The Harvel 5

..well, a barrel of Larkins ale from the Larkins brewery at nearby Chiddingstone, please, Mr Race Director.

The 'Fosters' in the beer tent is better than provided by most races, but if you were to go the extra distance and get real ale in, this could just get my vote as the best race in RW's UK 2008 survey. image



  • SD ... Will see what I can do .... as you can see I'm open to bribes !
  • I did this one for the first time last year...will be encouraging some of my running buddies to join me as I loved it.......


  • yes, I have to agree.

    after doing about four of the last six years, it's a fixture I've come to look forward to - it has a low-key village fete atmosphere about it all, and it's nice to have a race at that time of the weekend, leaving Sunday free for a bit of a lie-in.

    oh, and the beer of course!  

  • This looks like a good one to do as my second race, especially as I was born in Meopham, sort of know the area.

    Having just done the 7Oaks7 that was descibed as undulating, how undulating, incomparison is this run.


  • did this last year and what a fab day. hot and sunny and v v friendly. yep, i agree, ale would be better than fosters on the finish fact organic bottled cider at about 8% would seriously improve my top 70 placing last time round!! LOL!! there are a couple of long drags and tight turns and the surface varies from road to woodland (in the shade) pathway but i would describe it as undulating rather than hilly. fantastic and will be sending in my entry form soon

    it's cider o'clock in harvel!! 

  • Tommygun2 - I did the Seven yesterday and have run the Harvel 5 for the past 3 years. Harvel will seem almost flat compared to Sevenoaks. I PB at Harvel every time, it's a fine 5 mile race.
  • Oh my. Beer on the run! Excelant. I so wanna do this. Last time I did a run like this was along the southbank in London for St Thomas's Hospital, and each pub along the way, and there were quite a few, had a stand outside with pints and halves for the runners. Brilliant. And a medal too. Corr. Any chance of some Sheppard Neame?
  • I've done this one for the last 3 years, it's fab and always a warm day. 

    I'm doing it again this year.

  • Sound great, beer on the run, not to bumpy what more could you ask for. Count me in.

  • Undulating? Well, it's not entirely flat, but even undulating is pushing things a bit imho...

    Lovely race, unfortunately unable to make it this year...

  • Im up for the heavy stuff instead of the recylced left overs of the night before...

    Just need to find a driver now (drink and run is OK, drink and drive is not!)image

  • I'm in, Lynn twisted my rubber arm image
  • I hear through the grapevine that a whole bunch of runners from Dartford Roadrunners maybe attending... just for the alocholic beverages.

    I'd go if I can hitch a ride from someone from there!

  • I want to beer!!!

    Does anyone know how to get to Harvel by public transport from London?

  • I'm entered for this one.

    Ran this the last 2 years and loved it. Dragged two friends along last year and hoping to drag a few more along this year.

  • Just tell 'em there's unlimited free ale...
  • Unlimited you say...............?
  • much as a rabid dog can take..

  • I'm foaming at the snout already!
  • Q. Whad'ya get if you cross a Pointer and a Setter?

    A.  Poinsetter; a traditional Christmas pet

    Q. Whad'ya get if you cross a Bull Terrier with a Shitzu?

    A.  Bullshitz; a gregarious but unreliable breed

  • Race number received.

     Lets hope they've got that barrel ordered.......image

  • race number received also. sub 34 this year.
  • Looking forward to this-one of the most enjoyable and characterful races around.

    I hope it's a warm,sunny afternoon-perfect for lazing on the green with a pint or two afterwards.

    Looking back to some "criticism" you guys got some years ago-can I take it that there will be plenty of marshalls on hand to remove the caps from our post-race drink bottles at the finish line....??!!

    ...and don't even get me started on the price of water in the "Amazon & Tiger"...

  • It's getting quite close now - anyone coming from London?  I'm thinking of catching 11.39 from Victoria to Meopham, then taxi to Harvel. 

    Drinking water DJ?????!!!!!  That's hardly the spirit of a hash r*n.

     On on

  • Anyone know just how deep is the mud at the entry / exit to the off-road section. With all the rain we've had the last 2 weeks I bet there's quite a swamp there now???image
  • Mud on the road (Singing "I like your tiger feet" again this year) .... yes the part in the park is rather muddy ... ran it on Tuesday ... so hopefully dried up a bit by now .... but as that part is in the shade it will still be muddy (suggest you don't wear your best trainers!)

    Beer tent supplies now sorted will be Fosters, John Smith (Sorry chaps didn't manage to sort a barrrel of real ale), cider, PIMMS, wine and soft drinks ..... there's alway the Amazon & tiger as well

    Entries now at 445, that the most pre race entries ever ... however I expect more runners have entered in advance as several over race limits have been reached recently ... I've got 550 numbers and medals so there's still place available on the day

    Weather is looking good for running, cloudy, 18 degrees .... however Harvel has been know for a heat wave in the past ! 

    Have a team from Runners' World this year ... they are to do a race report

    Our helpers at the end will open the bottles of water for those that need help !    In the Village hall there's free tap water for all .... Hall will be open for changing (mixed) and toilets ... so there's no need to line the pockets of the Landlord of the Ammy  !!!

    The grass has been cut in field used for parking so hopefully you will be able to find your car at the end !

    Don't forget there's FREE BEER on request at the water station (Tins of Fosters & John Smiths)  

    There's also the hash circle at 3.45pm with down downs (That's another excuse for a free beer!) 

    Good luck on the day



  • Excellent stuff, IM. image

    I'll even overlook my prejudice against widget beer for once in my life and not complain (it would be churlish to, in the face of all this superb organisation), although I usually recoil in horror if anyone mentions 'John Smiths' in my vicinity. 

     See you there!

  • Boing te boing boing boing!!!  Seems to have slipped down pages so anyone for Victoria 11.33??  Will be there bearing bears.

    On on!!!

  • Just want to say loved it will be baack again next year...2nd time for me and beat last years time by about 4 minutes....


  • What a great afternoon.  My 1st run for 6 weeks and even though my running partner and I were nearly at the back, (Nothing unusual there, even without any injury), we were cheered in luck the winners of the marathon.  Thanks to all who organised it and my partner enjoyed the beer at the water stop.  We will do it again next year and bring others with us to enjoy the mud, fund and beers!

     Great Lynn the best one so far that you have recommended!

    Happy birthday for next Thursday!


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