How do you prevent a massacre in your lady garden?

Just wondering how other ladies manage to prevent things getting sore when on the bike.

I've tried shorts with thin padding, shorts with alot of padding and a padded seat and nothing seems to be making much of a difference.

So..what do you do?



  • HTFU

    goes for wimmin and men
  • Sorry - just had to look in 'massacre' indeed !

    Are your bars low enough ? If they are too high - then all your weight is on your saddle - if the balance is right then only 2/3 of your weight is on it.

    You can get chamois cream - Wiggle do something called Saddle Butter or something. Thats meant to be good.
  • NamNam ✭✭✭
    it gets better...  there comes a point after a few hours when the whole region goes numb...  LOL
  • NamNam ✭✭✭

    butter??? imageimage

    rancid lady garden on a hot day... image

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    My favourite thread title ever.

  • Actually, I think my bars are a bit too far forward (or my seat too far back) and so alot of pressure is going through the front bits. Maybe that's what's doing it.

    I like the idea of saddle butter though....image
  • Change your saddle.  Definately avoid thickly padded shorts and padded seat covers, as they will tend to 'bunch'. 

    Saddles are individual things, what works for one person may not 'fit' someone elses.  But it yours isn't working then try a new one, give is at least 5 rides of increasing duration to get used to it.

    Regular cycling will help too, part of it just comes from time in the saddle.

  • flips - have you ever had a proper bike fit done?? go talk to your LBS and see if they can do one for you - they might charge but it could pay dividends in the long run

    and HTFU
  • I'm not sure I want my bits toughening up - callouses and hard skin doesn't sound too appealing!

    Do most bike shops allow you to buy a saddle and swap it after a few days if it's not right for you?

  • Sounds like a good plan FB - both parts!!!!!!
  • NamNam ✭✭✭

    don't add any padding on the saddle like these Tesco spin gel saddle things... is carp!

    the Specialized Body Geometry ones for girls seem to be received well.

  • botty butter in fact image

    also know as assos chamois cream, or the ozone one is very good.

    Have a look at wiggle, usually about 10 quid a tub. Last you 3-4 months!

    Well worth it

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    I was expecting horror stories of waxing gone wrong imageimage

  • flips - you won't develop callouses or anything like that by doing the HTFU method. you just endure miles of discomfort until you get used to it and the discomfort just goes into the background - never goes away but gets tolerable........

    finding a saddle that's right for you may take a lifetime - if ever - as everyone has a different anatomy so what suits someone else may cause you agony. and many wimmin don't get on with wimmin specific saddles - my missus for one - she hates them.......

    but get the bike fit done and see what happens. not all shops will lend saddles to try and frankly, unless you can try for a good length of time, you may learn nothing. if you buy and don't like it - there is always e-bay!
  • Saddle - make sure you have one with cut outs if it's your bits that are suffering,  There are plenty to choose from.  You might need to try a few before you settle on the one that suits you.  (I'm up to 4 tried and tested and discarded so far)

    Position is crucial.  Make sure that the height and reach is good so that you aren't shifting in your seat as you pedal.  And that the saddle is horizontal.  You need it to be as level as possible.

    Vaseline / body butter up beforehand.  Prevent the chaffing before you start.

    Good fitting shorts - I cycled yesterday with new tri shorts with no 'cushioning' and was fine in the chaffing department.  Compare that to last weekend wearing my winter bike tights which are well padded but are now too big for me - oooh raw and hurty just because they were shifting underneath me.  I was sudocreming big time afterwards. 

    But as others have said HTFU.  That doesn't mean calluses.  It means getting your body used to being on the bike for longer periods which you can only do by going out for longer. 


    Brilliant stuff. Use liberally. Helps with HTFU.

  • The glass is half full and all that..

    If you're sticking a glass in there that may be part of the problem.

  • Ride for less than 300miles at a time and don't wee in your shorts!  

    I've only twice had a serious problem, once at bala riding a new saddle and last weekend. Usually I use either assos chamios cream or any random nappy cream - trick is to be generous with it.

    I think my problem last week was a combination of riding for a very long time, not reapplying cream often enough and not having put my tri bars in the right place - I did think about stopping to move them after the first 100miles but though it was a lot of faff!

    Saddle makes a massive difference. As others have said, you want a hole in it or I'm thinking about trying one of the ones with a completely open front althoguh not sure if that might just move the problem.
    Specialised Body geometry are the best I've found so far.

  • Surgical spirit toughens things up doesnt it - or is that for feet ?


  • Flips!  That's mad, I was going to start a thread saying exactly the same thing - ie, bits sore, ow, how to prevent, lol.  Went on my first road bike yesterday for 45 miles and oh Jesus, the pain!  But not just in the lady bits the back area too.  It was not fun.  Why do people do it!  Will sex ever be the same again?
  • That's exactly what happened to me pingupongu! My first long ride on Saturday and my bits are stinging like hell - even showering is a shock!!!!
  • Erm, when I said the back area I meant the back.  As in, the lumbar bit on your back! image
  • You went on Saturday and they still hurt!  Dear god.  I couldn't wee when I got home.  image

  • Flips

    Next time we get together remind me to tell you about the state of my lady garden after LEJOG image 

    After a while, nothing worked image


  • sounds more like a friction burn which may indicate that you are moving around too much in the saddle?

    Get the bike set up checked firstly,  secondly as Nam suggested work on your core,  thirdly dont do too much too soon and build up gradually and use any of the previously mentioned ointments ...

    I use tri shorts with very little padding and nothing else.
  • I smear myself with vaseline and that definitly helps. I only use it on the longer rides now as I'm trying to HTFU.

    I finally started going commando style a few weeks back and that definitely makes a big improvement.

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