"Flora London Marathon" is dead

Flora, well their parent company Unilever, have decided not to be involved in the London marathon in 2009 and the front runner to take the mantle at the moment is Tesco.

Is this a good or bad thing?

Will you be able to get "value runners" 

Will the elites have to run in blue and white stripes? 



  • Watch out for carrier bags on the course.
  • Maybe, 118 118

    Dave Bedford would love that 

  • How many clubcard points do I get for 5 refusals??
  • Can I pay for mine and the Limpette's entries with my clubcard vouchers?
  • Considering their involvemnt in the race for life series - it does make sense
  • it gets my green stamp of approval (shows my age)
  • PM .. I take it this is gen?  wasnt sure if this was a serious thread or not  image
  • co-op had their own
  • well, leans over to whisper ....................................... it's a bit of insider knowledge Meldy,(gossip)

    I massaged this guy at the Expo from the marketing dept at Unilever and he told me. It sounded genuine.

    Unilever (Flora) are pulling out, he Tesco bit is still under discussion, but he said they were the frontrunners to take over the mantle.

    We'll see 

  • Do you get clubcard points then if our entries are sucessfull.  image
  • imageimage

    you have too much time on your hands

    I didn't ask him (yes, I do feel a bit silly not enquiringimage

  • SunluvvaSunluvva ✭✭✭
    Last year the whisper was the next sonsors would be London Pride beer - the drinks stations could be interesting.
  • you bin drinkin sunny?
  • flora have reached the end of their contract - i thought that was general knowledge - they mentioned it on the radio earlier this week

    london pride are already sponsors

  • Goody bag could be a bit interesting. Just think of all the cheap but nutrtious things they could include for the runners to help them recover.
  • Are you sure..   on the blurb for 2009 it definitely says Flora London Marathon 2009

    Maybe Tesco are interested after the Flora sponsorship deals runs out...

    Gillette sponsored it previously..  who else has..?

  • Just think of all the cheap but nutrtious things they could include for the runners to help them recover


    The name "Tesco LM" sucks, "Flora LM" is quite a beautiful name for the event.
  • TLM has the same ring as FLM.... I guess we will get used to in time.  It could be worse - it could be ASDA.....
  • mars did didn't they??

    i remember all the silver wrap things one year had mars on them

  • I think Durex are also in the running. Every runner gets a packet of 3 for finishing.

  • I think Durex are also in the running.

    they should support running in China!
  • After running a marathon why would you need a pack of 3!!!!
  • Snickers should sponsor it then it could change to the Snickers London Snickers

    not a marathon anymore its a snickers

    that would separate it from the rest of them

  • actually if it was Trashco it could be quite good - they could do BOGOFs on the entry

    wouldnt that be a good way to get the numbers up

  • It should be sponsored by the Sunday Sport, then every runner would feel a right tit, not just the one that finishes last.


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