Need to poo on nearly every run

For the past week or 2 I've had a desperate need to poo on any run over 3 miles. I'm OK for the 1st mile or 2 then suddenly the feeling comes and I need to goimage

Luckily, I've managed to nip into a pub a few times, but I went out for 5 miles today and ended up pooing behind some tree's image, luckily, I'd taken some tissues in my pocket in case it happened.

I have tried going before I set off, but I never need to go, it only once I've been running a while and things are being jiggled about that things get moving. I have no problems with my pooing normally.

Its really annoying me now, I had to physically stop and stand still till the feeling passed enough to move again quite a few times today before I actually went. I guess I lost about 5 minutes between standing still and walking. I usually run busy routes too so opportunites to nip behind bushes etc are pretty few and far between.

Any hints/tips as to how I can stop it?



  • I started taking Actimel every day and the problem sorted out - I'm sure others will have better ideas cos it's very common. Bizzarely sorted out my IBS as well.

    Best of luck - on the plus side you're running career might get sponsored by Andrex........

  • you are not alone
  • bugger, the search function is now too good and ulls up LOADS of threads so i cant find the best one anymore


    lots of us get this

    ieven if we "go" before we run

    for some people wheat and dairy makes a difference

    for me, it miles worse if i am stressd, so races are a night mrae

    i take immodium before every race, but even that dont always help

    i avoid pasta and too much dairy pre a race,

    as far as running goes, I think just accept it will happen , take tissues and plan your route around bushes

    the less you stress about it, the bettr it will be

    Just my opinion

    I =have sufferd with this BIG time for 6 years

  • Cheers for that PH. I've only been runninng about 7 months and its only just started these past few weeks image so God knows whats going on.

    I think I'll try the immodium and just keep on taking tissues with me. Its just such a pain as it distracts from my running and knocks minutes off my times.

    Heres hoping I don't have to poo in bushes for the rest of my running lifeimage 

  • dopnt do immodium every run

    i only do it once a week for races

    do you run early am?

    might help if you get up erlier and have a cup of coffee to-erm, go

    i find if i am running hard that its worse, sort of like my bodys repsonse to physical stress

  • Smuffie - you are so not alone.

    My worst time is in the afternoon, but I do sometimes have a problem in the morning. Just make sure as far as possible that you have gone before you leave home, some strong tea or coffee should help you there.

    Running hard/fast does sometimes make it worse for me, so general plodding and slow running is OK, although not all the time. I can't pin it down to diet for me, but the better I eat the less problems I get I think. So eating regularly, keeping a 'healthy' diet with lots of porridge, fruit and veg and wholemeal stuff seems to work OK.

    Do find friendly pubs or other places you can rely on to be open on your routes (or at least a selection of handy bushes!)

    There is no cure, just finding what works for you.

  • Oh my god - I'm so glad I'm not on my own!  First half marathon coming up next weekend so fingers crossed eh!  (will be taking the usual tissue supplies though!)  Rachel
  • The 'excitement' of races usually helps clear things out so you won't need to go on the race itself. Good luck!
  • Is it worth having a word with your GP?
    There are lots of new medicines around,one of which might help cure/improve this problem.
  • My GP is a really good runner, does 8 miles a day and has qualified for the Chicago marathon next year so she'd be a good one to ask.

    I just feel a bit daft making an appointment just because I have an uncontrollable urge to poo everytime I go running! image

  • As has been said lots of people have this. Have you changed your eating habits recently in terms of what / when you eat before a run if the problem has just started recently.  Think back and consider keeping a record of what  / when you eat for a while to see if any patterns establish themselves or happens on every run in future. There are many reasons why this can happen. I find I can have problems if I eat too much friut /  vegetables before a run. Others will have different triggers.

    You could try to help things along by doing some exercises earlier in the day or late the night before (sit ups help me) to help you have a good clear out, for want of a better expression, when you visit the loo before your run.

    If you stretch befor a run and you have the time try a gently mile jog before the stretch and visit the loo before you start the run properly to see if the jog has helped. This has also helped me in the past.

    Good luck. 

  • Probably worth asking her - she may be able to suggest something. She may even have experienced it herself. If she has she'll know its no fun once the griping stomach pains start so will probably listen.

  • I switched to a high fibre diet, and now I always go pretty soon after getting up in the morning, which suits me fine because I am a morning runner.

    Don't know if it'd work for everyone, but it has for me.

    Wholemeal bread, fruit'n'fibre, jacket spuds, baked beans, etc, less red meat and more fish or chicken, plenty of fresh veg - it isn't a bad diet!

  • I've never suffered from this when running but i do suffer with IBS. Word of advice - if you put your feet on a stool or small box when you're sat on the loo, you can more effectively empty your bowel which may help prevent it happening on your run.

  • Put your feet on a stool <snigger> sorry.
  • LOL

    but good advice

    this can happen even after you have had a decent poo


  • kaybee wrote (see)
    Put your feet on a stool <snigger> sorry.
    I know Kaybee - I was desperately trying to think of any word other than stool but my mind was empty so I just had to go for it...
  • Well, the first half marathon went without even a trace of needing the loo - thank god!  Not sure if cutting out all dairy produce the week before was anything to do with it or it was maybe all down to luck and being taken in by all that was happening with the race - who cares, I managed it and without needing the loo so a great bonus to be had there!

    If you suffer like I do, try cutting out dairy produce before a race, see if it helps.



  • Weirdly I don't get this on the treadmill but if I run outside I need bushes and tissue. Only started happeneing a few weeks ago.
  • Why don't you plan your runs so you are passing your house around the 3 mile dodgy time - that way you can nip in to your own loo, do your business (sorry, sounds like I'm talking to a dog), then carry on running. 
  • I had exactly the same problem when I ran a lot. I adopted a bush on my route. The bush was called Georgeimage
  • I feel with you, Stu. I used to nip into a certain potato field to loose my weapon of mash destruction.
  • LOLimage that is funny you daft taterimage
  • Well there are loose stools and loose stools but advising someone to pass their house goes too far imo
  • I need to go whilst running have stomach like cramps but also blood in stool, does anyone else suffer with this?

  • You may have haemorrhoids. If you have blood in your stool regularly, then you should see a doctor.

    Oh and thank you!!

    The next time my dog takes a dump in the street and a neighbour complains, I'm going to blame the local running club...
  • Steve C you made me lol. Did everyone else miss that one?

    Just to put the cat among the pigeons so to speak I have exactly the opposite problem and cant go at all when I know I've got a run coming up especially when it's a race. It's definately stress related and like you guys I also suffer from IBS but for me running with a bloated tummy and feeling heavy is as bad as needing to go mid race!

    I've actually found that cutting out bread helps me a lot with the IBS and the stress and makes me more regular all round.
  • I have IBS and the squirts when I do challenge events or even just a long walk. I also get stomach cramps due to trapped wind. I've been to doctor, watched my diet, etc.

    I also have bouts of migraines. Both issues you read about diet triggers and abt keeping a food diary. Truth is it rarely helps. There can be many minor and major triggers. Catch one miss most of them and you're not any better off.

    IBS is not a diagnosis but a catch all phrase when they don't know what is the cause.

    My doctor told me it is safe to take immodium frequently if you have an issue. A lot take it the morning of a race.

    Milk is often claimed as a cause. Cutting it out is one option. Before you do try using only uht milk for a while. Abt 1-1.5 years and then try putting normal milk into your diet. It is a trick that worked for me and others I know. Only something like 10% are actually milk intolerant. Although the figure who claim it are a lot higher.
  • James, I have the same. Cramps, blood and mucus in stools (sorry!) I have ulcerative colitis so worth speaking to gp? Lanky lad , I agree, have tried keeping food diary so often and got nowhere. I am panicking about marathon next month bc no telling if it will be a good day or a bad day!!!
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