• Just the best half no wonder it sells out so early every yearimage well done all involved .Great Day

  • It was a cracker too image
  • Just want to say a big thanks to the organisers. Wasn't able to run the race itself as I had my kids unexpectedly and my fella was entered too. However, the race organisers were very understanding and allowed me to run the route before the race and kindly gave me a goody bag and medal for my efforts. Much appreciated image

  • image What a great race image
  • As good as I remembered and Doug's memory/legacy in safe hands. Not the time I wanted (ran with son who was carrying an injury) but just the most enjoyable route. One small build for next year guys...Will you please flag the water stations in advance? Best medal yet. Thanks for a great day, well worth the three hour journey each way
  • Enjoyed it but one of the worst `goody` bags and a shame we started so late. Standing out there in the sun for so long waiting was unfortunate. Found it tough going in the heat but pleased with my time.
  • I loved the venue and thought it was well organised and for £15 I thought it was fantastic value. I got chatting to someone for almost the first 7 miles which was a great distraction.

    The showers afterwards were a great plus - except I think the 'privacy' glass was misleading!  I couldn't see through it to the outside...but when I'd finished it was pointed out to me that everyone could see in.

  • The showers we used in the men's were okay both sides, maybe it's different for girlsimage £15 for a race, three lots of water, drinl at the end, pen, bar and goody bag seems like good value for me. Bag good for kit etc. and not loaded with loads of leaflets.  VFM in my book and actually unexpected. Son wasn't chuffed with his time but surprised to see he'd done well in his category. He'll defintely be back, if for no other reason than to improve on time before his category changes.image
  • I thought it was a great race too although I pushed myself a little too hard & spent the journey home & much of the evening vomitting!!

    Agree with the 'goody' bag moan  -cereal bar alone would have been better than packaging it in a giant carrier bag & shame only the speedier runners got jelly babies & squash.  

    Excellent venue -couldn't believe I was overtaken by the flower before we even got to the dam wall....

  • Camlo wrote (see)

     -couldn't believe I was overtaken by the flower before we even got to the dam wall....

    Me too!!   I didn't see his number to find out what time he did but saw him at the end and he looked remarkably fresh.
  • Well I was under 1.55 & he was in front of me......
  • I saw the chap without his costume at the JCB 5 miler in Staffordshire last month and he was well in front of me and i finished in 34 mins on a hilly course in very heavy rain.
  • SC - The `goody bag` is supposed to contain `goodies` not just be a good bag! Inside there was one cereal bar, a pen and an asics leaflet. We also got a medal. Yes it was really nice to have bottled water (although I wish races could do mini bottles to save so much waste) and it is a lovely place to run but £17 ain`t cheap. You don`t usually have to pay £9 (?) for a t-shirt; they`re usually free!
  • Great race.  Yes not cheap, but much better value than the GNR. I would prefer the fantastic scenery of this race any day, than the dual carriageway running of the GNR. 

    (Camio and misfit), the flower finished in a time of 1:42:42

  • The jelly babies were lovely image

    The race was superb but the goody bag was just pointless. It somehow detracted from the race but it's a minor point at the end of the day.

  • great day as usual at vyrnwy, nice weather , and views and even though i hadent run for months the place and people made it all great , exept the last water station was almost  out of water. i finished in 2 hours 15 ish so a personal worst ( to be expected as i only got given the place on thursday the 10th of sept, and i had not run for months and months ) Thanks to eveyone on the day who helped organize this fantastic run.
  • I spoke to the 'sunflower' after the race, he finished about 400 metres in front of me, without the costume he says his half time is normally 1.15-1.20. Very impressive.
  • A fantastic day, agree on goody bag, which was a little limp. towards end the thought of the goody bag (have paid £17) pushed me on a little (yes i am shallow)  to a 1.33 finish for my first Hm.

    Did see a couple of ambulances, hope everyone was ok, any news?

  • A great day, my first half marathon. Managed 1 hr  56mins which I was pretty happy with. Got the bug so am now looking at potential races over the next year. Any recomendations?

  • I liked the way the spectators were caged at the end.image

    That t shirt was  a disgrace for £9 though, the printing is really poor and should have been rejected. But the names thing is a brilliant idea, more races should do it.

  • I really liked the T shirt, thought it was good value
  • Glad everyone enjoyed it, personally i thought this years event was by far the best half marathon ive ever done!

    cant wait till next year !
  • Did you get the time you were chasing Ashley?
  • It's quite a nice race, but I found it tough going having run only a handful of times in the three months preceeding it.

    Unsurprisingly I ran out of steam at 11miles, but still finished in a reasonable (for me) time.

    I would be happy, in some cases, if all races charged for T'shirts and then this money being ploughed into the race charity.

    But I know not everyone feels the same.

    I may be back next year, I may not (as I'm getting married that weekend), but will probably do it again in the future.

  • That's bad planning you miserable bleeder! You can't be that miserable with those suggestions tho! Have a great year's running and if we see you there we'll know to expect a divorce quite soon!
  • No Divorce, but I may get a nice new patio image
  • Does anybody know if this race is going ahead this year (2010)? I can't find any information on the net! I loved everything about the 2009 race - later than usual start, great scenary, great support etc!
  • Have a look on the Oswestry Olympians Website

    The entry form is now available.

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