To Nap or not to Nap



  • I don't get a chance to nap after my long runs. I normally run in the middle of my working day so I have to work, then swim or run or cycle home.

    I can't even do caffeine.

    Have to admit heaven is a long run or race followed by a bath and then bed (with clean sheets, love clean sheets on my bed) No inco pads though.

  • After a hard weekend workout, yes. Don't have time otherwise.
  • lardarse wrote (see)
    I sleep a lot more than i used to in my teens and twenties, i'd often stay up all night then go to work, but now i often find myself tired by 1.30-2 am. None of us are getting any younger  image

    Same here Lardarse. Ive always been a night owl. Midnight is an early night even now.

    Most I stayed awake was about 80hrs (online gaming), started to halucinate big time..well weird seeing the real world like in a game image

  • I used to go to sleep arranging Tetris pieces in my head when that game first came out! image

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