Great Bentley Half Marathon

As I've come down with the lurgy and can't now do Stebbing image thought I'd enter a race for next year.

So who else??? 



  • That`s a shame. I hope you get better soon.
    Was opting for Stebbing too but opted out and going to do a long run.

    Great Bentley 1/2. Will enter for this one too as long as all the entries don`t get snapped up.

  • i am still umming and arrghing about this one. thought training was going well and the 6miles i did yesterday is still hurting today.
  • Muppley 13 weeks is plently of time to train for a 1/2 or else I'm in trouble image
  • OK moi and hubby entered, gonna aim for sub 2hrs image
  • Tired Legs (Mrs Punch) wrote (see)
    Muppley 13 weeks is plently of time to train for a 1/2 or else I'm in trouble image
    very true. i am a little concerned that from the end of the november to the beginning of jan training could be harboured by xmas parties/events/drinks and such like just got to stay strong and focused to achieve
  • Hey you're using that as an excuse image, I know what you mean but you have to work around it. 

    Where are you based?

  • i know its a terrible one but i already have every friday and staurday booked with a party or get together of some sort - night mare. just joined the local club so am really hoping that will give me a kick up the rear end and hopefully if any of the others are doing it a chance for motivation

    Harwich - yourselves?

  • Witham

    Harwich are hosting the 1st XC race on the 15/11 are you taking part, I will be against my better judgement tho image

  • Afternoon all. I've just signed up for this. Will be using it (along with the Benfleet 15 and Brentwood Half) as a tune up for the Brighton Marathon.

    Anyone done it before? If so, what's it like? 

  • Yep done it before and it should be a pb course very flat - can also be bleeding cold.

    Why you not doing the local marathon like me image

  • To which marathon do you refer Tired Legs?
  • Tired Legs (Mrs Punch) wrote (see)


    Harwich are hosting the 1st XC race on the 15/11 are you taking part, I will be against my better judgement tho image

    my running club is organising this leg but i have just started with the club and running and i really do not fancy the whole muddy dirty aspect of cross country i will however be helping the club out with marshalling etc
  • I just been on the GBRC website for their half marathon.
    On-line entry only. Are they giving up on Mr postie?
    No ipods, MP3s or similar devices or face disqualification. This will be very interesting.

  • Hi guys i live in the area so will be having a go at this one myselfimage Hope places are still available.

    This will only be my 2nd half race but intend on a new p.b, did Frinton/walton half in may 1 hour 46 mins. This one is ment to be fairly flat and fast from last years results !!!!

  • I too have entered. Now hoping that I stay injury free and get the training in. Good luck everyone!
  • I may give this one a try if i can keep away from injury....

  • Essex Eagle - Halstead in May, alway a good turn out from the locals and very well organised.

     For Info on those thinking - in the first week they had 150 entries, this is a popular races as it fits in with mosts peoples marathon training.

    Muppley - won't be a XC as something else has cropped up, but there should be a few from my club doing it, good luck as you're the first in the league think we're doing the last this year.

  • the entry`s are still coming in fast with just under 600, so if you don`t want to be dissapointed better get your entry`s in soon as we expect to fill the race before the deadline

  • I've just entered, only 30 minutes from me so easy to get to.  Ran this 2 years ago, flat and fast though the wind can whip across the fields in February.
  • Might do this if Witham 5 miles on Boxing Day goes ok.
  • This can go back to the front page now me thinks image
  • Hi all,

    I am a nearly 40yr old lady that took up running feb this year and so far am up to 11 miles in approx 2hrs 15mins which i know is not fast but hey, i dont do it for the speed aspect i do it cos i enjoy getting out of the house and clearing my head after a challenging day with the kids. I have set myself a challenge in that i would love to do a half marathon and have spotted this one. However i am not sure where this place is ( i live in waltham abbey) and i dont know whether i have the courage to "officially run it"

    I only run on the road or local tow paths with the occasional hill so am not sure whether this is a good half marathon for me or not?

    Has anyone else felt like this....shall i shant i, will i embarass myself for being so slow....!!!! Help Please as i really want to do this but am SCARED!


  • suzanne

    i run for the club and i can say it would be a great 1st half to do as the course is flat and run on mostly back roads with very little traffic, trust me looking at your times your not slow we have people finishing around the 3 hr and we will support them all the way around

    last year our race got voted by other running clubs as the best essex race in which we are very proud off

     great bentley is near colchester

     better get that application soon as we expect to fill the race before the months end

    we all felt scared for our first race, just do it and you won`t be disapointed

  • I'm abit annoyed with this race. The GB1/2 is a truly great race. But looking at the GBRC website
    and their entry system. Especially the non refundable even in the event of weather.
    So, god forbid come towards race day. It snows and the course have icy patches too unsafe
    and therefore cancel the race. Does GBRC keep the money? Looks unfair to those entering
    and the race is cancelled don't get their money back or a entry for 2011.
  • I think runnerman has a point - lots of races have been cancelled, including our own on Boxing Day, over the last few weeks (the Hadleigh XC event has also been cancelled for tomorrow due to freezing conditions). Runners who regularly race and pre-enter, could soon find themselves out of pocket. This could in turn lead to more entering on-the-day entry events and giving a headache for organisers at this time of year!

  • RM & TL

    this is my running club, and i`m along your lines of thinking, why the runners should be out of pocket, but last year after the luton marathon was cancelled i asked if our race was insured incase of cancelation and was told that we had looked into it and the costs involved was to expensive,

    the costs of putting on our race have gone up somewhat over the last couple of years, due to champion chip timing, other insurances, medals, trophys, start numbers etc etc, and with no sponsership most of the money received will be put back into making it one of the best races we can, should the race be cancelled and we had to refund it would put our little club under

    i hope that we can get insurance for next years race, and will keep on asking the committee until they do so

  • I've decide not to enter. Training is difficult in these icy conditions and I do not see the weather changing any time this month.
  • shame to hear that  OR  with 5 weeks to the race theirs plenty of good training time,
  • Pap - thanks for answering although our race was on Boxing Day which we had to cancel and we are refunding or transferring to this year.  As we only cancelled on Christmas Eve we had already paid out for everything, including 600 mince pies that we give out each year (would you like them??)

    As our race is on Boxing Day it will always be subject to  cancellation, for that reason we do not put the date on our T-Shirts just the number of the race i.e. last year was meant to be the 26th so as that didn't happen then this year is now the 26th.  Trophies we are going to have to get them amended as they do have the year.

    We also looked into the insurance and I've been told its far too expensive and would be better of buying a lottery ticket.

    Anyway I've entered and will be there keeping fingers crossed that this weather buggers off. image

  • since i`ve run with the club we have never had to call the race off so fingers crossed, the 1st year i ran it we had blistering snow driving sideways across the fields

    i did`nt know about the no refund until it was brought up on this forum,but will try and convince the committee to change that in the furture, although i trust the committee will do all they can to put on the best that they can,

     as for the mince pies, i think that i`ve seen enough of them over christmas to put me off ever eating another for a whole year

    i`m off to america tomorrow to run the walt disney marathon in florida and the local runners  there are moaning that they had a frost yesterday morning and how cold it is,

    i`ll bring the sun home with me for the bentley half

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