Friday 29th Aug 2008



  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all,

    What - 4m on the treadmill
    Why - Contined recovery
    Last Hard - Op
    Last Rest N/A

    Past 1200m for the year today so that has put a smile on my face, 500m more for for my years target.

    Take care <><

  • Lovely technical posts over the past few days Sharkie, it's great to get a bit more of a spread between the 60m and the 60M peeps, and pleasing to see Tom back in the mix as well as the reported absence of Eric.

    For me? I get this feeling that It won't involve any mileage today, but has involved a BBQ with the family. Interestingly stress free. It can't last.

    I'll try some proper training tomorrow morning.

  • nice one RFJ - ahead of schedule for the year

    another fascinating post Sharkie

    AF - hopefully the streak will be up to 41 by Tuesday

    Tom - nice to see you back, and hope you can soon get some serious mileage in once more.

    what: 9.2 miles with some hills, steady pace
    why: seems to be my usual Friday session now

    last hard day: Wednesday
    last rest day: Saturday

    maybe I need some "adaptation" as well - not the most enjoyable of outings.
    Legs felt a bit flat at the outset. No wind, but very sticky. Came out of the hilly/undulating part of the course (between approx 2.7 and 5.5 miles) with guts feeling dodgy. Despite which, I was by this point moving reasonably well, so managed to stay fairly relaxed, tried not to think about how far I still had to go, and in this manner made it home without need of emergency pit stops. Have had a bit of a tummyache since though.
    Just wondering whether I might have picked up a mild bug as I had this sort of trouble on Wednesday as well.

    Anyway, round in 63:14, which was only a minute or so down on what I'd have deemed a reasonable time for the effort level, so it wasn't all bad. Mean HR 154.

  • Evening all,

    Have to fess up and admit I skipped my run tonight in favour of 30 mins on a jetski with Little Miss T.

    Off home tomorrow so I'll make up the miles over the long weekend.
  • That sounds like fun Trini!

    Clink - never had problem with circulation, except for one finger that I shut in the car door. When it is cold, all my fingers eventually warm up except that one. Guess I damaged the nerve.

    I once saw an experiment on TV that had brown-eyed people and blue-eyed people, and they had to see how long they could keep their hands in ice-cold water. The blue-eyed people did the best. I guess the opposite is true for brown-eyed people, being able to stand the heat better than blue-eyed ones. I for one know I don't run well in the heat.

    Tom - good to see you back - we all have to do as best we can with what we've got as frustrating as that might be. Good to see you still at it.

    Sounds like there is some competition hotting up here on the forum.

    What: 5 miles easy - out on the bush tracks back on the road. Been a long time since I've been on the bushtracks as it has been so wet, and the last time I slipped over, so I ran very carefully - and enjoyed it.

    Good running everyone.

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