Maidenhead Easter 10


Just to let everyone know that the Maidenhead Easter 10 entries have been open for a while now and entries have been coming in thick and fast. We are about half full already and expect to be full again for this popular 10 mile race, held this year on Good Friday 2nd April 2010. So don't delay, enter today!

For anyone already entered, we will be posting race packs out starting 2nd or 3rd Week in March. Any other queries, post here or private message me or contact by email.

Jon Oliver
Entries Secretary
Maidenhead Easter 10


  • For those who have never run this,

    well, you want to, it's a nice easy 10 er

    we clocked 1:23 last year, what a super cracking event it is

    an event with a difference, it's just great , it's good as flat,

    starts and finishes within,

    i was well impressed i can tell you all - and believe me ( i am NOT easily impressed )

  • I'm in ... entered a while back ... haven't done this one before but from what the chaps above say, it should be good!
  • I ran this one last year for the first time - really enjoyable, very well organised and what better way to start a guilt-free Easter weekend!! Must get my entry in image
  • Hi Muttley!

    I'm in again, this will hopefully be a bit of a sharpener in training for London

    It's a really well organised event and as flat as a pancake so fairly quick, although parts are a bit exposed if it's windy.

  • See you all there... looking forward to it..
  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    One of my highlights from last year - cracker of an event.  

    I`m in image

  • Mr K entering another race?? Now there's a surprise!!!  image
  • Look forward to seeing you chaps ... it's been a while.

    WTS ... are you doing the Sparks half mara at Dorney Lake? Looks like a good sharpener for the VLM.

  • Hi Muttley - I've had a look at that one as it's so local to me but it doesn't really fit in with my VLM schedule. I'll make do with Reading Half the following weekend
  • I'm definitely tempted as I can't get into the half I was going to do on April 11 - although if I do I want nice weather!  Can someone arrange that please??image
  • I'm in again - though not running as an apple this year. Did consider some other fancy dress, just for fun, but my wife says not too spend the money!

    Very much enjoy this one. Run it every year. But then one of my regular training runs covers the same routes.

    One day I might actualy meet Mr K, Mutley and Way too Slow.

  • I'm in too!

    very interested to see how an hour for 10miles within a half marathon at Wokingham last week measures up in just a 10miler straight

  • My first race so will be plodding somewhere at the back but what the heck, you start at the bottom and work your way upwards. Hope the weather will be good and my trots will hold off (big problem for me I'm afraid) image.
  • acdgirl - First race eh?! Good luck!

    Stevie G - looks like you should wop your pb this year then!!!

  • Stevie

    you'll hammer this one

  • Thanks, I'll try my best.
  • cheers guys...pb sits at 1h 02 m 16secs...and went through 10 at Wokingham around 1hr (can't tell you the exact as they bungled the timings up by 7 seconds).

    Pb has to go all being well..but you never quite know how a race will go. WOuld love a sub 1hour..but no pressure!

    got a massive egg on my knee after a fall in a race hopefully can run as norm tomorrow first things first!

    what times are you fellas aiming for?

  • clocked 1:23 last year

    reckon we could go quicker there

    our 10 mile pb is 1:18

  • I'm fairly slow. My pb at the Maidenhead Easter 10 is 1hr 25 ish, back in 2007. I was a little slower in 2008, and much slower in 2009. But last year I was in costume because I was practising for London.
  • Shame we won't see another appearance from the apple this year @Paul T! Do we have any other fruits though? (fruitcakes, maybe!)

    @Puffin1: Good weather has been ordered: 12-15 deg C, dry with some sun but a few whispy white clouds and barely a breath of wind. PBs guaranteed for everyone along with lottery wins the day after.

    @acdcgirl - no matter how much you think you'll be at the back, there will alway be people behind you and plenty of smiling marshals encouraging you on!
  • I think the key to a pb in this event is NOT go charging off with the excitement of seeing the front of the field coming at you twice

    buiild it up gradually and have a blast left in last 3 miles  of race i thinks

  • micphil

    did Huddersfield 10k   and that is very hilly but  got 46 mins

  • hay old boy

    thats just fab tastical ahh

    well done really !!!!

    you run Great Langdale Hm yet ??

  • do not run out that way now

    posting my entry for Eyam half tommorrow   and sheffield 10k  the week before the half there   not only the 10k  there will be events at don valley aswell

  • also in.

    Pb 72mins but will try and behave as i have Compton 20 the next day.

    hope to see a few familiar faces

  • I have been timing myself now more and yesterday did a 11.7km run in 1 hour 10 minutes and today was able to beat that on the same route by 5 minutes. But it was perfect conditions, sunny, no wind, great, felt so alive. So feeling rather positive.
  • Jon ... fruitcake  ...  image

    acdgirl - good going! well done.

  • Just entered this one. Will be my 4th time for this nice event. 10m is my oldest PB and ripe for beating, but I always seem to be recovering from an injury when this race comes around, so I dare say the PB will stand for another year! image
  • Loved this race last year, though my 10 mile PB of 75 minutes looked a bit sad on the overall results list - might get 72 minutes this year
  • Got my number - 1345. About 90 minutes for me.
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