straightforward commercial

buy my dad’s book

make an old man happy....and vested interest you understand...


  • Wow!

    exalted stuff or what!!!!!
    You must be proud, Alex.
  • Couldn't even get my Dad to write a note to get me off PE!
  • Well if he had written you an ote you would'nt be as fit as you are now Barkles!!
  • so he's to blame.. I might have known!
  • Very impressive.

    Can't help thinking that Amazon have cocked up when in their comments about your Dad that they've missed completely the fact that he is related directly to the URWFRC's Alex P !
  • haven't had my free copy yet-publishers dishing out with warm chardonnay on wednesday-but will have to review on amazon...have always been proud of the old boy...but that won't stop me putting the boot in if neceesary.....
  • doh I totally missed the point of this. I though Alex's dad was flogging secondhand books through Amazon's market place. *searches for peroxide*
  • Does it have pictures?
  • can we colour it in?
  • Alex

    Well I'll buy a copy when it's in paperback please and if you can get your old man to sign it for me then that will be splendid ?

    Not that I'm tight fisted or owt it's just that I prefer paperbacks.
  • barkles - you'll only go over the lines and make a mess
  • judges.... make or break my days. some of them are so lovely and some of them are cruel and unusual ! but me only diddy lawyer so haven't come up against any higher court judges yet... looks like a great book, wonder if i could stick it on parental birthday list. hmmm
  • buy several copies.don't be know it makes sense.give it to all your friends too.glue them into stacks to use as coffee tables.order many copies for your law firm/chambers to give out to visiting important(that's ALL of them)clients.a first edition will be valuable one day-you may own a table with one leg exactly that much shorter than the others.
    come on,i can't buy the entire print run for myself and i've only got three brothers....
    ps you know stephen fry will be funnyeven if my dad isn't.
    what the blurb won't tell you-and the running connection.this is,i kid you not,the man who asked in open court,during the famous libel action between britain's finest sprinter and an ex bank robber turned journalist the immortal question.....

    tell me,what is 'Linford's Lunchbox'?

    did your dad ever embarrass you by getting onto the front page of the sun??thanks a lot dad....
  • haha no but my mother is an ethnic minority (according to her liberal white middle class numpty friends) magistrate (according to the constitution that chooses to put lay people in such positions). it is quite embarrassing having a muppet for a mother. though marginally less embarrassing than running at full pelt, flobbing and not successfully severing said flob whilst passing a group of staring pedestrians wondering why someone would pant and sweat whilst not in the pursuit of plezzzuuurre. little do they know...
  • oh, and in answer to your question, nothing i want to contemplate, ta so much.
  • we have one now?
  • Pity it's not sci-fi, can you get him to write one of those next Alex?
  • no. it was late, my vocab let me down badly. i could have said greenhouse, western link or banana but i said consitution because it was nearer the one word that eluded me utterly. i've let myself down badly. i shall resign immediately. can i take my pen pot and fern ?
  • Alex
    Your Dad wasn't the chap who described Mrs Archer as " fragrant " was he ?

    Please tell me it wasn't !
  • If it was, at least he was describing Mrs Archer as fragrant and not Linford's lunchbox. Bad a boom.
  • no sadly not involved in archer trials.he did jonathan aitken though,all that sword of justice and shield of british fair play bull...getting my free copy tonight will have to review on amazon.still ranked at Sales Rank: 464,501
    come on guys...

  • I heard Daddy Popplewell on the radio this morning. He sounded quite sane, for a judge! Had some interesting things to say. I'll have to look into getting the book.
    You must be very proud of him Alex.
  • was rather sluggish this morning,didn't manage to listen to the today programme as usual...which local radio station was he on?!can't beleive his publishers-about whom he is wonderfully scornful-not a profession he respects too much i'm afraid-have got him doing a media roadshow...perhaps he's shorter of dosh than i feared.
    as judges go he's not in the barking category,though i think his 4 daughters in law have found him to be not altogether 'cosmo man'.people don't read too much about sensible judges,of which there are quite a few,surprisingly enough!!and since they've spent most of their lives in court dealing with the rougher end of life,they're usually much more in touch with the 'real world' than the 'chattering classes' would beleive.though port consumption still higher than in the population at large i suspect...
    i'm reserving judgement on the 'proud' bit until i read the thing!!but generally,yes,i am.
  • I heard him on the Today programme. Actually it was quite a nice interview. The interviewer (John Humphries?) actually let him finish an answer before asking the next question. Sounds like he has been involved in some interesting cases, so it could be a good read.
  • sorry i missed it.must be a slow news day!
  • Ah Alex!!
    I was telling Mr Badger that you were a bit posh and he said 'he's not related to that famous mad Judge Popplewell of Somerset is he?'
  • LestradeLestrade ✭✭✭
    ..........and he is!

    Hello AP.
  • sadly not of somerset though my older bro did play cricket for that county
    some years ago and lives there still
    (sorry this seems to be turning into
    family history which you
    should really all be paying for,BUY THE BOOK,)
    or in your case badger just photo copy it a few times and distribute :-)
    madness still open for discussion ,will let you know tomorrow.indications of eccentricity definitely emerging though.he's returning to university in the autumn as a (very) mature student to do a 3 year undergraduate degree.
    living in college.if i don't wind up with a
    foxy 21 yo stepmother by xmas i'll be quite surprised.....
  • AP - he got the right family though!
    Praps Mr Badge had the cricket connection in his head. My, what a talented family!

  • hi steady.
    typing too slow i often find several posts nip in between reading and replying...but more than usually sluggish today after mrs p's 40th last night/early am.and after all that musical chat no-one danced.too busy scoffing and quaffing....
    off for a sluggish trot to get some fresh air(or what passes for it in london traffic)now...
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