FLM online registration re-opened now

For anyone who missed online registration last week I have just been able to register before 9am as advertised on website. Online booking was possible from 8.30am, maybe earlier.


  • Not good with their timing, are they image
  • Despite vowing that i had retired from running after finishing the FLM last week I seem to have just entered the 2009 ballot. The on line entry system was certainly open at 8;40 and not busy. I entered and received confirmation very quickly. Perhaps all those who wanted to enter did it last week?
  • I have just regsitered on-line - have payment confirmation e-mail but did not see the screen that said "thank you" which they state on the home page shows that the application has gone through. Any-one else had this issue? Not sure if my application is registered or not?
  • I'm in the ballot - wheeeee.

    Aligator - I saw the thank you screen. It came up after the credit card details confirmation screen.

     I missed out on this last week because I had omitted to put in enough phone nubmers and the system automatically changed my preference from not bequeath to bequeath my entre fee image. Was a bit shocked by that and exited the site!

  • Oldprof - seems like you've fallen into that haze of entering your payment details into websites which you know are bad for you....

    Still, at least youre not alone!

    I stayed home this morning to enter (as being a slow coach I didn't get in in-time for the 1st phase...dont think I even checked until the Tuesday!).  I don't trust the internet connection at work, so made a coffee, turned my PC on, went to the site about 8.30ish and it was there!  So I entered with no problems!

    Alligator: I didn't get a screen that just said "THANK YOU", but the final screen does say "Thank-you" and I also got a confirmation email from WorldPay, and another from FLM saying "Thank you for entering the Flora London Marathon 2009 online entry ballot......."  So I think this is all correct.

    If you're still not sure, dont enter again (as that will void the 1st one if it worked), but phone them up, the number in the email was 020 7902 0200.

    Good luck.

  • Alligator, I too got a confirmation email to say I had entered the ballot.

    Oldprof, I cannot believe I have entered again but I'd hate to think that I might miss registration and maybe it will close again this week!! 

  • I can't believe I've just entered as well.

    It'll close tomorrow? tonight? pretty soon at anyone's guess.
  • The confirmation email took a little while but came through, may take longer as more register.

    At 8.50 I was over 84000, so probably 5000 plus already entered before 9 am. Would expect them to close before midday at this rate, so probably 10 am if there's a mad rush and the system can cope!

  • Mrs 20 entered OK, currently I  can't as "WorldPay" seems unable to take payments - just pauses & times out immediately.

    The phone number for paper entries has disappeared from the FLM site & their queries phone number is permanently engaged,

    Not impressed!

  • Filled mine in at 7.40 and now have both emails, wohoo! So at least I'll get in in 2010 if unsuccesful for 2009 as that'll be 5 rejections.
  • I didn't see the Bequeath bit is defaulted to automatically bequeath image
  • Ah well. You'll get a nice tent sized fleecy or summat similar in the post in October then PP.
  • it does ask you to enter your fleece size so you know. however, if you make a mistake on your form and go back to correct something it defaults to bequeath again? sneaky!!!! well i can't get on and this means my chain of rejections may be in jeopardy - i guess this is so more of us run for charity. also, why say 9 am if they open earlier? i'm not a fan of this system.
  • can someone suggest what to do when i keep on getting this message:

    Sorry, there was an error in processing this transaction:
    No payment information is available. This means that one of the following has occurred:

    * you have completed or cancelled your payment
    * you have cookies disabled. To complete your payment, enable cookies by changing the privacy settings in your browser. Then return to the merchant's site and resubmit your payment
    * your session at WorldPay has timed out. Please return to the merchant's site and resubmit your payment

    its gibberish! i have not completed or cancelled my payment - my cookies are enabled and my session hasn't timed out as is i haven't been on it for that long.

    what does - please return to the merchants side and resubmit your payment - you can't do that!!!!!

    does this mean that worldpay can't cope with the number of requests for payment?
  • I managed to enter at 8.15 - only tried by chance!  All that after vowing never again last Sunday/Monday! image
  • I managed to get straight on at 08.50. Although it was better for me that entries were open early I do think if they give a time they should stick with it. I had both confirmation emails straight away. I bequeathed as i had a club entry this year and thought the organisation was so good. I considered it payment for this years entry.
  • I found the process pretty frustrating as I was timed-out 3 or 4 times before my payment went through. I was just on the verge of giving up and vowing to do the Draycott Water 35 miler instead when my receipt popped up. Oh well, here goes.
  • Yoga, I got that message too. Your payment may actually have gone through. That's what happened to me. Check your e-mail. Good luck.
  • i hadn't actually put any card no. in yet at that point, so payment deffo hadn't gone through.
  • I chose to bequeath as it does give me a tiny extra chance. I also quite liked the look of the fleece. And anyway its 'allforcharidy, mate'.
  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭
    Entered at about 09:00. Was not impressed with it defaulting to bequeath every time I had made an error (3 times - fool that I am! - one was ethnicity - why???)

    Got confirmation emails so know I'm in. Still think they should do the magazine entry as well though.
  • PANIC over!  Just managed to enter both my partner and I a few minutes ago - maybe the mad scramble has subsided slightly. 
  • I've just finally got through the WorldPay system and receieved confirmation emails.

    I had to re-enter all my details about 5 times before I even got to the stage to enter my credit card details.    So, my suggestion is for everyone to keep at it.

     I realise that WorldPay was just overwhelmed, but it did make me think that it would be a good conspiracy theory - ie. making everyone go through the application process 5 times, throwing them out etc etc.  That way you only get the people that really want to tun the 2009 race.  Those that don;t care, would give up and not try again.

     Just a thought !

  • Had forgotten all about this until I saw a workmate filling it in at 10 o'clock!!!

    Got back to my desk and after a few goes, finally got through all the pages and have received confirmation e-mails just now at 10.45.
    Can't understand why we have to wait until October - surely by the end of today they can sort all the names they have and do the ballot?

  • HELP!! Does anyone know if I'll have voided my original application? Tried to enter friend who is out of the country at the moment. Message came up the "double entry detected". Gave his details but used my payment card. Can't get get through to FLM to check. Know I haven't entered him successfully yet but have I voided my own entry? In a panic now.......advice please.
  • i finally got there!! took long enough though.. timed out so many times
  • Seeing as they appear to be doing everything earlier than they say, we may know the result before October.image
  • Have to say, just entered the ballot, very smooth, no probs and a confirmation e-mail immediately.
  • Same here. No probs at all.

     Fingers crossed!

  • I've had real problems registering for this online. It's crashed several times so it looks like I'll be requesting a form. This will be my 5th entry (not got in to date) so I'm damned if i'm letting the online system mess this up for me.
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