Macclesfield Half-Marathon

I've entered this race so that my mum can come along and see what "race day" is like.  It's a long journey for me (from Wiltshire) but a short journey for her (from Poynton).  Who'd have thought a man in his late 40s would enter a 13.1 mile race so that his dear old mum could experience how he spends quite a few of his weekends?

Anyway, enough about me.  Can anyone tell me about the course?  I hear there's some hills to look forward to...



  • I've got GNR the week before and English Half the week after. That weekend I've got to squeeze my last 20 miler in or I'd have done it! image

    I've got visions now of Mrs SGQ standing there, telling the person next to her "that's my son, you know - he does this for fun!" image

    I know it's a toughie, but they'll be others who will have more info than me. Good luck!

  • Try looking at the course profile on the race website.

    "Total Height Gain 293m", so not what you would call flat.

  • Liverbird - why not enter it and run 3.5 miles before and after it?!?!?!?

    You've obviously met my mum!

    afjt - I saw the profile, but my local half (Swindon) looks similar and isn't as bad as you think it is going to be.  Just wondering what people thought who had actually run it.

  • I am doing this one and it is only my 2nd half, I did Wilmslow earlier in the year and that is almost flat . Don't know how I am going to get on with the hills image. I think I am going to drive the course this week to see what I have let myself in for.... although it might be better not to know!

    Anyway good luck,

  • I did this one 2 years ago and the hills aren't as bad as it looks. From memory there are 3 major hills. There was a long steady incline about 3 miles in and then a short very steep one at 6-7 miles. Can't remember the 3rd so couldn't be that bad.

    Travelled from Birmingham for it and didn't regret it - would recommend.

  • Might do. What`s the organisation like?
  • Doing this race for the 5th year running now. My personal favourite HM. Organisation usually very good with enjoyable finish on the athletics track.

    The hills aren't that bad and there are plenty of downhill sections to counter the uphill bits. Overall I'd say the course is about 1 to 2 mins slower than Wilmslow.

    The final hill is the worst as it's the longest. The earlier ones are steeper but only short bursts. At mile 10 you exit I think it's Birtles Lane and run a short section along the main A537 but then turn left onto Whirley Lane. It's not very steep but it's a continual climb for 2 miles which really saps the legs and makes it difficult for a really stong last mile. 

  • I've run Macc half a couple of times before and I'm going to do it this year too.  It's a hilly course but not the hilliest half I've run.  It's a nice race to do, much more bearable than the Newcastle half which was held on the same day last time I did it.

  • Hi folks, looking forward to this now,  anyone know how does it compare to Eyam Half in terms of hilliness?



  • image not as bad but still fun image Ran the route but not the race.
  • Cheers Cake, I've been lurking on Noots forum-good luck for Sundayimage
  • OOOPS-Notts not Noots!
  • giggles. Are you coming to play sunday? If yes pub? image
  • Not doing it this year (only did Half last year) but am doing Snowdon marathon next monthimage

    May do the Notts full next year though so will come to pub then-are you relaxed and ready to rock n roll then?


  • Done Macc Half twice and wont be there for this years race either as I will be 3500 mile away across the pond running in the Scotiawaterfront Toronto Marathon! Hope you all have a good run hope to be there next year image
  • Hmmm ... Toronto vs. Macclesfield ... it's a tough call to make ...
  • The reviews on this are all so good I've signed up.!

    Did the Buxton half earlier in the year and that was a Killer. I've been told it's the toughets in England. Is there a race rating site anywhere that puts in hills and obstacles etc. Maybe they should create a handicap system whereby hills are taken into account!

  • I'm doing it again.I did it last year and was very nervous about the hills but when it came to it i thought there were more downhills than up hills.I must own up to being a fell runner who is used to4 and 5000 feet of ascent.Got to agree that Buxton is blimmin hard work.

    The good thing about Macc is there were only 900 /1000 entrants last year as opposed to 5000 odd at Wilmslow which is turning into a bit of a monster im my opinion,far to big.

    See you all there and good luck!

  • Hi, does anyone know if kids can run the one mile race at this?
  • Getting abit nervous about this now.... what if I am last....image

    Also getting a few niggles, shin and ankle on one leg hurting and sharp heel pain in other leg last night.... Always the way the week before a race (or slow plod in my case!)

    Good luck to all and see you there!

  • Yes, good luck to all, Should be a nice day all being well. DeliH, you'll be fine-just enjoy it


  • DeliH dont worry like brer said.Just relax and enjoy it.

    I wonder if Nicolas Winterton will start the race like last year? "Ready Steady Go?!!!!"

    I wouldn't worry about being last,i would rather do the race and come last than be a eastender watching ,sofa dwelling pie eater with no self respect. Rant over.

  • Someone earlier asked about the 1 mile fun run - yes it is for kids, off road within the grounds of the leisure centre.  My kids enjoyed it when as young as 6.  The fun run is well timed to fill in the time until the leading runners return to the track.  So as races go it is not a bad family morning out.

    This was my first ever half in 2004 and I've enjoyed it ever since.  The uphill isn't too bad and the downhill seems to go on for miles.  Nice start and finish on the track, great views from the top of the hills.

  • this should be a walk in the park

    we've run it once

    and we've just last weekend completed Great Langdale HM

    so this is a baby

  • Weather forecast seems fine for Sunday (at the moment) - I'm looking forward to this now - should be a good morning out.

    Hope everyone's final few days of training/resting go well.

  • I asked about the 1 mile run - thanks Bob.
  • Does anyone know if there are still places available for entry on-the-day?

    Does it ever get full?

    I am not asking for myself, I am not that daft image I shall be sitting in my chair taking photos.

    Remember: My photos can be downloaded for free, no charge being made.

    Fingers crossed for that fine weather.

    All the best to everyone.

    Kind regards.


  • i think the race has been cancelled cos of snow image
  • I can just see the picture now Mick.

    A team of huskies pulling you and Phil. You shouting "mush". image

    Hey, you could win the darn race.

    Looking forward to seeing you both on Sunday.

    Kind regards.


  • racephotos wrote (see)

    Does it ever get full?

    I am not asking for myself, I am not that daft image I shall be sitting in my chair taking photos.

    Remember: My photos can be downloaded for free, no charge being made.

    Hi Bryan - I've run it for the last four years and I think there's always been places on the day.

    Thanks for all your sterling efforts on the photo's at races. Looking forward to seeing what state I look this year!!



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