• Club run last night, I had planned on a 5.5 mile easy run, turned into 7.3 and didn't feel very easy, not ideal for the day after ! Girl who took the lead instead of me is desperate to get to 1500 miles for the year so wanted more!
  • Felt a lot easier today, 5.8 miles at 7:15 pace.

    Yesterday's pace was 8:30 ish and felt loads harder.

  • I'm jut off for my recovery run at the club, then back home for fishcake sarnies image

    Food of the gods!

  • Ah yes, that 1500 target image
  • Vicki and Andy, do you people not know the meaning of the word RECOVERY? After a marathon this generally involves NOT RUNNING!

    I have no plans to run this week at all. Besides the planned rest I also have a sore spot on the side of my foot. Think the shopping caused it rather than the marathon, but it hurts to walk right now, so running wouldn't be on the cards anyway.

  • A steady run helps ........honest  image
  • CC2, Kate from my club (3rd lady) was out tonight doing hill reps with us!

    Mad, I tell you.

    I've ran 1 mile the day after both of the marathons I've done and a few miles a few days later and it was laughable. 

    I think I'm about 20 odd miles from 1500 this year. Might cross it at Thirsk.

  • I've gone out for a plod the day after a marathon but hill reps is another matter!
  • hill reps=madness, thought i was daft image
  • I felt much better after my bimble around last night, and my legs feel fine this morning image

    Peter, one of the lads from my club who ran on Sunday,  finished the session in 2nd place last night image

  • Well, that's just not fair. It was at least Thursday before I could even look at stairs without grimacing after my first one image.
  • I'm ok, considering doing Farringdon xc on Saturday image
  • The day after my first marathon I fell asleep in a first aid lecture in lincoln university
  • My legs feel fine and I'd be up for a run if only my foot didn't hurt. I'm not impressed.
  • You'll be fine soon enough, are you doing Clowne or Edwinstowe this next weekend
  • No, I'm doing Crüxshadows and W.A.S.P this weekend!

  • well thats confused me  image

    will you be winning again ?

  • Erm, I guess everyone's a winner at a gig so long as they put on a good show...
  • Ah !
    That'll be me age then ! image
  • W.A.S.P are crinkly rockers now, their prime was in the 80s.

  • image << crinkly rockers ???? - mutter, mutter . . . . >>   Is that like, the Rolling Stones then?

    <<grabs zimmer frame image>>

  • THAT wasp, they must be 100 each by now.

  • Was'nt Sting lead singer for them?image
  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Andy Sly 

    I must be one of the few that didnt really follow the super six thing (or have much interest in it tbh) but why do you have a beef with RW about it ?

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭
    Andy - What is your next race and how will you prepared?
  • Doing Clowne half marathon tomorrow mate, and edwinstowe 10km next week, but not really racing them that hard.
    Next race to prepare and train for will be Brass Monkey 24th Jan.
    Will probably go for a couple of mile heavy weeks to start the year and ease off for the week of the race. Each of the heavy weeks will have at least one 10+ mile runs, a 6-7 mile quick pace run and a fast interval session, along with a couple of steady or easy runs.
  • TR wrote (see)

    Andy Sly 

    I must be one of the few that didnt really follow the super six thing (or have much interest in it tbh) but why do you have a beef with RW about it ?

    Really can't be bothered to go through it again to be honest, I made some points which RW have failed to address or reply to.
  • Mr K, i know you do a lot of races, probably more than me, do you pick out the more important ones and aim for them or try and treat them all the same?
  • andy sly wrote (see)

    now we know why the powers that be left us fingers and lager would be frowned upon

    Indeed.  Lager down downs are impossible to neck at any decent speed because of all the gas, it needs to be real ale

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Shame that I was bothered to ask then !

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