I'm new on the site and also to running. I ran the Race for Life last year (well, I walked/ran it) and was determined to take up running afterwards. I never actually did, not properly anyway, but I ran the Race for Life this year without stopping or walking (26 mins).

I went to my local running club on Tuesday and enjoyed the run, although only two of them were genuine plodders like me.

I would like to do a 10k. I will go to the running club again as it was fun but is it appropriate to ask if there is anyone of a similar standard in my area who might want to train with me?



  • Welcome. Surrey's a wee tad far for me, but you'll find a fair selection of plodders here to keep you company, even on "todays session" in training. And the nice thing about training with these guys is, even if you haven't a hope in hades of keeping up with them on the ground, you can in the forums. Enjoy.
  • By the way, I'm a plodder too. Did Race for Life in about 27 minutes. Great, wasn't it?
  • Welcome aboard, Beck. We're all new here!

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Thanks for the replies. I have now changed my name to beckstrous - which is my nickname everywhere else.

    What I need to do now is get some decent gear, because I run in some (very) old football shirts and ordinary t-shirts. It's not a great look and the t-shirts tend to get a bit sweaty!
  • Hey Beckstrous,

    Try the advertisers links in the "pod" just up there on the left. There's Runner's Need, Bourne Sports, Total Fitness and Sportsshoes Unlimited. Treat yourself - maybe you could have some new gear arriving at your desk by tomorrow morning!


  • I don't suppose you fancy trying to organise a discount with your shop sponsors for us forumites do you Jeremy
  • Nice call, Blue Knees - we'll add that to the 'interesting thoughts' file. I wonder whether they'd be for it?

  • Hello, folks. I've been running on and off for about three years - I'm hoping talking to you lot will inspire me to run week in week out.

    By the way, Beckstrous, 26 mins for a 5K? Wish I could do that!
  • Sean,

    well they would get plenty on business because you've got a large "captive" audience. I'll chase you on this one
  • Beckstrous - welcome.

    sorry can't help with a Surrey running partner but do post in the daily training session - once there you are bound to do the run so it helps with the consistancy.

    26 mins for 5K is very respectable. good luck and keep running/posting
  • I'm new to the site and a little ashamed when reading other people's 'postings' that I only run twice a week. I have just done a 10K in 57 minutes and now want to train for a half marathon. I am therefore looking for a sunday running partner in the Tunbridge Wells area so I can start doing some longer runs and build up to 13 miles over the next 6 months. Any offers?

  • Don't be ashamed !! I reckon that's a good time for a 10k and you should have no problem completing a half marathon if that's what you really want. There are runners of all levels on here. The most important thing is that you are out doing it and enjoying.
    Good luck
  • Beckstrous, don't let the fashion police frighten you into spending your hard-earned pennies on overpriced spandex. Nothing wrong with running in scruffs (shoes excepted).

    On the other hand, if it's that must-bash-the-plastic time of the month, you could have a very satisfying session with just a few clicks of the mouse.

    Just popping off to check the wares myself now.

    Cheers, V-rap (probably the least elegantly attired runner in the world).
  • Hello Beckstrous,

    How about getting a URWFRC vest or Tshirt. That way you could recignise fellow forumites and they could recognise you at races.

    Just go to http://user.domaindlx.com/rwfrc/index.html
  • hi beckstrous
    there was me thinking my 26min 5k was the speed of lightening! now i know im a plodder! ;-) but whether you are a speed queen or not, do keep on running. i started a year ago and couldn't run for 10 mins. but i've just completed my first 10k (raising £300 for charidee) and am contemplating a half marathon.
    but much more important than counting minutes and miles, for me, is that running has made me feel fitter and healthier than i have done since i was a teen (im now a 30-something) and have a more positive outlook on life. plus i have lots of fun "discussing tactics" with a girlfriend who started running at the same time. needless to say, we have to retire to the pub for this essential "theory" part of our training.
    to answer your query about sports gear, apart from the shoes, i have found a sturdy sports bra the next most essential item (don't snigger boys at the back). then i would say a decent pair of running socks.

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for the tips. I do need to sort out my shoes but will be on a budget. Is £40 unrealistic?

    When I go out on my own I tend to find that I can run for quite far but that I am not very fast (I think I ran the 5k at a faster speed than when I normally go out). Is this a problem? Does it mean I need to step up the pace?

    I think socks would be important for me because I sometimes get, er, foot problems! ;-)

  • Hello Beck,
    I've been running on & off for a couple of years now and have just decided that I'm going to take it more seriously and run regularly! I did the Southend Race for Life in 25 minutes - although I'm sure I never do it that fast when I go out running - so don't know what happened there! Anyway, I've decided to take note of some info. on this site and try this fartlek business myself - see if I can improve my times at all.. I have just applied to run my first 10k in September - I know I can do the distance, but it's just the time that's worrying me - I mean, I don't want to be the last to finish or anything! Still, I suppose we've all got to start somewhere haven't we! Anyway, good luck with your running.
  • Becks
    £40 is probably towards the lower price end but should be achievable - it's worth going to a 'proper' running shop if possible. Most people's experience is that the staff are interested & not condescending to those of us that don't know much & can't afford much (probably because they are usually runners themselves & like to encourage people - and coz you'll go back when you want to upgrade!) Try browsing some of the on-line stores to get an idea of prices/makes. (I love my asics but we all have different feet so don't take anyone else's preferences too seriously)
    Good luck
  • Michelle
    You won't be last.
    With a 25m 5k and your regular training (fartlek is great isn't it) I guess you'll do 10k in about 55m. In an ordinary race I reckon there will be about 15-20% of the field behind you (of course you won't see them unless you run backwards!). It's worth taking time at the end to watch the others come in because they'll appreciate the support & you'll remind yourself how far you've come.

    Good Luck
  • Michelle
    As Nick says you won't be last. That was my fear and I just completed my first 10k in 57 mins and there were several thousand behind me! I am now aiming for a half marathon and yes I have the same fear that I will come last!
    I got a decent pair of shoes for £48 in the sale at Lilywhites - before this the staff at Sweatshop were very helpful.
    Good luck
  • Michelle
    You will be ahead of the 53,000,000 who dont run at all.
    go for it Chris.
  • Michelle
    You won't be last by a long way but someone will be. To all those others wjho think they will be last and worry about it, So What, I have been last in a small race and was embarressed but you would find that the biggest hand from the helpers is for the last person. Cynically its may be because that means they can go home but really I think it is because they realise how much extra effort those at the back have to put into get through it. So to all the backmarkers past and future. Well Done
  • Does coming last really matter? I'd rather enjoy it finishing last than not enjoy it. Possibly ending up injured and not being able to run for a while afterwards.
  • I always try to come last!! however, runnings a different matter.
  • I'm new to running and haven't entered any comps yet but I'm aiming to come last anyway - that way, whatever placing above that I achieve is a bonus!! :)
  • har-de-har Carthorse!! :D
  • Cath
    That is is so positive.
  • I ran a 10 mile race and I was 3rd from the end......did it matter.....NO it didn't I still wore mt finishers T-Shirt with pride....

    My son asked me where did i run so I took them round the course in the car and they couldn't believe I ran it and in an OK time of 10min/mile

    The marshalls are great and even the elite runners on their warm downs give you praise and encouragment.

    Someone has to be last...but think of all those people who couldn't even start it......

  • Hi all, i'm new to this site too!

    Good for you Steve... at least you finished - I've yet to start! but i'm walking to it... lol

    I've known people to dropout after they started, which is a shame. IMO it's better to come last than to dropout! At least you can say you been round the course. :D
  • Hi, I ran my first 10K on sunday and was petrified I'd come last. Actually I've chickened out of a few previous 10Ks because I was so worried about it. I needn't have worried...although the field was quite small there were still lots of runners behind me when I came in at 66mins. Just go for it...if you're last, you'll get the loudest cheer because everyone else will be at the finish line. I found it a really positive experience and now I just want to improve my time for the next one.
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