Get the urge

When out on a run and you spot a fellow runner ahead does anyone else get the urge to catch up with said runner and pass them even if they are faster than you?

 I unfortunately had did last night. Spoted him with about 1.5 to go of my 5 mile route. Took a while to catch up but with about 3/4 mile to go I did it. All pleased with myself until I realised I'd have to keep this pace up. Didn't feel I could slow down as I would have felt like a mug if he then passed me. Almost killed me.

On the plus side though it was the fastest 5miles I'd ever run. image



  • No - i don't get that urge.  I'd end up looking a prat and having to hide behind a tree to get my breath back. image     Well done for giving it a go.
  • Had to laugh when this happened to me on my bike. A couple of cyclists overtook me, having obviously chased me down. Unfortunately, by the time they caught me up, they were blowing hard and I was able to tuck on the back and freewheel ostentatiously in their slipstream for a mile or two.

    Unfortunately, they eventually decided to lose me by running a red light, which was fairly dumb, especially as I was turning left at that junction whereas they were going straight on...

  • Erm not wanting to me sexist here image but i find that if i overtake a male runner, they always always then overtake me a few minutes later - like they cant stand a woman running faster than them.

    may i just clarify that i am not exactly Paula radcliffe so any bloke i overtake tends to be of the newbie or slower variety... but still they put on a spurt and overtake me.  on Sunday this happened about 6 times with the same runner who had to keep stopping dead after he had overtaken me to get his breath back, at which point i then overtook him and so the whole thing went on!

  • Mrs m you should be ashamed of yourself thats a very sexiest thing to say but its a fair point and well made. I think I would try and overtake you if you'd overtaken me but unlike the bloke I'd probably have given up after the 2nd time and let you get on with it.image

  • I find that the chaps are (generally) more competitive.

    I run with a man who cannot keep up with me the whole way round our run.  The other night he got LOST because he was so far behind, and I had to go back for him.

    However, when the club hoves into view he manages to summon up enough speed to ensure that he gets there before me!

  • I don't feel the need to overtake other runners but i do feel the need to speed up if i see another runner, then i slow down again when they're out of sight and catch my breath image

    Mrs W

  • Mrs W - I do that as well. I also try not to look out of breath so they think I must be really fit but I think the red face might give me away a bit

  • A similar thing happened last night. There was a female runner (not that the sex matters) who was around 400-500 metres ahead down the road as my running partner (female) and I were on a quick pace run. I said to my partner as we were running that I always felt a little embarrassed passing someone (which we did), conversely at the end she felt it gave her confidence in catching and passing someone!!

    On another morning as we began a slower run a man came past us at a decent speed saying "Morning" as he did so, well I yelled out the words "F*ck me!!" as he scared me shitless!!

    I dont suppose it matters.

  • Not really in training. I'll sometimes tag onto somebody if they are only running slighty faster an then share the laod as it were to helop us both run faster.

     In a race then obviously. Gender doesn't matter. I had this experience with a lady in a race on Tuesday. I tend to find that ladies are much better at even pace whereas I struggle uphill and let fly downhill.

     So this lady and I had swapped places a few times, went past her downhill and then she got me uphill. The last 1.5 miles were downhill or flat and I set out in pursuit. She had a good pace by then but finally caught her about 1/2 of a mile from the line. She did try and stay with me (quite successfully ) for a while but in the last 1/4 mile I kicked on.

     Waited for her at the end of the funnel and shook hands. Do the same with the guys though and wouldn't have worried me if she had beaten me. So long as the better runner wins ... 

  • No, I run against time, not against other people.

    I have no qualms about being overtaken in a race, so I don't feel any level of competition out running.

  • Other runners tend to be running the other way, am I going the wrong way!

    I've only done it once when I was out running with my bother. We had just ran up this really big hill (really big, it goes up in steps so it's really like three). So we were having a bit of a jog to get over it. When this chap runs past looking very strong and says 'Good evening'. I say Hello but my bother looks gutted his and is quite upset this chap has past him. He says 'I'm having him' and is off. This was on mile 3 of my 5 mile run. Que me trying to running try to chase down me bother because I didn't want to be running alone. I did see the nice chap again. I did chase down my bother but only 100m from the end of the run.

  • Don't really care if people overtake me when I'm out running, they do it in races so why not training runs?

    When we were out on Tuesday we (me and two male running friends) were catching up to a couple of blokes, they only realised when we were about 20 meters behind them, and picked up the pace. Considering we hadn't sped up to catch them, they were going to burn out at some point. Lo and behold, a bit further up the path they stopped and pretended to be looking at the scenery (whilst gasping for breath)

    Also had a woman spot me behind her, again I was catching up to her. I was about 2 miles into a 20-mile run so wasn't speeding up for anyone. Once she spotted me she picked up the pace, and kept looking back to see if I was still there. She then disappeared into a house after about half a mile of running away.

    I've been the overtaker and the overtakee on runs and in races, there's always someone both faster and slower than you.

    I sometimes try to race cars crawling along in rush hour if that counts? image

  • I tend to find other runners are going in the opposite direction.

    I did have a lady during the GSR where we kept overtaking eachother so in the end I thought stuff it and trailed her which helped me keep and even pace

  • I'm always going the 'wrong way' as well.. I tend to run laps of my local park and go anti-clockwise (i think!!) is that not the done thing in running?? image
  • Never really thought about it but the route I do is a loop and I go anti-clockwise as well. Are we breaking some sort of running unspoken running rule?

  • I def find anti clockwise more natural, dunno why.

     I'll sometimes speed up if i see other runners, but this tends to be if I'm coming the the end of the run or a rep, thus I pass them and then stop (usually panting if i've just sped up) now I'm thinking they probably think i sprinted cos of them and then couldn't hack the pace!

  • You mean there are other people who run, I always supposed they magically appeared at the club and races, can only have seen half a dozen people running -when by myself-  in 3 years of running.

    That said I do try and hunt down every single walker and cyclist I see, doesn't matter how far away or fast they are going I'll give it a go.

  • a few months ago I parked my car at the same time as a largish bloke. I said good morning as we were the only two people in the middle of nowhere, but he didn't reply. So I got my dog and headed off. After less than two kilometres he came thundering by on a downhill stretch all chest out and overstriding and ignored me again.

    Round about the two kilometre mark the route goes uphill - sometimes steeply - for another three kilometres. So I bided my time - I knew I'd be seeing him again.

    And there he was just round the first bend. I'm no speedster but I train on hills a lot, so really he was an easy target. I said a cheery good morning as I toodled uphill and was ignored for the third time. But I could hear him coughing and spitting behind me so I got to feel smug and I think justice had been done. I think the fact I'm under 5 feet (and a girly) must have upset him. LOL!

    He must have turned back because he certainly didn't make it to the top. But I got to overtake him again on the way back - although I admit I went eyeballs out after him when he came into sight so I could get to the car first.

    So a good training run all round then.

    I very rarely 'race' on training runs but I thoroughly enjoy teaching twonks like him a lesson.image

  • I have the same problem D2D, on my route, the first 1/2 - 1 mile is all uphill. Not a huge hill to be fair but still an uphill struggle (pardon the pun image ) and then I wonder why I'm struggling so early on in my run and thinking I'm rubbish at running and should take up something a bit less strenuous.  I probably could go a different way, but it does make the end of my run that much easier image

  • haha something like that D2D

     First rule of running unspoken running club is we don't speak about running unspoken running rules image

  • exactlyimage

  • I love nothing better than burning off another doesn't happen too often so you have to savour it. And sexist or not I love overtaking blokes.

    In races I've spent hours chasing doddering pensioners and people with limps so I've learnt to never underestimate the competition (or overestimate myself!)

    Think running brings out your competitive side. I know I'll never come 1st but even if your 11,452nd I'd be gutted if I'd be chasing someone for the last 1/2 mile. Why not practice a few race tactics on training runs if you get the chance?

    I'll admit I took my competitve streak slightly too far in a recent physio class when I nearly fell over trying to win the walking-backwards-as-fast-as-you-can-manage bit. I also tend to get a bit frenzied on the exercise bikes and trampettes...most of the others have crutches so it's easy to be the fittest there!!

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭
    I usually run at below 70% working heart rate (8:45-9:00 min/mile) and often get over-taken ... never worries me as I know I can run alot faster on race day.
  • Well it may not worry you Mr Dan but I don't like it and today I became the chasee not the chaser. Unfortunately, for him I was coming to the end of my run. So turned it on when he got close. bl00dy killed me though. Will I never learn.image

     BTW like your style Ra-ra. Keep up that competitive streak. Crutches or no crutches win at all costs

  • I do use other runners as a target on the track to keep my mind on the job in hand if I'm pushing on a bit. Although there was a lady there last night, she spent two of my laps messing with her ipod, she did a lap where I passed her twice doing all manner of warm ups, that sideways running and kicking heels up to hands on rear thing that footballers do, another two of my laps with the ipod again and then I passed her three times in my next 14 or so laps.  To be fair she was still going when I left after I'd done 8 miles but that pace IS my warm up. She was a great target though, keep going, pass her in the next two laps etc
  • I generally don't set out to overtake other runners i see but i refuse to stop running to matter how knackered i am if i see people coming the other way.

     Vanity is a wonderful thing!

  • I must admit I cant resist 'hunting down' a runner up ahead.....Im a sucker for itimage ......and as for having someone behind me getting closer and closer I cant let them get by me....I have to up the pace and put some distance between us, or at least try to.

    I annoy myself at times because of the way I behave but I cant help itimage

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