This is very embarrassing...

Since this is all anonymous, I can post this.

I ran a race at the weekend, well known for being quite tough.  However, I was determined to get a respectable time so I pushed myself more than I would probably usually do.  And as I crossed the finish, I really had to fight the urge to burst into tears. (This is so embarrassing.)  I swear, I suddenly had a lump in my throat and my bottom lip started trembling, and although I didn't actually blub I'm sure I came fairly close.

What the hell is going on here?  Has running turned me into a big girl's blouse?  (The last time I cried was when I fell off my bike and scraped my knee when I was seven.)

If you're going to take the mick, go easy on me.  The way things are going, you might make me cry...



  • Pippi LSPippi LS ✭✭✭
    I get like that at the end of a race too! But I am a big girl's blouse. Still feel a bit daft about it though ...
  • <Checks that there's no-one he knows in here> image


    I blubbed at the end of the Dublin marafun a couple of years ago.  Not because I'd done well but because I'd done so badly and was so upset with myself.

  • I had to choke back tears the last time I ran the London Marathon when I reached Big Ben.

    I did have an excuse though as I'd just run up to my young son who was standing in the crowd waving and shouting to me having been let out of St Thomas's hospital for a couple of hours after he'd been admitted the previous evening with a temperature.

    Best sight in the world that was.

  • Mr S sobbed a bit at his first Mara (Dublin). 

    He cried again when I dragged him round Penney's... I wasn't missing out on bargain retail therapy!  image

  • Same for me, I find finishing a race a pretty emotional experiance, and anyone who knows me would tell you I am about as far from an emotional person as you can get!!!
  • TwoTinNicTwoTinNic ✭✭✭
    Im more surprised youve not cried since you were 7!! I cry at tv adverts im such a woose...yet have never cried after a race...hmmimage
  • Raggedstaff, i love your post.    Normally i'm a very emotional person. When i did my first marathon, Paris this year, i quite expected to burst into tears as i crossed the finish line, but i didn't, I got a very stupid fit of the giggles instead  image
  • Oh don't be worrying about a few tears. Its a good emotional release when you've put so much into something, and the end is suddenly in sight!!! I think it is good when blokes admit they cry occasionally (or often!).....tears are natural. I'd rather have a blub that spend my life trying not too. Who cares?!

    As a women I cry at anything though. The FLM was an emotional rollercoaster for me this year, esp when I thought I was going to take too long and they wouldn't give me a medal- i promptly ran up to my friends that were supporting and burst into tears...I was like a sobbing child, couldn't speak for tears and heaving breath, hahahahaha
  • As a Yorkshireman i obviously never cry.

    However, must confess I burst into tears when i got to Big Ben in the 2005 FLM and cried at the end of this years as well. Mixture of pain and relief i think.

  • Get out now you wuss, NRK! Yorkshirewomen don't cry either image

    *folds arms in Nora Batty style*

  • I can get tearful before, during and after races. Especially when someone is playing the theme from Chariots of Fire. How cheesy is that?image

    I get especially emotional for other people - when my training partner pulls a time out the bag for example, or gets round a course without walking (no offence to walkers, honest - despite my comments on the other thread...). Or when my OH does something that the doctors said he couldn't.
    I know how long it's taken them to get where they are now and how hard they've worked and I feel proud and humbled and I get soppy.

    Soppy cow that I am. LOL!

  • Im sorry, i realise im a disgrace to my county. image

    *goes and shouts at whippit*

  • Azacaya wrote (see)

    I can get tearful before, during and after races. Especially when someone is playing the theme from Chariots of Fire. How cheesy is that?image

    If it was 'What Have You Done Today To Make You Feel Proud', then that would be cheesy, and deserving quite frankly of a forum slap, however Chariots is classically emotional and therefore ok to cry like a girl at.

    I get a bit choked at people I know running for deceased loved ones, seeing t-shirts with 'For my Dad RIP' on etc image

  • Siance wrote (see)

    If it was 'What Have You Done Today To Make You Feel Proud', then that would be cheesy, and deserving quite frankly of a forum slap, however Chariots is classically emotional and therefore ok to cry like a girl at.

    I don't believe I know that ditty, so I suppose I should thank my lucky stars for that.image

    I quite like the idea of a forum slap though.image

  • good job none of you were at the end of last years GUCR! imageimageimageimage
  • I just listened to What Have You Done....etc etc.

    What a heap of horse shit. I may cry at that but with desperation.image

    Watcha do at GUCR Nick?

  • quite a lot of 'dust in my eyes'.......and sadly there wasa film crew there too
  • Here we are Azacaya...


    Heather Small's voice reminds me of Vic Reeves on Shooting Stars when he's doing that Guess The Song bit  image

  • You've ruined my day Siance.

    I was having a nice day until now.

  • I really like that song and it does bring tears to my eyes.............its mixed up with so many memories and achievements that it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy insideimage
  • image I try my best

    'Tis night time here, bats are flying outside my window.

    Off to bed now as I'm shattered... image  'nite x

  • image

    In that case, I er..... like it too...

    Dust in yer eye Nick? LOL!
    I cried scuba diving once. Smart arse with a camera took a photo of me with a 4 inch long snotter floating out my mask.image Hope he didn't put it on his Flickr page...

  • Hope you sleep well Siance.

    A certain earworm is certain to bugger up my beauty sleep. image

  • hmmm I don't cry but if I've sprinted for the line I have wee'd a bit.... is that just as embarrassing?
  • I cried last night because I thought my kitten had died but she was just lying in a bit of a funny position and very still. But she's fine and I am a plonker!! 
  • *whispers*

    I almost cried at the START of my marathon because I'd finally made the start line after two attempts! (DNS'd the first one)image

    I knew at the start that I was going to finish if it killed me. At the end there was probably no liquid left in my body for tears - I'd sweated it all out! image

    Camlo - I always feel as if I 'm going to wee my pants as I sprint for the line! It's the adrenaline release! image

  • I cry at the end of every marafun, pain I think, yep, definitely pain induced imageimage
  • When I fly (and I'm not afraid of flying) I often fill up a bit when the plane lands.

    I've never actually blubbed, but the potential is there!

    I've never cried at the end of race, but I did get a lump in my throat as I ran along the Embankment to Parliament Square when I did FLM a few years back. 

    My friend cried like a girl, though.  But then, she is a girl image

  • The last time I cried in a race was at a RfL back in 2005 or 6 (cheesy I know).  I'd spent the morning making my back sign with a picture of my grandmother on it who was going through treatment for breast cancer at the time.  I don't think I'd cried at all through her illness until that point, so it was probably a combination of the general emotion on the day and all the crying I hadn't done until that point.

    I agree with Shimmy though that it can also be pain induced - I remember a particularly intensive British Military Fitness class when I'd only just started going, I was working so hard and getting so knackered I had to pretend that it was the rain washing down my face... image

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