which your dissertation scenario is perhaps causing? Just food for thought.

  • Afternoon all,

    Snow focasted for kent later this evening and tommorow, should make things intresting and has me readying my Flyrocs for action, these things are great in the snow if a little clog like weight wise!


    am: 2k treadmill already done, 8mm on a hilly program with physio, videoing my technique, actually managed to get things biomechanically correct after a few exercises and drills, video footage to proove it, so I know it can now be done, I just have to mentally do it! image

    pm: 6-mile club run easy/steady pace, mentally focusing on `getting it done` lol


    Why not? start of 2008, this runners needs to start running again and running fast!

  • Hi all,

    just finished speed reading back over the last few days - lots of congrats to people for big mileage or fast sprints or both!

    RFJ, I'm so sorry to hear your news. Thoughts are with you and your family.

    Hi newbies!

    I've only been lurking lately and not posting since I can't train. I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago just picking up my laptop - oops! I saw the doc here on Monday and it was amazing - straight in, saw doc, had 5 x-rays right there and then, and got the results right there and then. It looks like it's muscular, not a disc, which is good. Doc prescribed vicodin and flexadril and ibuprofen (which make a remarkable cocktail I must say) and no training until it stops hurting. I seem to be sleeping most of the time now, so hopefully shouldn't be too much longer.

    I didn't race a lot in 2007 - 3 x half mara, 1 sprint tri (PB since it was my first one!), 1 middle distance tri (PB but only by about 5 mins) and ironman (PB by almost an hour). Plans for 2008:

    • race as much as possible (once back is better, hehe)
    • get half-mara time under 1.50
    • race 2 x full iron distance tris
    • go sub-11 in ironman

    Good runnings all.

  • FL/Dustin - thanks for the advice, but I think its possibly more than just stress/food linked (though they undoubtedly have a part to play). Unfortunately, its been going on for a long time now (no doubt worsened by recent stresses and festive excesses) so I think its time to actually take the bull by the horns and seek a second (proper) opinion. Think I might get myself along to the local GP to see what they suggest

    Stickless - things seem more positive than two or three hours ago. Spoke to the guy running scheme and who is out of ajob in about 6 weeks time (just after his honeymoon, nice one eh!) this morning. He is still more than willing to help, even though he could have hundreds of better things to be doing with his time - I guess like finding work! Anyway, it seems that although I can't exactly do the research I wanted to, I can tweak it so that I can rescue something from all the preparatory work. So that's a good start to the New Year.

    Sorry to hear about your aborted intervals session, I hope its not long term - maybe just related to how you were feeling at start of run?

    Right, time to tackle HM Revenue & Customs...a futile attempt to track down my tax papers, which seem to have been soundly lost in the system. Oh happy days, if I didn't know that they were phyiscal copies I had sent, I wouldn't wonder if they were not sitting on a lost computer disc somewhere (or is that thinking too many naughty thoughts???)
  • Afternoon.

    What: 10k in 55m

    Why: it's the AJH do what you want plan. Am actually thinking I must do some cross training as am feeling a little pain in an old injury after runs, I do not want to go there again. So, will go to club tomorrow (pick up v35 trophy and club place forms!) then swim on Friday and maybe bike on Sat.

    It is very cold out there, my legs were a funny purple colour when I got back suggesting that maybe I should find some tightsimage if only to protect the general public from the sight.

  • Good news, Micksta (on the running action, and running in snow tomorrow morning sounds appealing too).

    Take care of that back, Melissa!

    StM - mrs I has chronical conditions on her bowels and it can make life annoying. Try to get diagnosed sooner rather than later, it may very well be easily managed.

    I thought I'd belatedly make a summary for the past year too
    It's been pretty good, with PBs over every distance raced (easy when relatively new to the sport) and very interesting, with a lovely mixture of XC, a bit of road racing and T&F. Raced over 200m, 400m, 400mH, 800m, 3000mSC, 5 mile, 10k, 10 mile, half mara, 15 miles and 30k.

    Highlights: finding out I'm not all that rubbish on the track with a half decent 800m race and a pretty good 1/2 marathon PB to show for decent spring shape.

    Lowpoint: dropping out of the North Downs Run (30k)

    Relief: not broken anything during track season despite being volunteered for races with stuff in the way (400mH and 3000mSC).
    If the team captain is reading along: no, you can't interprete this as a sign that I'll have a go at 110mH next summer. I may be stupid, but not that stupid.

    Mileage: 1674

    Goals for 2008: simple really, keep enjoying the running and get faster all-round (maybe even train a bit specifically for the shorter fast stuff on the track in summer).

  • UltraAJH - Lol at your purple legs! I must admit it's blooming cold out there again and getting out of the door was the hardest thing I've done in a long time! I told myself that it was just going to be 3-4M or 35mins or so, just to give me a dose of daylight in my veins.

    What: the run turned into 55mins and just measured it at 6.5M approximately as I went for a trot through the woods as well.
    Why: weight management (as everyone else seems to be calling it) and to see how fit I feel after the seasonal cold.
    Last hard: getting out of the house
    Last rest: most of Christmas

    I'm thinking of doing a marathon this year (in May) but the cold and nearly two weeks of minimal training seem to have set me back a bit. Like SGQ, I'm taking it steady for a week or so to get rid of this nasty cough I'm left with so don't know what to do. Any ideas?

    Micksta - it says there could be as much as 5cm of snow tomorrow your way! Scotland might get 20cm!

  • Phew - just back from lunchtime run, it's a mite chillier than I expected, with a nasty little breeze blowing across Jamaica Road and Tooley Street.

    Since my return to running after the flu I have been experiencing real tightness in my quads near the knee, and DOMS even after proper stretching. The DOMS have gone but the painful tightness in the quads remains. Today it was much better, only cropping up in the last mile or so. I really hope this is normal after a comparatively short layoff.

    So, only 1593.8 miles to go.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Hello again

    Well mission accomplished i did what i said i was going to do earlier this morning, decided also to run 2 seperate miles at a slightly faster pace not a tempo run as such but was aiming at 10 min miles. Definite nip in the air it was cold. Did the first mile no problem 2nd mile after about 6 mins easy running wantrd to start it at a certain point.
    Then Garmin hollored at me the lap counter was full so it couldn't record the mile i just done. What do i do carry on and forget about entire run or stop and delete a run early in my history
    I choose to delete alas my 2nd mile wasn't recorded but am guessing it was around 9:45 max (wind assisted)

  • Afternoon folks.

    Firstly, Happy New Year to you all. Hope it's one of PBs and injury-free running!

    Good to see so many folk keeping things ticking over nicely through the holidays.

    Marmite - fantastic 10k the other day...a serious chunk off your time...I can only hope to get remotely close to that time in the coming year. As for curries in Glasgow? You've hit the nail right on the head with Mother India - it's fantastic (particularly their various fish curries). Other places I know of which come highly recommended are Mother India's Cafe (almost like an Indian tapas bar with the same high quality food as Mother India) and Balbir's (very swish big place with excellent food). Both are in the West End, not far from Mother India.

    Mrs S and I have had a great few days up here in the Highlands...shame we've to head back down the road to Glasgow this evening. Been very lucky with the weather, missing all the rubbish stuff the rest of the country seems to have experienced. Some excellent running too...

    Sat - already mentioned a hugely enjoyable 17 miler I did in 1hr 55mins.

    Sun - did an easy 4.7 miler in 34mins in the morning in very icy conditions, then a cracking wee hilly trail run nearby in the afternoon (about 5.4 miles in 43mins) with brilliant views North to the hills of Torridon and Applecross.

    Mon - did a long and easy, but truly stunning trail run on Skye with Mrs S. It was like a Spring day, with clear blue skies, a flat calm sea and (unbelievably!) midges on Hogmanay!!! Covered about 10.5 miles in 1hr 57mins, stopping regularly just to take in the incredible scenery...the low sun over Rum and Eigg looked incredible.

    Tues - a hungover 4.7 miles in 34mins. Very mild. Legs were very stiff after the previous days' run and the 4.5 mile round trip to and from the pub before and after the bells.

    Wed - repeated the local 4.7 mile loop in more windless and clear conditions, with a thought that I might wander up a hill this afternoon, but decided against it...the days of excess food and drink decreed that a straightforward short run would be enough for the day! 

    TTFN. Have a great day.

  • Afternoon all,

    Gobi:  Well done on the PB and the HR. 

    Kenobi:  I was along tooley st and jamaice rd about 1pm - must have missed you image 

    Some great achievements and goals being posted.  What a talented bunch we are image

    As has been said, the wind's a bit chilly today.  I'm not going to spoil the new year with a winge, but I may have to give FLM a miss if things don't look up. 

    • What:  14m mid-week, medium-long run
    • Why:  P&D
    • Last Hard:
    • Last Rest  12 days

    Have a good one.

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