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  • Sarah - you are so right, please listen to her Dave.
  • Yep, I jhad to swap my Panasonic breadmaker for the g-f version - shame as there was nowt wrong with the original except it didn't make good g-f bread.

    I've found that the best is the Doves recipe as on back of packet - it doesn't taste like "real bread" but is much more solid and dense and doesn't crumble.

  • OK Guys I'l  try a bit harder, don't notice any side effects when I have a small amount of Gluten, sure know about it if i eat a whole sandwhich though. Most of the time these days I do drink Cider, its just when I'm back home in the UK I simply cannot resist London Pride, fortunately I don't go back often!
  • Good on you Dave - Hope all goes well and as hard as it is, leave the London Pride alone - think of it as posion.
  • As a coeliac I can also heartily recommend that Mrs Crimbles bread from Sainsbury's.  And plenty of Cider seems to replace the need for beer!

  • Sarah

    I have been a Coeliac for around 22 years and i do not find any problems carb loading for races as I am used to all the GF foods.  However my wife suffers from IBS/Colitis and she found that after taking lots of medication that cutting out tomatoes and citris has completely reduced her symtoms, may mean she was intolerant rather than suffering from Colitis but I think the food you eat does have an effect on your body.  Hopefully you will find the foods that work for you

  • london Pride = Poison

    I don't think that is a leap of faith I will ever make!

  • i've been back to the nutritionist and am feeling much better about the whole thing. Feeling loads better still and when i do have things i shouldn't boy do i know it! but chocolate raisins are definately worth it!!
    and the 'naughty' foods bring the ibs back so shall be keeping to the new diet for the next 4 months or so till i go back and see her to start bringing the wheat/dairy back in. And also lost half a stone after only eating chicken and fish for the last 6 weeks, had my first taste of beef in that long last night! Been hunting down the items you've all been suggesting, not sure about the cheezly lol
    Havn't made it back to the dr's yet, i'm worried i may just shout alot which isn't good karma!
    Looking forward to my race in a couple of days although my sister's ill..although this will hopefully mean i have a chance to keep up with her!
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