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  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Cheers Dean, alsager next week then Trafford in March. May try and hunt one out somewhere. 

    Good luck Stevie. 

    good session Dachs, certainly helps keep you motivated if there's others on the track. I've never done reps longer than a 1000 on the track, I find them mentally taxing. 

    14.2 miles for me this morning at 6.44 pace. 1130ft of ascent and tried to work hard up the hills. Now off to Manchester for the day and night with the guvnor. Few beers and I'll be asleep for 6. Ha. 

  • Dachs, obvious usual mad mash of a sesh, and Matt nice pace indeed.

    Mine was a blooming rookie mistake, converting my 6&4 into a 10 and having a little sortie down to Marlow for a scenic route.

    Was forgetting that being next to a river and often getting flooded it might..well be a little boggy. And I'd brought just normal trainers.

    The result was the obvious squelch fest, arms up in the air like I didn't care, trying and just about succeeding in not ending up face first in the mush.

    Surprisingly got it back to 7.17 average at the end, as the start and finish were tidy and on proper footing.

    Accidentally did an extra half mile too.


  • Northern's for me today,

    I feel I say this all the time but it was ridiculously muddy! 25+ winds with gusts, odd spatters of rain weren't too bad, it was the relentless mud. Whilst the Cheshire's had knee deep mud it did have faster sections where you could hit tempo pace.

    This was just a war of attrition from the off. Every. Single. Step. Was slippery mud, in fact it got kind of annoying! Average pace was 7:20 which tells you all you need to know. When I finished, my breathing was fine, never out of breath for any of the race, I couldn't run fast enough! Lots of drop outs today as well.

    But, I finished 244th, which is pleasing enough. My best Northern finish but was aiming for top 200 really, looking at the results that might have been a too bigger ask in today's field.

    My spikes died a death and fell apart so I think I'll skip the nationals. You only have 2 of those in you per season. I'm done! 2014... three races, a gold, a PB and a best place finish.

    Thanks to Rob for shouting encouragement!

  • Stevie I'll second that conditions atrocious it must have been more a mental battle as very difficult conditions and stacked competition, Jonny Brownlee finished 21st that says it all!!!

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    SS- the conditions where I am made driving difficult, I couldnt imagine racing in it.  Congrats on digging that out.   Sounds like the midlands champs was similar but I will let seb talk to that! image

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Stevie - well done at the Northern's yesterday - sounds like the mud was a bit of a bind. If JB was 21st, there must be some quality in the top 20image

    Dach's - blinding Friday session that. Fancy showing off in front of that Uni club! Lot's of fit young ladies was there image

    Lovely bike ride yesterday (25 hilly miles) - warm and dry enough to wear shorts and fingerless gloves!

    Looks like all the luck I've had in avoiding the rain recently is coming home to roost - just about to head off for my LSR in pretty horrible conditions! Shame I can't wait until later! Oh well, character building...

    They're forecasting heavy snow here tonight...

  • 13 early doors with SG before the rain began. Looks like 1 warm-up then 10 fairly brisk in the 7:00 to 7:15 range then 1 slower and then 1 even slower once SG headed off home.

    68 for the week, all on plan, feeling tired but happy.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Fantastic work in the Northerns SS. Sounds like a big plus just getting round. All bets are off in conditions like that. Well done on the best ever placing too. I didnt much enjoy just walking around yesterday, so an XC wouldve been brutal.

    Enjoy the long run Bus. I finished mine just as the weather stsrted to turn, benefits of an early start. 21, made up of 10 @ 7:20, 10 @ MP (6:07), 1 easy. Pace was difficult, I guess I shouldnt try to do these things 36 hours after a big track session. At least its done.

  • Saw a photo of Northern SS.. It looked grim!! Well done for getting round and not binning it.

    Good week Phil. Still Don't know how you do it!

    Great running Dachs.. sounds like a  good run and like you say, at least it's done now.

    8m easy for me yesterday morning then 14.5m @ 08:15mm today. Hilly route with a bit of XC and the weather conditions were horrific (not as bad as they are now, mind you! whoop for early starts)

    54m in total this week.

  • funny old game aint it Phil. Today's 12 on my watch came out average 7.16, which is around what we did at Marlow with those hills!

    Obviously today's route had a fair few smaller hills, but seems odd as didn't feel we were cruising, maybe that was cos I was chatting 90 to the dozen!

    Seems odd it came out only 1sec quicker than yesterday's 10.5, which had the middle 6 or so basically slipping through mud....

  • SG, my legs certainly felt heavy today. It is odd how the runs stack up, so on Monday I did 21 at 7:15 and today 12 at 7:16 feels tough. I think for me, Friday's LT run really got into my legs.

    Tomorrow is a double, 6&4 recovery, then see if I can do my 20 in Tuesday and then the longest run between then and Wokingham will only be a 15.

  • You certainly split your week in a novel way..although the Lactate run 2 days after the long run must be testing when you're years in and have hard pace zones.

    Lit as a comparison is smashing her Lactate runs, but that I suspect is that she's well above her zones, which just needs a fast flat race in non ill/injured shape to come out.

  • I'm in for next sunday by the way Phil, if you're dancing.

  • Nice long runs guys, especially Phil. Shaping up very nicely.

    I'm in that dreaded state where I'm busily planning for the week ahead (lesson planning!) so I can get out and run before dark. 12 at a minimum but will see how the legs react and could be tempted to go further. No need to push after yesterday's antics.

    33 days dry... image A massive thank you to the lads who have dipped in and sponsored me.

  • Sounds like some good miles your all putting in. Wish I could lay down the miles too but my body just can't take bugger all at the moment. After Tuesday's 3 x 8min tempo the outside of my right foot hurt just in between the ankle bone and midfoot. I've been hobbling since.

    Couldn't resist a race at the Midlands XC Champs though, so slogged around in a nasty storm, rain, wind, thunder and lightening, even hailed for 5mins, to produce a very good run to 40th/366 in 43:52 for about 6min/mile pace over 7.3miles or so. Had  a nice steady 5:40mile start for a change and it worked really well, much more comfortable throughout the race, scalped plenty of fast runners. Can't walk well now though so a few days off required.

    Sounds tough up at the Northerns Stevie, good run out though, You can't miss the Nationals, bang some long spikes in your track spikes!



  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Stevie s- get involved at the nationals, gives me someone to run with. image

    Great work seb. I saw your result when I checked our lads.  If you can get some training in the nationals and inters will be good to you.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Philip, a 20 the day after a double, the day after an LSR on heavy legs seems a big ask. Nice work this morning though guys.


    Dachs – good work. Being able to pull out 10M at MP in the second half of a 20+ off less than fresh legs is a good sign.


    Good work there Seb. Pulling that result out with an injury is impressive. Just hope your foot clears up to let you get some distance in.


    Early was definitely the best option today! Conditions just seemed to get worse and worse as my LSR went on. Despite the rain, the first 9 miles or so were pleasing enough at about 7:17 pace, as this included a fair bit of climbing. After that though, the groin started hurting (very sore in last mile), I was running into a headwind in torrential rain and the roads were just rivers. Combined with the last big hill, the pace dropped down to around 7:30 for the full 15.7M. I say around, as about mile 10 I accidentally stopped the GPS and didn’t realise for what I estimated at the time was a mile! Had to re-measure it afterwards and run slightly over-distance to make sure I’d hit 60 for the week – always good when cold, wet and in pain!


    That put me in a bad enough mood, so when, in the last two miles, some w***ker drove at about 40mph through a very large puddle that other drivers had gone round, just as I got level with it on the pavement, I was ready for blood! The wave of water must have been ten feet tall and drenched me as much as if I’d jumped in the Thames. It even stopped my headphones working. Bastard – you can imagine what I shouted after him!


    Hey ho, nice warm bath, hot food and finding the distance was enough to get the 60 after-all, and I’m feeling a bit happier! 

  • Dachs, good long run there, and very good pace control to keep the lid on the first 10 and then open it way up for the second 10: afterburners on or what!

    SG, Sunday XC looks good. I'll plan the week so I can do it as the LT run.

  • bus, is w***ker a worker or a winker?

  • Sounds like some great racing and training over the weekend! Did you get the guy's registration Bus? 

  • Nice work Bus to grind out that distance. I was only man enough for 12 miles with frequent stops to stretch a very tight calf and hamstring. Pace was 7:16 overall.

    Dean, I'm not sure if I can manage another long, muddy XC race. I'll see how I'm doing in the lead up, plenty of time to forget the ordeal of yesterday and the Cheshire XC.

    Seb, what a smashing run! Shows you never lose it! Rest up and get yourself back into full training.

    Right time to get the nasty 'foam' (stone) roller out and beast myself for another weeks training. Looking to up the miles this week to 60.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Afraid not iron - too busy wiping water out of my eyes and shouting! Philip, I'll leave that to your imagination!

    Good pace that Stevie with the calves n all. Reminds me, I need a new foam roller, mine has collapsed in the middle!

    Seb - good work! Fingers crossed the foot gets better quick and you can get some decent mileage in.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Mad Bess Woods next week right? What's it like? 

  • For TVXC? It's TVT's turn at Bramshill. Same location as old Finch XC but different course. 

  • Doc called again this morning. Pneumonia.

    X-ray shows clear shadowing in one lung. My mother said running in the rain wouldn't do any good.


    The Bus wrote (see)

    Mad Bess Woods next week right? What's it like? 

    Mad Bess should have been yesterday and seeing what it was like at 11am it was a good call to cancel it: obviously runnable but 300+ people doing 3 laps woudl have left a mud bath.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Jeez IronCat, that ain't good.  Hope you're doing OK, and get better quickly,

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Bloody hell Iron! You rest up and get yourself better ASAP mate. Presumably a big dose of anti-biotics?

    It would have been Bad Mess Woods image

  • woah... best wishes for speedy recovery Iron!

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    all the best iron - hope for a speedy recovery

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