Who will win - Hamilton or Hoy

No not Sports Personality - in any other year would be a shoe-in for Hamilton but in Olympic year has to be an Olympian. Nothing against Lewis but being paid millions is his reward, the Olympians are paid nothing, although will have got some endorsements.

 Anyway back on topic, I am talking about THE race. The Race of Champions is at Wembley in December. The event pitches drivers from different disciplines e.g. F1, Rally, Touring cars against each other on what is best described as a giant scalextric circuit. They lay it on the Wembley pitch.

 However as part of the entertainment before the main event, Hamilton is going to drive his F1 car around and then take on Hoy in a race. Him in the McLaren and Hoy on his bike !!

Not sure how they will work it to even it up but should be great fun. Perhaps they should do it on cumulative time over two races and make Hoy drive the car and Hamilton ride the bike for the second race. Mind you Hamilton would win that hands down because I don't think Hoy could get his thighs into an F1 car !! image

 The really good news is that I already have tickets for the event, although it might mean me running a PB in the Bedford half marathon that morning to make sure I get there in time for this challenge.

 Also apparently the two are travelling up from Wembley to Liverpool together for SPOTY later that evening. At least I hope they travel together because that would be a nice touch. 



  • Don't know, it's not happened yet.
  • Big Chris Hoy to beat the tax exile. 

  • Has to be Hoy!!!

  • it will be Hamilton

    hoy only rides a bike

  • I reckon Hamilton can ride a bike too.
  • Post changed as completely misunderstood question.
  • but can hoy drive an F1 car?
  • Don Minquez wrote (see)
    I reckon Hamilton can ride a bike too.

    Don't be silly.

    That's why he wimped out of the triathlon challenge.image

  • Hamilton is just a stupid trumpted up spoilt twat in my opinion.
  • Who just so happens to be good at what he does.
  • I didnt mention anything as to whether he was good or not, yes he is certainly good. 

    In my opinion hes a stupid trumpted up spoilt twat whos good at F1

  • Besides, who's to say there aren't 100's of people better than him, its not like racing cars or F1 are very representative sports
  • Don't fully understand your irritation. He had a supportive dad, doesn't mean he's spoilt.
  • I wasnt and am not irritiated, I was passing a comment of clarification that I recorgnise that he is good.

    In my opinion hes a stupid trumpted up twat whos good at F1 image

  • BB - clearly you ain't keen on Hamilton, I was wondering what he had done to make you hold such a strong opinion.

    Without knowing the circuit it is hard to know who will win. They should get them to race peddle powered go karts round the Sports Personailty set,  my money would tehn be on Hoy.

  • They don't seem to have such good cross sport fun challenges on Sports Personality any more. I think they should have one this year where sports people take it in turns to punch Amir Khan on the chin, this would allow us to see his potential to take a punch and who from other sports can pack a good punch.

    They could start off with Hamilton (cause he looks a little bit leight weight), progress to a swimmer, maybe then a runner, then perhaps Hoy (knock-out), then top it all with a darts player.

  • Maxpower - now that is a suggestion image

     I am sure they will have to handicap it somehow to make a race of it so we'll see.

     Hamilton does seem to have garnered some negative comments in some circles. Not sure why. He seems a decent enough person to me .

     Yes he lives in Switzerland but I think that is to avoid being pestered every time he leaves the house. Plus it is boring so he doesn't get distracted image

     He has made some mistakes but is still inexperienced and at least he hasn't taken to deliberately driving people off the race course like a certain Herr Schumacher did (and Mr Senna on one occasion).

     Any other year he would have been my vote for SPOTY but this year I genuinely believe it should be an Olympian and actually probably will vote for Hoy (three time Gold Medallist) as opposed to say Adlington (2 times) or Ainslie (three successive Olympics)

  • Brooks - tough call between the 3 Olympians you mention. I think I may vote for Adlington but I suspect Hoy will win.

    Hamilton does come across a bit brash and arrogant at times but he is a young guy in a very competitive environment, and to me he ain't that bad. I ain't much of F1 fan so wouldn't vote for him, though his record is very impressive.

  • John Sargeant to take em both from behind...image
  • I'm with Barley. Hamilton is a spoilt trumped up twat who happens to have a rich family that have supported him to get him where he is.  I'm certain that if every kid had the chance to do F1, probability says there would be hundreds better than him.  Unlike say football, where the best kids generally are the ones that are where they are.

    Also, he is avoiding tax on his massive earnings by living where he does.  Why should he have our support?

  • Brooks - do you believe that there is a minor coincidence in your theory, that Switzerland happens to be a tax haven?!

  • Coops - didn't the olympics show that we can only do well at sports that need money, such as riding bikes and sailing/rowing boats - how accessible are these sports to most kids? I am not sure how rich Hamilton's parents are but at the end of the day he has taken his opportunity and has shown a high degree of skill and focus to become world champion. On the basis of what I have seen on TV he doesn't appear to be a twat, unlike Andy Murray.

    I do think the move to Switzerland is a piss take and maybe he should not be eligible for SPOY based on his exile status.

  • If my parents had bought me a Finn class boat I would probaly now have 4 olympic gold medals and not be dicking around on the internet when I should be working. Alternatively, if they had bought me a proper tennis racket rather than the £1.99 aluminium one from ASDA I would be better than Nadal. Ok the Williams sisters had no money but my Dad point blank refused to clear the local tennis court of dog shit just so I could become a future Wimbledon champion - I might just report him to child line.
  • I see your point, but not sure I agree about the tennis bit!  My point is not that Hamilton is a worthy World Champion, it is more that how many people does he REALLY need to be better than?  (that is, how many people get into such a sport).
  • Well... Who really cares? I don't. Not really, anyway. I'm more concerned about finding a cure for your Aids, Coops.
  • I think most teenagers today are into that sport Coops.............haven't you been out onthe roads in an evening...............most teenagers seem to be practising for a Grand Priximage

    many more doing that than playing football now

  • Seren Nos, er... Is that a fact? 

  • Coops - in this country tennis is an elitist sport and Murray/Henman both come from well off backgrounds (maybe even more wealthy than Hamilton but not sure). Go take a look down the local tennis club and you won't see many chavvy kids (on second thoughts don't go down the tennis club looking at kids you might get arrested).

    The rich have more opportunities, it sucks but that is life. Doesn't make Hamilton a twat though.

    By the way sorry to hear about the Aids, hope it clears up soon

  • CYcling isn't really that expensive a sport.    I do some coaching (sport) and cycle training (on road stuff) in schools including some of the most deprived inner city areas and most kids have access to a mountain bike or BMX - there's a national standard BMX track they can use for free plus free coaching, there are roads they can train on for free, there are woods and tracks they can train on for free.   Yes you can spend a few grand on a carbon bike but it isn't necessary.  There are barriers to kids getting into competitive cycling but cost isn't a major one.

    I'm not sure if Hamilton had a rich family - I thought not - but for me his move abroad for tax reasons is enough for me not to vote for him.   I think him appearing on children in need is a pisstake when if people like him didn't avoid paying tax there would be enough to fund services without the need for charity.  

  • Whether chavvy kids take it up or not, I would say there is more opportinuties in tennis than there is in motor racing. 

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