Newham 10K



  • Results out now. I did mine in 57 mins 37 secs. New PB for me. I thought the first K was very narrow, and could have led to fallers, but enjoyed it. very cold at the start, but the sun came out mid-race. Looking forward to the newham Classic on April 17th or 18th.
  • Cheers DJ great time 

    48.38 a new PB for me as well!!

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    I thought the 1k was narrow, so glad that you were set of in waves. I had to move out of your way on the pavement. One lead cyclist entertain me and my son by falling of his bike, now that could have been a disaster for your runners. The medal looked very nice for a 10k and the security on the baggage was good.

  • Great event despite the bitterly cold wind, organisation superb and the warm-up really did warm us up. Marshalls were very encouraging and even the work men/security men at the Stadium were cheering us on. Good medal and eco friendly goodie bag. All in all a good day out and a chance to see another part of London. Would reccommend everyone to do this, beginner friendly and PB friendly.
  • GladragsGladrags ✭✭✭

    security on the baggage was good?! image - there was NO security at all at the beginning - you just left your bag wherever you fancied and there were no checks on who went in or out of the area/ who took what bag in or out.

    at the end they did try to make sure your running number matched the label on the bag but it was all a bit late by then? would have been VERY easy to steal something.

  • Hi Glad Rags, I didn't mean the security at the baggage drop !! I meant the security men at the Stadium !!! I do agree with you on the security of the bags though, they were very thorough though, at the end when we were hands were so cold I had trouble picking my own bag up never mind anyone else's !!!!!!!
  • Does anyone know if there are any photos of the event uploaded anywhere ?
  • Thanks for that AndrewB123, will have a look...........
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