Foxy Follower!



  • I don't mind foxy woxy's

    They certainly don't scare me - I fink dey are cute and cuddly and shootable if they eat chickens

    That way, you get chook and fox for dinner  image

  • Fox on the Run was by Manfred Mann, released by RCA.

    It was the 60's as well....

  • Saddened to hear they had gun's for wolves Fell as they don't attack humans unless we attack then first. But on a lighter note know why that Badger didn't run off Wilkie. They are well hard and I wouldn't advise anyone to try & play with them. image

    PO if you start beating things with stick you will go across my knee young lady. imageimage

    <Wildlife geek slinking back into his corner>

  • The rifles were to make a bang and scare 'em. There were supposed to be bears in the area as well, so I guess they felt justified.

    I did the Glacier Point race in Yosemite afew winters ago. At one point I was being tracked by a mountain lion. I never saw it - just  heard it and saw the tracks crossing ahead of me.

  • On a 'cute' note-

    Was with a school trip in Dorset last month and we were followed for over a mile by a kitten ( ahhh!) Course the kids were besotted and wouldnt leave it alone and it just wouldnt go away. On arriving at a Coutry Park we handed it over to the wardens ( we also had 2 dogs with us- bit dopey; they were both greyhounds and didnt see it!) The wardens had seen it before at the entrance to the park and said they would take it back.

    Sure enough - about 3 hours later on our way back it spotted us again heading home.

    We told the kids to leg it & luckily no one decided to take it home.

    On another pointless note - my mate has badgers in his garden and would love to get rid of them ( you arent allowed to). When the badgers move off for their vacaton the foxes move in and make even more of a mess. Its a mystery why they chose his garden - his wife hates animal life; they are in the middle of a housing estate and their garden isnt that big. Reckon they do it just to annoy her. Said they should get Bill Oddie in and charge a fortune!

  • Cakey - promise?  I can find a foxy woxy right now  image
  • image If you want leave the poor foxy alone and I'll just tan your backside anyway? image
  • Naw it's more fun with a foxy woxy
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