IM Lanzarote 2015

I'm just going to do the one IM race, so I may as well make it a tough challenge. I don't have either the money or the time to do one next year so I'm going for a proper mid-life crisis and planning Lanza for 2015 when I'm 40.  Plenty of time to train, save up, and for the kids to grow up a bit and afford me a bit more training time at the weekend.

Three sprints to my name, crap swimmer, mediocre cyclist, mediocre runner (but trying to get a sub-4 mara out of the way ASAP.  I reckon, based on Pirate history, that qualifies me for an IM.

So who's with me (other than debbo)? Or are you busy that day?



  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    I might be busy that day, but I'll let you know
  • I might do Lanza in 2011, that means I will have the complete set of Euro IM's (Well apart from the UK one, but then again who wants to go to Bolton) image
  • GOM. - save it for 2015, and do a few non-European ones in the meantime. You must be able to fit one into a business trip...
  • In the immortal words of Robbie Williams, I dunno...yeah, probably.
  • Cool! Forget all that Bala campfire stuff - if you post it, they will come.

    Mind you, by then it'll be a chance for some of the current regulars to come out of retirement for one last shot at the big time before they move to Eastbourne. if it's not too late already.


  • Blimey - that is planning ahead ! I think I would have problems preparing for an event 5 years off. Might be up for it or might have retired before then.
  • lanza 2011 sounds interesting though.......
  • cougie - perfect comeback race!

    I like to plan. I'm better at writing training plans than I am at training.

  • Right, things to work on over the next 6 years:

    Swim more than a mile

    Swim in open water

    Cycle more than 25 miles

    Find some hills

    Get good in the heat (or at least able to survive)

    Get good in the wind (or at least able to survive)

  • I'll be able to race as a V50 image

    Squish says she'll do it too!

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    SVT - you can have five years of couchpotatodom before you need to start though!
  • Squish as well! Excellent!

    debbo - ah, but I can't plan properly for that (I don't know TV listings for the next 5 years). I'm thinking funds and training time will allow me a middle-distance race each year (if that's not cheating).

    And one of those WILL be Ben Nevis. What better way to prepare for the heat and hills of Lanza with the freezing cold and hills of Fort William in September?

  • i've been searching for a 300 week plan.  no luck so far. 
  • JD - give me a couple of days... image
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    SVT - at least FW will have similar wind levels

    Crashie - why don't I believe you about Squish and Lanza?
  • Sounds like a fun day out! image

  • debbo - what are saying about my intestines?
  • HO HO.

    A 5 year build up! I think you will find you need tripetalk. Next year is walking to shops, 2011 and 12 concentrate on sprints, 2013 olys 2014 a half (dont peak too soon) beofre IM in 2015

  • I was originally going to do my first IM in 2015 but decided my knees might not last that long............I might come out of retirement to do this one with my OH.........or to support him if I think this woould be good for him..........
  • I'm in


  • Bandwagon gaining momentum!

    And don't fear, this isn't a TripeTalk slow build-up plan. If my presence wouldn't be missed at the weekends and I could gather the funds I'd be doing it next year. If the dates work for Ben Nevis next year I'll do that, and it's practically a 3/4 IM (half distance, but the sea loch swim, off-road bike course and 'mildly undulating' run route seem to have an effect on the finishing times).

    If you see me going anywhere near an Oly, shoot me. Waaaay too much swimming for my liking.

  • Hmm 2015 - I'll be well into the 45-49 AG then I will either have retired or be making a comeback!
  • Its a bit short notice for me.
  • I also have seen the ben nevis off road half IM. 

    That looks reallly cool...........and I am seriously tempted by this as well next year.   

  • Foggy - well, it is going to be my only IM.

    But maybe I should start preparing for a comeback in 2025.

    OC - I would have gone for it this year but it was the one weekend of the year that my wife had booked away (more than a year in advance).  Grrrrr.

  • I think I got nothing to do that day on sure, why not? image

    I might have recovered from 2010's im if I get around to doing it ... and by 2015 I'll be 40 too ...

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Planning for a race in 2015 is madness !

    I'd just take one year at a time if I were you and see where that takes you.

  • TR - madness... and your point is? image
  • Anyway, I've got a cunning plan - train until 2014, then taper for a year.
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