what kit?

help, I plan to start running to improve my fitness but need to buy some running kit. I work in a shop that stocks some ronhill products so I would prefer to buy ronhill . I've not done ANY real running since I left school so I am totaly clueless when it comes to kit. Any advise would be apreciated


  • The most important piece of kit will be your running shoes, which should be comfortable and suited to your running style.

    At this time of year thin layers are best, so a long sleeved wicking top for those cooler days, a running vest or short sleeved wicking top for warm days. shorts or thin trackers complete the kit apart from socks.

    Good luck and you don't need to spend a fortune, look around for bargains and last years stock on sale.
  • Another thing to look out for at this time of year is the winter gear being sold off cheap - a waterproof and/or windproof jacket is a must for winter, also thicker tracksters or fleece lined tights and a thermal base layer, also woolly hat and thermal gloves. I think RH make most of these items. And don't forget the reflective bib for winter
  • not too sure about the tights, I always thought it was a criminal offence for men to wear lycra
  • and like I said in my first post I work in a shop that stocks some ronhill products so I can get stuff from ronhill pretty cheep, anyone got any ronhill reviews? what ronhill kit should I get?
  • Hi Marcus

    Most of my running kit is RonHill. Obviously not my shoes or socks but I've got RH running shorts, vest, and tracksters (thick ones and thin ones for different weather). My stuff's all girl shape though so exact products wouldn't help you. I've also got RH running gloves too.

    Have fun shopping!

  • I've treated myself to some of Ronhill's summer range (girly colours!!) but I couldn't believe how big the sizes are. I don't think I've ever had a size 10 top before! Don't know if the men's are also on the big side though.
  • thanks I'll try some on in the shop to get the size right befor I order anything, it might be that all the running has made you so slim that you've gone down a size
  • Marcus - men in lycra are fine! Ronhill tracksters with the waterproofing stuff is the bee's knees for wet winter runs. Oooo welcome to the wonderful world of running kit.
  • I'm sorry meerkat but your reputation proceeds you, your one of those pervy female runners who only runs as an excuse to look at scantily clad men :P
  • Great if you can get all 'the right stuff', but there is nothing wrong in a pair of shorts GOOD running shoes and a T shirt for summer months. Dangly Spice is bang on with the wet and windy days though. Lycra? Not too sure about that
  • any suggestions on which shorts?
  • Marcus - sad but true. Seriously though (ahem) I run in Hind shorts and love them (the girly ones). But Chimp is a recent convert to lycra, with baggier shorts worn over the top.
  • doesnt that get a bit hot? wouldnt want to bake my bits!!
  • Marcus - Light weight shorts, nothing heavy like rugby shorts. Meerkat. Why wear shorts over the lycra? Surely you lose aerodynamic benefits
  • hmmm been looking at the gear forums and lots of people seem to be having problems with chaffing whilst wearing shorts, is this a problem with all shorts or are there any anti-chaff shorts on the market?
  • Marcus, I used to run in 1980 (20 yr old-how time has passed) What I do remember about long runs is not so much the thighs but the nipples. I did half marathon in ordinary T shirt and by heck they were sore. Vasaline was no good. Saw a number of people putting plasters over them, wish I did. There was a problem with chaffing on upper thighs, but they toughened up as training for half marathan went on. Wasn't as big then as I am now though so don't know how I will fare now when I increase my distance
  • Marcus - I seem to remembet that Chimp goes for the lycra/baggy short combo and thereby acheives (1) no chafing (2) no startling sights for the ladies. He's a regular on the Mature thread, if you want to ask him.
    Grumps - LOVE the cymru dragon! God's own country!
  • I only married my hubby because years ago he used to have runners bottom (small and pert!) and ran in some VERY nice yellow/blue rhills. 15 years later (after numerous ops on a broken leg) he no longer runs and the same rhills fit my daughter!! Thank god for memories.
  • female runners are so shallow LOL
  • Hi. Meerkat alerted me to this thread. I do NOT wear baggy shorts over lycra. Who do think I am John Banes??

    No You need to wear lycra alone. The commando/not commando argument has yet to be resolved. I swing both ways.
  • So its a sturdy pair of under crackers for me!
  • Marcus,
    Much is written about kit and most of it is nonsense…motion control, technical super dry lightweight and breatherable tops, wicks?, gillets, micro fiber? All a load of marketing humbug. Good pair of Dunlop green flash, empire building shorts al la Eric Morecambe, standard Y fronts (optional) and a M&S string vest is all you need to run like the wind and drive the women crazy.
  • What a lovely picture you describe Mr Slazenger...

    Just wanted to add a thmbs up for Ronhill's wicking stuff. Better than most, lasts well, good value.
  • Marcus
    Nike do a pair of lycra shorts with the seams running across the body (left to right from inside of leg to opposite side rather than back to front.) No Chafing ( research by Mr Fergalk)
    comfy running
  • I'd be too embarrased to go into work if any of the customers saw me in lycra, it just does not leave ANYTHING to the imagination, was thinking about getting some ronhill elite baggy shorts anyone tryed them?
  • That's why we love Chimp, marcus.
  • so what do you wear to run in, meerkat?
  • also does the pain in your bronchioles ( I hope thats how you spell it ) and lungs subside with time and practice?
  • *apologies in advance for the long post*

    I've not long been running myself, but for what it's worth I wouldn't worry *too* much about clothing, it's really not going to make a huge amount of difference you're just starting out! Spend most of your time choosing the right shoes, and you can build up your kitbag from there!

    I often run in normal footballers shorts which normal boxers underneath though I do have a pair of lined sports shorts (comfy and come halfway down my thighs) which i prefer to use. Personally not a fan of lycra, or incredibly 'short shorts'; I don't think i'll ever wear either!

    I wear various T-shirts, most just normal sports branded T-shirts, nothing special! In the cold I put a long sleave top underneath, maybe not as comfortable as some of these hi-tech jobbies you can get, but does the job. I've got one T-shirt that's like a breathable mesh which I prefer to wear as it's most comfortable (but can be bloomin' cold though!)

    I usually use just normal white socks! recently bought some running specific training socks and they're VERY comfy, i don't think they help me run any faster though! lol. Normal white socks are fine really.

    My current preferred running kit costs:
    Shorts - £4 (on sale@JJB)
    Top - £10 (at a bike show years ago)
    Socks - £6 (local running shop)
    Shoes - £50 (on sale@JJB)

    Perfectly happy and comfortable running in it as well :)
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