LSR on fridays....

Judging by most peoples training schedules and plans, the norm seems to be a LSR on sundays...

Why does everyone do this? Is there an unwritten rule i am missing...?

I love my LSR on Fridays... Is this just odd...? 5pm, work has finished for the week, get changed, run home... between 15-18 miles usually... home in time for shower and tea. Can enjoy the rest of the weekend knowing i've done it. Even have a few well deserved cheeky pints to recover image

What do you all do for your weekly LSRs....?



  • If I started my LSR after work on a friday the pub would be shut by the time I'd finished! image
  • Not odd if you're in Dubai where friday is the weekend !!image

  • I guess its because most people only have time for a long run at the weekend?.

    Mine is normally Sunday, I'd struggle to do anything over 6-7 miles in the week.

  • I can only fit my long run in when my husband is home to look after the children. If I went for my long run after seven in the evening it would be horrendously late before I got home.

    If I am in training for a specific race and can't run at the weekend then I will take a run during the week. It just means a very late night before I am home. And I need all the beauty sleep I can get.

  • Mine is tomorrow this week. image

    Feels a bit odd making sure I've drunk enough and munched a bucket of pasta on a Wednesday. Family wedding all weekend, so away......image

  • I'm a shift worker so have to fit my LSR around my days off but I do enjoy the variety of it but am looking forward to doing it on Sunday this week as I am off for once hurrah!!!!! imageimage
  • When I was doing them, (hopefully will be fit and ready to go soon) Saturday morning was favourite, and would get home in time to have a shower and lunch made by hubby, then a bit of shopping in the afternoon.


  • You're not running far enough SJ if you can have a shower and then go shopping! image

    I do my run Saturday morning, have a shower and fall asleep!


  • Normally do mine on a then I can have a drinkie on a Sat ngiht.....and then another long run on a sunday sometiems
  • I've switched from Sunday to Saturday morning... that way its over and done with and I can relax with a glass (bottle) of wine on Saturday night knowing that I've earned every single one of those empty calories.  I dont seem to have the energy to do anything longer than 5 miles after work during the week.
  • There is something about getting up at 6:30 on a sunday, getting out when the world is so quiet its surreal, getting the long run done, coming back and having a lovely Sunday brekkie, a nice shower, then lazing on the sofa watching F1, MotoGP or WSBK!!!, and maybe a little doze after that image
  • Would it not then be abbreviated to LFR ?
  • WSBK? What's that?
  • I do my LSR on a Monday at the moment because it's my study day and I don't have work.  The place I run is filled with families on bicycles on Sundays, but on Mondays it's bliss because I find myself in the middle of nowhere, river on one side, woods and field on t'other, birds tweeting, rabbits lolloping across the path.  Sigh.  Back to a 5-day week soon, so I'll be using some of my other routes or getting up really early on Sundays.

    I've realised that evening running disturbs my sleep patterns, so early morning running suits me best.

  • WSBK = World Superbike

  • I tend to switch between Saurday and Sunday, depending on what I've got going on that weekend but will sometimes do a LSR mid-week if my weekend is too busy.

     I usually run quite late anyway so don't mind that but, as my longer routes tend to to involve a couple of streches of canal or country lane, I prefer not to do them in the dark - I'd probably have to do 4 circuits of town to make up a 12 miler!

  • I'm just not a morning person, i've tried the early runs, and it's just not me.

    Much prefer after work or midday on weekends.

    There are quite a few pubs on my LSR home, so i love seeing people out drinking on a friday after work... thinking... thatll be me in a bit image  i do get strange looks though, people thinking wierdo running on a friday night!?!?

  • I do mine on a Saturday morning for the same reason as Dan.  Moto GP and a snooze after.  Come on Rossi image *waves little yellow flag*
  • Bah, not ANOTHER Rossi fan image
  • image Come on Toseland as well, and Edwards, and Pedrosa and Hayden

  • IN the past month I've done LSR on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and not at all on the weekend. Weekend seems to involve too much partying to fit them in! will all cahnge if I do a mrathon next year, gonna train myself that Sunday morning IS a time for running.

  • I remember those. I think I had them before children.....image
  • I still get to lie in, lucky lucky me!!!
    Saturday is a great recovery day too after a friday LSR. Sauna, swim, sport or telly, then lazy pub evening image
    Am i selling it yet?
  • Did my LSR last night as the next 3 or 4 weekends before the Warrington Half I'm busy - so its midweek LSR for the next month

    I was totally knackered in work today and nodding off now.,!

    in fact i'm going to bed!

    Sundays are better!

  • I prefer to do my long run on a friday too, but I like to run in the morning, so 16 miles is my max, otherwise I move it to a saturday.  I'm lucky I can shower at work, so if I'm out the door at 5.30 that give me a good 3 hours.

     I prefer to take 2 rest days after my long run, so it's ideal really.  I've normally recovered enough to stumble to the friday cakes session at 10am, and enjoy it without feeling guilty... and if I'm going to spend a day feeling tired and sore, might as well be on work time.

  • I do long runs on a Friday, but only when I've had a f*cking hot curry on a Thursday night! Phew!
  • I generally move my LSR depending on what's going on the rest of life in general. This week it will be today recovery friday then away for the wekend. normally its either sat or sunday, but i have done the friday night thing once or twice, do get funny looks passing pubs, people on their way to the pub, people coming home from the pub etc. And if i'm honest, it just makes me wish i was already in the pub having a nice beer instead of having another 8 miles to go...
  • I usually do my LSRs on a Thursday afternoon/evening because Thursday's my afternoon off. If I'm coming up to a big race I do the last few on a Sunday morning just to get my running body clock into the idea of running on a Sunday morning.

    I don't usually do morning running for a number of reasons, prinicpally because I'm a bit of a lazy arse and I like my lie-ins, but some bugger's got me getting up for a running group on a Saturday morning 8am nowadays image image

  • Just done mine. 18 miles.....image

    And I'm being a right smug git about it...image

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