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  • Thanks Bus you smooth talker!! but I am a top Gurner!!

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Crikey Rob, you're in some form.  Get in a race!  Great pace.

    Nice pyramid SG, and some good paces on those.

    I had an entry to the Last Friday of the Month 5K today, but decided that it was too much hassle to go into London of a lunchtime for a 5K, particularly when I'm not bang in form and there's no chance of a fast time.  Plus the legs are a little sore still from a couple of sessions this week, and I have my first cross-country race of the season tomorrow, so it would have been a recipe for injury to stick a fast 5K in there as well.

  • Rob is the Peter Pan of the northern running scene! image Cracking session that! A nice pyramid form SG too, love those type of sessions. Bus, good to see you've recovered and cranked out the standard 'mini-bus' session.

    I jacked boot camp in today and obviously very disappointed. I've felt grim all week hence the little running, last night it got on top of me and my body went into shut down! Anyway, barely slept with a high temp and couldn't eat anything. Still I drove 4 miles to the services where I join the M6, but couldn't focus on the road and didn't fancy my chances making it down the M6, never mind impressing people and doing 2 sessions! I'm sure the place will go to someone who wanted that little more than me. I was becoming indifferent to be honest.

    I can now have a days chill and work on getting lots of easy miles done to build for the new year and the 'excitement' of a blank Po10 slate! image



  • Ouch, sorry to hear that SS - no wonder you weren't feeling enthusiastic if you'd been coming down with something all week. I will fight you for that place next year. image

  • Rob, I've felt a similar feeling, when the recoveries feel like a doss, yet aren't a doss pace at all, but mine was 6.30 steady pace. But I suppose after early 5s, 6 would feel comfy!

    Stevie, I don't know much about marathons, but i know you need to be bang up for it! Probably just not your time. I think you have some ridiculous amount of time to take off that half first!

    You can also look forward to a good stonk of XCs as well.

  • My thoughts too SG, didn't feel right. That half needs some attention.

    Rob, I missed your sharp leg at the masters XC, nice going!

    Lit, doubt I'd fit a category next year... image The whole thing didn't seem my bag really. I'd like to run a marathon in my club vest, in local race, against local runners.

    Hopped out for 5.5 miler before. Felt shocking but still enjoyed being out, if you get me?

    Dachs, what was that XC session you did a while back on the golf course? I ran over one today and thought it might be fun to do some K reps or something.  

  • Ah, I used to live near enough to the Bois de Vincennes to go running there, so Paris sort of is local to me. image

  • Nikki, I was thinking over lunchtime about using running to burn calories and two comments came to mind:

    1) A normal diet is about 2,550 calories for men and 1,940 for women. If you run it is about 100 calories per mile so this shows a major difference. If you are mildly active you burn the same calories as about 20 miles running. I always think that what running does is stimulate the metabolism so as well as the calories you burn directly, your body is more awake and active so you get this extra benefit for the next 24 hours or so. One thing is to make sure you come away form an exercise session feeling invigorated and not knackered. If you come away tired you will rest, if you come away fired up you will burn more calories in those 3 hours a day you are not running.

    2) The body is designed to shut down in times of little food. If you eat less, the metabolism slows, so you want to make sure your body thinks there is plenty of food about and does not shut down. Of course over eating is not good.

    I find that I can run happily with about a 250 calorie deficit a day so over the course of a two weeks I loose 1 lb

  • Lit, I am in Paris next week, near Gare du Nord. Any good routes?

  • Stevie See not overally pleased with relay ran last leg and Leicester well clear gained 15 secs but used 3rd place guy as pace making sure He didn't catch me ! It did remind me that I don't really like XC!!

    Shame you didn't get to boot camp but may be for the best!

  • Phil - the 10th isn't really my area, but I guess you'd probably want to head towards the canal and run along the quais. Depending how far you want to go you could then follow Richard Lenoir down to Bastille, then take rue de Lyon (past the Opera) and Av Dausmenil, where you can get onto the Promenade plantee, a former viaduct which takes you all the way down to the Bois de Vincennes.

    The bit where you find the promenade is tricky, so here's when I did it in the summer. Ignore the erratic pacing - kept losing GPS signal in the viaduct. Also I got lost coming out of Vincennes, so ignore that bit too!

  • Phil, you mention burning calories... I just weighed in at 10st 8!! Just call me Thomas Brolin! I think that a combination of hard training and work has led me to eat s**t just to keep going.

    Rob, you were 2nd quickest on your leg though by only a second? Are you competing in the Cheshire XC?

  • Nice sessions RobT & SG. Some good excuses there Dachs!

    Shame SS. I'm sure we would have all liked to have seen you in it, but hey ho. Rest up and recover.

    PMJ, I think there is a significant difference between how men and women's bodies react to exercise and food. The majority of men will lose weight during IM training whereas quite a lot of women maintain or even put on weight. I put this down to men needing to be thin and fast to catch dinner whereas the women need to keep on the fat (in a good way) and keep energy within to be able to bear children.
    Running is probably a less extreme case but I'm sure there is something there...

    LSpR today, long speedy run. 16km (10mi SG) at target of 4:32/km (something like 7:18/mi...Christ!). Though a tad faster than last week it was 2km shorter. I don't feel as tired as last week. In fact compared to last Friday I'm on top of the world. That said, I can see that maybe I should think about running them easy (apologies PMJ et al). However this just fuels my anxiety of not hitting goal time at Wokingham. It remained a god excuse to demolish a lot of toast and an entire can of beans on my return home.

    Apropos of nothing, does anyone have a shorter leg than the other? Sports Phys said I had last Monday eve. He reset my hips which were apparently out of line (probably to deal with the wonky leg). Since then I don't feel like I'm running sideways like I normally do, but my shorter leg hurts...

    10st8 - that's more William Fridge Perrythan Thomas Brolinimage

  • Iron, a physio I've seen reckons most people should have one leg slightly longer, and if they both are equal when you lie flat on your back, your back needs re-setting as it's too tight!

    I have no idea. It all becomes a minefield when one bit causes others to go off a little, and the bit that aches isn't the bit that causes it!

  • I'm confused: Brolin is a bit of a lard arse, 10st 8 is not.


  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    SS - my cross country session that time was a 5m progression of 2 @ MP, 2 @ HMP and 1 @ 10k. Though next time think i might do reps by time (3 mins maybe).

    To be honest, it sounds like you need a couple of weeks off. Not easy running, but totally off. Might refresh you physically and mentally. When did you last have a week off?

  • Depends on height Phil... for my height 10:8 would be pretty light indeed, but at 5ft 7 or so it's probably a bit on the chunkaroo size.

  • Dachs wrote (see)

    SS - my cross country session that time was a 5m progression of 2 @ MP, 2 @ HMP and 1 @ 10k. Though next time think i might do reps by time (3 mins maybe).

    To be honest, it sounds like you need a couple of weeks off. Not easy running, but totally off. Might refresh you physically and mentally. When did you last have a week off?

    I barely ran last week, 15 miles I think. But yeah, just easy running for a bit. I just want to get out and enjoy a week of easy stuff till my legs wake up. I don't feel so drained that I can't run at all. Just fast stuff seems a bit of an effort. My legs are a bit manic depressive at the moment! Ha!

    I like the 3min interval idea. I do like timed sessions not policed by a set distance/pace.

    Phil, I've always been 10st on the nose. So 10:8 feels very sluggish. I knew I felt heavy at Leeds but didn't realise weight had gone on. It'll go as quick as it came now I'm tuned into my diet a bit more.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Cracking session there Rob. must be good to have company of that quality on your training runs. 

    Sorry to hear your about you pulling out of the marathon SS. a good couple of easy weeks won't do you any harm. Are you doing Wilmslow? I need to post a HM time! 

    Im 10st 7/8 but 5ft 10. The lightest I've been since I was about 13. I was 12st 7 when I was 16.  started running to shift some timber and I definitely fall into Nikki's category of training to ease thoughts about putting the weight back on.  one of the reasons I struggle to taper for any race. 

  • Stevie have you lost a week somewhere? I was back with a minibus, but a week later still off injured again image. Shame about the boot camp, but totally understandable.

    For the record, I'm 5'8" and hovering around 10 stone 9 at the moment. I was 10 st 7 just before Abo, which is probably as light as I've been since my teens. Whilst a couple of pounds less would certainly help race times, I'm not sure I could be described as "chunkaroo" SG! 

    2 x 14M on the bike today to make 102M for the week. About the equivalent calories burnt as 50M running apparently image. The speed on the bike has noticeably increase recently, so that's good...



  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    lots to catch back on but:

    good xc races sg, bus & pmj

    seb.  balls! hopefully the injury is not as bad as first feared as this is your time of year.

    Scottish - the minute anyone answer a question about over training with "i will listen to my body" is normally heading towards an injury unfortunately. You are doing too much IMO its higher weekly mileage than me and at paces consistantly at your high end.  Dont be a statistic.  plan for rest days.

    SS - if anyone has earned rest its you mate.  feet up and take some deserved peroni time.  plus you are still 1.5 stones lighter than me so i will save the tears image

    sorry for your loss ric

    Bus - you seem to have had no luck on the injury front this yr.  hopefully it clears and 2014 is free of such nuisances.

    Rob - i didnt realise you did the masters relays, i will check out the results asap.

    not much to report from my training.  not quite at it but putting a plan together to deliver come spring.  biggest problem is having to drop things.  So looks like i wont be able to do a half next yr as it wont fit in with getting track fitness ready. 




  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Thanks Dean. Yesterday went off a treat.



  • quiet on here today.

    Standard double today, 6 & 4.

    Only non standard thing was clocking some cyclist on the pavement coming towards me from about 100yards away.

    Was fine, as I was over to one side. Then noticed he'd moved over to my side, so I got out the way again.

    Only to watch him scrape into a fence and clatter along for a bit, say sorry to me, cut across the pavement onto the road, into oncoming traffic. Get beeped a bit and stop.

    Hopefully the booze addled fool got home without causing anyone any grief along the road!

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Hampshire League cross country today at Basingstoke, my first of the season. Course was decent, relatively firm grass for much of it, but constantly either gradual uphill or downhill, which was sapping. Finished in 50th, with 35:04 for 6.16 miles, according to the Garmin though I guess the twists may have thrown it off a bit. I certainly got beaten by one or two I consistently beat on the roads, but it's all about building strength for next year, and 5:44 mm is a decent XC pace i think, although in general my XC mediocrity continues.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Ah Ha! Well done Dachs and anyone else who can cope with XC.

    And to think I deleted the bit of the post where I said I believed the view that XC racing made you stronger was a fallacy.  Certainly teaches you how to really really hurt yourself. 

    I believe that training off road in a controlled manner can make you stronger but racing is simply too destructive. Then again, I would say that wouldn't I. 

    My last four injuries have all been as a result of XC racing. 

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Good running Dachs. I'd certainly take 5.44 min miling at XC. 

    I agree with you there Ric, I like training off road but not overly keen on the XC. 

  • 5.44 sounds pretty darn sharp off road to me Dachs. Certainly not a pace many keep in the TVXC league at any course bar Datchet!

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    The Hampshire league is a real ego-denter. Reminds you of your true place in the great scheme of things. But still not as strong as some of tghe other leagues, such as the one Seb and Dean run in.

  • Certainly is Dachs. Sooner you than me in that setting though, Saturday afternoons would be a bad time for me.

    I suppose when we talk "xc" for our TVXC league, it's actually nothing of the sort, being more MT

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Dachs - 50th is decent, Hants league is a quality league. I used to run in it when i was a kid. Re the 3min reps, they are normally my token speedwork sessions before VLM, 10-12 x3mins with 30sec jog rest. Either back and forward trying to run approximately the same distance each rep or can be done within a run. No pace pressure so easy peasy.

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