its tw'early, trim types!

good Morning peeps!

ugh been awake for ages trying to get back to sleep but it wont happen till its time for normal peeps to get up so dammit i got up to make the most of it!

its actually a really beautiful morning and i can see why you earlysiders like to catch the early mornings but i dont think i can be an owl and a lark so we'll see how long i can stay awake now!

planning to go for a swift walk a bit later - when i wont look like a burgular casing the streets!

hope everyone has a good day

catch y'all laters!


  • Morning bunie.

    It looks really nice out this morning but I have a sneaking suspicion that a blast of cold air is going to hit me as sonnas I venture out that door...
  • hmmmmmmm
    lets see how my plod goes this am
  • It wasn't that cold actually, and I'm very happy because i ran for 30 mins with no walking :-)
  • I did 29
    Nice weather for it
  • Morning all!

    I'm a happy bun this am, done all my marking so now I can concentrate on revising for my anatomy thingee :-)

    I might actually fit in some exercise as well - I haven't done a run or been to the gym for AGES!
  • Hi all ! , crap excuse time - I couldnt run last night because .......Mrs M had washed all my running gear , its a conspiracy by Persil I tells yer !
  • I dont suppose youre counting the marathon at the weekend then
  • Did anyone have to endure the "soap awards " last night ? Our Paula was on it handing out an award
  • Morning peepsies. And a very beautiful morning it is too. If the sun keeps shining like this, I shall be doing some Monique-style resting later and attacking the jungle that used to be my beautiful garden.
  • I might well say the same to you Benz - wasn't that you moaning about what a crap week you'd had over on beginners?

    Okay - it does count, but not as training for a sub 3:30 marathon or getting rid of my gut :(
  • Cmere fruity, and ill give you a clip roungd the lug'ole!
  • V-rap! you mind yourself, while you're hacking through the jungle....
  • so all's well in the garden this morning then.

    vrap - don't forget the rules about not doing too much too quickly, especially if you fancy walking 37m at the end of the month (16 days time).

    There is a very real risk I shall go for one of those run things you all talk about [as my kit hasn't been washed for weeks can't use that as an excuse - look out for couldn't run because my kit had turned to cardboard excuse later this morning :) ]
  • Ooooooo-ooooo!

    Promises promises Benz!! ;-)
  • Ill deal with you later:)

    Now, for phase 2 of this mornings exertions, a 2-3 mile walk to the station
  • and now I've just sent an email to a local forumite arranging to go for a run tomorrow as well - is it contagious?
  • Ick yes, I've been feeling drowsy too EP.

    Plus when I go upstairs I get a sore bit at the front of my right knee :(
  • VRAP
    Watch out!!! You may find Ant and Dec if you delve deep enough. Don't forget to shout "I'm a Celebrity Runner, Get Me Out of Here!" if the going gets tough.
  • Morning all,
    Was gorgeous earlier on..(when I carried Bald Cat into the garden) but has clouded up now. Well, after my brief success of getting him to eat the pill last night, it is failure again this morning! He doesn't like the food his owners have left for him (which I mashed the pill up in!) - so I've given him some of the nutty boys food and he liked that a lot! He's probably wondering where his fish is this morning!! Here is my excuse for no exercise.. 'I am nursing a bald cat' - surely they don't come much better than that!! Have a good day all and V-Rap - you take it easy!
  • SaxplayerSaxplayer ✭✭✭
    Morning all!

    Have the kit with me for a run this lunchtime but it's dependant on not having to take some guys to lunch after a meeting.

    Michelle - have the siams met up with baldy yet?
  • Morning

    Sleep deprivation has not hit me yet so hopefully am ok.

    Work is busy so I will see you all later.
  • Sax - Nooooooooo!!! I'm too scared to let them meet in case World War III breaks out! They know something's not right though.. and are acting really strange (more strange than usual!). It would be easier if they could meet (and get on), but the chances of that happening Sax are pretty slim methinks! Oh well, at least it's exercise - me running up and down the stairs about 50 times a day eh!!
  • I have just checked that picture of a scantily-clad FR which is my computer wallpaper at work, and I see no gut.

    I've got a gut today, but only on one side. It's really weird - I can pull in my abs on the right, but there's a lot of soft-tissue swelling on the left so it looks very lopsided.

    Can't believe how mild the pain is now, and my legs feel great after several days without running.

  • Morning all, how are we today? Great weather eh?! Will probably be rainig by the time I go for my run this evening but who cares for now!

    Pix - how did WW go yesterday?

    RRR - did you go for a run? If so how did it go?

    V-rap - you take care, the garden will still be a jungle tomorrow and one extra day without Ant & Dec will be a blessing!!
  • What's all this Ant-and-Decking, everyone? I wouldn't mind finding them in the undergrowth in my garden, but thought they were on children's TV.

    Actually scratch that. No way do I want ants or decking in my garden.
  • Hi Spans,

    Took the decision this morning not to run. I am paranoid about starting back too soon so decided to leave it a couple more days and run at the weekend. Don't want the injuries to reoccur because I was too impatient. The physio did say 2 weeks and it's just over a week (1.5 to be precise) so watch this space. Txs for asking.

    Swimming this evening though.

    BTW, Ant/Dec are cool. I think they are very funny and entertaining. Way-Eye-Man...!! Is that how Newcastle-odians talk??? :)
  • VRAP
    Slap wrist. You mean you haven't been watching the Programme of the Year :)

    I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here

    Shame on you.
  • Are they doing another round of that celebrity-in-the-jungle thing, RRR? Are Ant and Dec winning? How many times has Big Brother been on now?

    Must start getting out less.
  • RRR - sensible decision, it is so easy to feel you are ready for a comeback too early and then damage yourself again. Enjoy your swim this evening
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