'Marathon preparation'

On the RW intermediate schedule, it says for this Sunday do a 10m run and practice your 'marathon preparation'. Sorry to be a dunce, but what does that last bit mean? Is it the warm up, how you physically start running when the crowd starts to move off...?


  • try out your kit,practise drinking whilst running,vaseline the bits you expect to hurt,know what to eat on the morning of the 13th,stuff like that.
  • I am aiming on getting up at the time I intend to on 13th, eating my normal pre-race meal, putting my race kit on and get going at 9h45. Take a drinking bottle with LSport orrange (as is being handed out in the race).

    Enjoy it, visualise the race and the people arround you.
  • Oha, that's what it means. Thanks. I'll put that into practice then - I wonder how many of us I shall bump into round Park doing the same thing!
  • When you go for your last training run just shout "London marathon" see how many waves you get.Then again you might get carted off.
  • Thanks pinto wannabe, that's a plan! Someone's also suggested I do the whole route to Greenwich, and do my last long run from there, just to tell my body I can do it. Maybe that smacks of over dedication...?
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    Depends where you live! :-)

    When you have done everything and are happy that that is how you want to do it on race day, WRITE IT ALL DOWN! Make a list of all the stuff you need to take with you, mark which of it needs to be worn with a W and which needs to go in your bag with a B. Then you can tick it off as you put it in the bag/put it on on race morning. This saves on last minute panics at having forgotten something vital.
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    BTW - yes, I am sad.
  • marathon prep. for me is running 10 miles in the exact socks shoes kit etc as I will wear on race day after a having the exact breakfast I will have on race day.
  • IM going to do the first 6 miles of the marathon course with 2 miles there and 2 back again coz I can. I can walk to the start from home if I feel like it but will probably cycle.
  • take it all in savour the momebt all the work has been done see the thosands thinking just like you ,in your pen turn to a neigbour shake there hand wish them luck they will appreciate it and will make you fell good to best of luck
  • hey guys, this isn't a reply really, i am new to this,but it relates to the 16 week program. i am an aussie coming to london in a few weeks, missed london so intend to do a marathon later in the year, possibly new york??

    i have run 90 mins for a half and can do 10k's in about 40 mins. according to a calculator on the us runners world site, i should be able to complete a marathon in 3:09-3:21 (seems a bit quick to me).

    i only run 4-5 times a week as i cross-train, i make them count though, but this prog has 6-7 runs/week which is too many for my legs (old rugby injuries)

    i haven't done a marathon before, am i kidding myself? do i have any idea what i am getting myself into? and if i do new york, do i just work on my fitness base betwen now and may, then start the 16 week prog? or do a half program?

    this is too long, sorry.

  • Anto

    I trained for last year's FLM on 3-4 runs per week, and have identical half and 10K times to you. I managed FLM in 3:30 (I've always found those calculators a bit optimistic). All you need to do is put in a few long runs (I did 3 at 20M plus, and a 20M race) in the Spring, and you are there.

    No worries mate.
  • I bought a polar s625x a couple of months ago and I'm starting to train the intermediate marathon schedule. I have a couple of questions concerning the differrent workouts in this schedule.

    What is the difference, in pace and in heart rate, between easy, steady and long runs in this schedule? I mean the basic difference, e.g. easy = 65% max WHR and so on? Which one of these paces is slowest and which is fastest?
  • twist, I think you're supposed to gather round 30000 friends, rent 800 portaloos, practise queuing for them, wait 2 hours at the start line in a bin bag, spend half an hour shuffling forward before you break into a run, start your stopwatch as you cross the mat, etc., etc. It will help if some of your friends dress up as wombles and overtake you just as you cross the finish line.

  • 'scuse me - that was no costume - I am a Womble!
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    No, you look like a tigger to me!
  • Good luck to everyone doing FLM 05 - Have a great day. I got rejected so am doing Stratford instead. If anyone knows what the course is like (i.e.Hills) please let me know.
  • There are a few climbs at Stratford and also long flat sections along the Greenway (converted railway line-cycle path) and the last bit along ther river and through the park is flat.
  • A query about the intermediate schedule. I am a newbie so have no first hand experience. I notice there are three half marathon races in the schedule with only one day's rest after each. I understood more rest was needed after a race. Any comments welcome
  • can anyone help me?

    am preparing for my first race of 5km next month (race for life). i run around 30mins to 1 hour (5 times a week). and am thinking of doing FLM 2006, am i ready for it?

    Any comments welcome pls
  • hi,
    done lots of running but nvere have i undertaken a schedule,plan to run the flm in 2006,
    need some explanantion on several items in the intermediate schedule.
    1.wwek one states that on wednesday there is a 7 mile run or warm up then 10 x 1mi fast and 2mins slow,can someone explain this,
    basically camn somenne explain the whole thingb to me as it would be very helpful

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    First of all you need to work out your pacing for the various types of run (fast, slow, easy, marathon, tempo etc etc) - there's a pace calculator on this site to help you.

    The 7 mile warm up is probably going to be at a fairly east pace, before you move into the fast/slow intervals.

    Don't worry too much about making the distances accurate, just work out how long roughly a mile should take at each pace (which the calculator will tell you). I use a watch that I can set to beep at different intervals, which helps with this sort of thing.

    Hope this helps. I'm not an expert on these things by any means, and I'm sure other forumites can chip in with info and ideas.
  • I prefer training 5 times a week with yoga on rest days. Important to strengthen quadriceps (to protect knees) and build strong core muscles in abdominals and lower back to help power along during runs. Yoga good for all of this.
  • Hi guys, is anyone using this training plan for the 2011 marathon?
  • I'm going to give it a go, but for a marathon on 1st May.....haven't done one before....
  • Im using it for Edinburgh this year, first week of the plan this week.  Used a 'beginners' get me round for the last marathon (which was my first) and that worked great.

    Introduced 2/3 weekly heavy cv kettle bell workouts also for improved strength and core stability - i can feel the benefits after only a few weeks of using it to i recommend it to anyone.

    Im a little confused with the 'with strides' comment on some of the sessions - if anyone can clarify that would be great.

    Im aiming for sub 4hrs using this schedule, my LSR pace is around 8.30min/mi so ill let you know how it works out.


  • Started this schedule mid week 12 as training for my first marathon.  Mind you I am an experienced sprint distance runner and duathlete.  Followed it exactly and ran a comfortable 3:35.  Great program.
  • Hi, just need some clarifictaion does 5M - run to a hill, then 8 x 30 secs uphill, jog down mean i do the run to a hill part as part of the 5 mile run? 
  • Yes Simon, the 5M is your total mileage for the day.
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