How do you know when you are OK?

How do you know it is OK to run after a virus?

I am unsure personally. I have had what might have been swine flu and feeling better but still a bit chesty. I want to start my mara training agin but last couple of attempts led to coughing fit. Do i just trry and try again and just see or what?

how do you know?

fear is going to soon and making matters worse



  • I think running after anything that knocks your body is personal - you have to listen to your body and you have to know your body.  (Most) People are quite logical about running.  Start off slowly - do some lunges or something in your home and see how your body reacts. 

    If you are worried that you aren't ready, you probably aren't.  No one can tell you when you are "ok to run".  

    After my surgery, they said 6 weeks without exercise.  It took 3 months for me to feel that my body was back in alignment and that it had the energy and the immunity to carry on with doing endurance stuff.

    Remember that it's not only the effects that you see immediately.  Sometimes, your body heals on the outside but there are small knock on effects on the inside that you need to be aware of.  Maybe, you did have swine flu and while your body is recovering from the physical effects, your immune system needs to rebuild and you need to help your body as much as possible.

    Relax - there is always time to run  image

  • I had to pull out of IM this year as well - got a doctors note and forgoed it completely.  I didn't regret it because my health and being well again is far more important to me

  • that is it PO - it is a bit trial and error. No green light comes on from your immune system saying "OK you can go"

    glad you are better and on the right trackimage  

  • You will be too - just hold on and one day soon, you will wake up and know that you can carry on as per normal


  • hope so

    was more motivated than i had been for years before this hit me. Got it all p[lanned. 5 miler feb, local 10k , 1/2 mara in the summer and Amsterdam mara in October.  Worried that anymore viruses would put mockers on it all.

  • If you don't let your body heal properly, you will be more prone to further illness.

    Have you tried glutamine?  I was with someone who had swine flu for 2 days and never caught it.  She was spluttering and everything too...

    If you are motivated now, that won't go away in another week or so.  I had to stop everything for about a year - that put an abrupt halt to motivation


  • dyell PO a year would have done my head inimage

    Not tried glutamine -good for immune system eh?

    am doing a bit of work now and feel OK. Maybe I will sling my kit on sometimes towards the weekend.

    ta for the senseimage

  • Yeh google it - it helps your body recover after exercise.  Well, your immune system and your muscles.  Stands to reason then that it boosts your immune system too

    Good luck and you are most welcome  image

  • I swear by zinc for warding off nasties.
  • get some glutamine and zinc (used that years ago). As long as muscles dont build too much (got enough of them but not so solid these days-lol)

    ta folkiesimage

  • Doesn't build muscles - just helps your body recover.

    No harm in trying it  image

  • Echinacea is another remedy for boosting the immune system. I take it for a month then have a month off, etc.
  • Hi there Hoose and everyone

    I'd echo what others have said about really listening to your body and not getting back into it before you feel ready.

    Earlier in the summer I had a nasty virus - not swine flu, but one of those things that gives you vertigo and makes you feel dizzy, nauseous, feverish and lightheaded for a few days coupled with some bad cold symptoms

    I was in the middle of working on a masters dissertation and really, really busy, but thought I'd get straight back into exercising after a few days off - didn't feel great but was trying to lose weight and also thought running, and other exercise, might be a welcome break from the studying.

    But I have to say, I was more forcing myself into it than actually being properly motivated, so I probably should have waited a little longer.

    About a month later I ended up completely exhausted and fatigued, to the point of having blood tests for anaemia, thyroid function and diabetes.  When all the results came back fine, my GP and I came to the conclusion that I'd never allowed myself to get properly over the virus, whilst also being in the midst of a big load of stress.

    I'm fine now, but still not quite back up to speed with my running (knees also causing difficulties, but that's another matter...)

    Take it easy, Hoose, rest up, and if you feel motivated to get out there running again, take it very, very steady.

    These days I'm taking zinc and echinacea, but actually I've also considerably upped my fruit and veg intake and that also seems to have helped.

    Good luck with it.  image

  • I'm exactly the same - 3 weeks ago I went down with all the symptoms for swine flu except that my temperature was 37.5 degrees instead of 38 degrees. I'm still coughing and sneezing now and the doc's recommended Beconase to keep that at bay. Might be worth a go for you too?

     Get well soon!

  • Ta folks

    wouldnt like to be having to do a masters diss with this lot lady P.

    Ta Cath- you get well soon too. Coughing when i move about is a pain

    will look in med box-sure my wife has echinacea and stuff. Defo need to kick start my immune system.

    did have SF jab after I had what I thought was SF(in case it wasnt). With supposedly COPD got jab for nothing. My usual crushed garlic (6 cloves ) in water hasnt helped like it used to. Only thing it warded of was my wife. Doing a bit of work but still feel tired very quick.

  • When did you have the swine flu jab?  You could be feeling the effects of that...
  • week last satdee PO after having what I thought was SF before (but not totally sure)

    not smoking much neither which is good I guess.

  • Not smoking also lowers your immune system

    Not sure how long it takes, but you will get swine flu like symptoms after the jab.  That could be why you feel rubbish

  • ooh eck

    no echinacea in med box just "milk Thistle" whatever that doesimage

    didnt know that about not fagging it but really need to stop eventually(working on it )

  • I've also heard from others who've had the jab that it can take a while to get over a bit of lurgification, so that may be why you're still feeling ropey.

    As for me, dissertation is now done, I've passed my MSc (with distinction image) and am now working full time again.

    I think another thing that contributed to me struggling to recover from illness is the fact I've not really had a proper break since finishing my old (very stressful) job, starting, doing and finishing my (very intensive, vocational) masters, and starting the new job.  Think I need a holiday as much as owt else... image

    Milk thistle?  I think popular opinion denotes it to be good for liver function but I think "Dr" (cough cough) Gillian McKeith may have also recommended it somewhere, so it may in fact be entirely useless...

    Hang in there - you'll start to feel better soon, but do take it easy.image

  • ta Lady P you old swat bucketimage
  • How much glutamine supplement should you take?



  • dunno Lisa

    will tell you when I get a some and read instructions.

    not sure abbout milking thistles - a bugger to get underneath them and where are the tits?

  • just to let you know, I can deffo recommend Beconase - I actually slept all night last night without coughing - woo hoo!!!! image
  • will try that Cath. Better than garlic I guessimage
  • I've been following this thread for the past few days as like most other people, I've had a case of the lurgie... normally I would rush back too soon and prolong the problem, this time I've waited longer than I normally would (a week now since my last run).

    I figured, my cough now has all but gone, and is dry (nothing phlegmy any more), I've slept better the last few nights, I tried 15 minutes on my turbo trainer last night and no ill-effects this morning (I tried the same last Friday and woke up with a tight chest)

    So, a short 8km this morning I think, very slowly, fingers crossed, hopefully I've dicsovered the secret about when I'm well enough to start running goes !!!

  • So, how did it go ?

    It went OK I think, I'm clearly not 100% but on balance the psychological benefit of getting outside and running probably outweighed the physical downside. Maybe another day off could have been a better idea but I suppose I'll know for certain tomorrow.

    Its a fine line.

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