Harlow 10

I did this last year, and apart from being hot as hell and needing a cable car for that hill around mile 8, it was a lovely run, with a fair bit of shade through the woodland bits as well. 

Anyone else planning on doing this?  It's the week after Milton Keynes, so I have several excuses for my lousy time lined up and ready to goimage



  • Hashette,

    You will be pleased to know that the mile 8 hill does not feature this year image. Traditionally it is always baking hot for the Harlow 10 however...

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Vicn - I will not be doing it this year as will be on hoilday. I do hope it is a bit cooler this year for everyone. I will be missing our family get together this year.
  • Loon.Loon. ✭✭✭

    i'm planning on doing it but will be slower than a very slow thing but have done a 10 mile training plod and managed 1.55 so should make the cut off time... barring mishaps

  • Im doing it, this will be my first 10!

  • VicnVin - woohoo, thanksimage

    *waves madly at Loon*

  • Loon.Loon. ✭✭✭

    *waves madly back at Hash*

    I;ve been out running with harlow running club

    eeeeeeeeeeek they is speedy :<

  • *boing*

    Bit quiet in here considering it's next week!

  • Loon.Loon. ✭✭✭

    i ran the second half with the club last week

    eeeeeeeeeek is all I can say image

  • Does the eeeek above mean the flat/undulating description is not correct? I might be interested if it is flat and the weather isn't too hot  image
  • Loon.Loon. ✭✭✭
    we did it in reverse brian, so the right way around it would be better, don't know what the first half is like, I haven't done this route before....  but essix is flat, innit ;D
  • m.ittenm.itten ✭✭✭
    I'm in image
  • Loon.Loon. ✭✭✭
    hash are you up for meeting baby ned aftrwardsimage
  • Thanks GingerLoon, it'll be a late decision for me, the weatherman is forecasting some nice hot weather soon but I don't like running in nice hot weather  image
  • I'd love to Loon, but I'm horribly allergic to horses so I wouldn't be able to stroke him, much as I'd love to.  I used to want to be a vet as a kid, so probably just as well I didn't get the A levels.  When I was a teenager, I went riding with a friend who had a horse, and was okay until we stopped riding and went inside, at which point I kind of keeled over.  Her Mum was terrified, I had no idea what was happening and it was all very dramatic!

  • Loon.Loon. ✭✭✭
    lol hash, pub lunch afterwards instaed then image
  • G'Loon - you didn't turn up on one of our Handicap race nights the first time you came down?

    Brian, there are a couple of slight climbs - noting too much. A profile can be found here: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2051286

  • Loon.Loon. ✭✭✭

    vicnvin, a couple of weeks ago, on a tuesday night, yes I did indeed. I was the really slow one.. image  It was my second night at the club, nothing like in the deep end is there image

  • You came back though... image

  • Loon.Loon. ✭✭✭

    yep, despite the clubs best efforts to kill me off image  I go with the ladies on monday now and tag along on the thursday run.  I will chuck in a tuesday run to make sure I suffer everynow and then but I need to get my pace up

    just entered all my training runs off the garmin onto Fetch and got very depressed that my times in 2005 were massively faster :< guess that's what happens when you train a grand total of about 30 miles total over 2 and a half years LOL

    I have been really impressed by how friendly the club members have been, I was really nervous about coming along

  • A quick note to ask all runners coming by car on Sunday to share wherever possible as space will be limited and this year our usual overflow car park is not available. We hope to put an alternative in place, but this is dependant on the weather, which I understand is warming up more for the weekend!

  • Enjoyed it last year (although not the stifling temperature and THAT hill) hope to do better this year...
  • m.ittenm.itten ✭✭✭

    I'll be there Sunday.

    Running in my Tring shirt with 'mitten' on the front. Come & say hi if you see me.

    Good luck all, Mitts image

  • Looking to be a bit warm tomorrow, but the 9:30 start will help with that
  • I hadn't looked at the details for ages, thanks for that VicnVin or I'd have turned up wondering why so many cars but no queue for the loo!

  • Loon.Loon. ✭✭✭

    hash i fyou want to park at mine and either walk up or borrow my old bone rattler of a bike to get there?

    about 10 minute cycle, 25 minute walk

  • Thanks Loon, I'm going to try to get there stupidly early to get a parking space, do you want me to pick you up on the way through?
  • hi all i'm going to come along & enter on the day. coming by train - 7:15 out of Liverpool St.
  • reikrabbit - I am sure you are aware of this, but there are two train stations in Harlow - Harlow Town and Harlow Mill.

    All trains stop at Harlow Town, but that is ~2 miles away from race HQ. There are Taxi's/buses etc, but I am not sure of frequency on a Sunday Morning

    Fewer Trains stop at Harlow Mill, but this station is ~0.5 miles from race HQ and is a reasonably easy walk through Old Harlow to the HQ.

    Just thought I'd mention this so you can plan your journey.

  • There is also some engineering works effecting some morning trains coming out of Stratford
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