How come subscribers don't get free gift

Just noticed that this months Runner's World in the shops comes with a free sachet of SIS Go. How come subscribers don't get that free gift? Seems unfair to me.


  • I thought exactly the same yesterday when I saw it in a supermarket. Also won't subscribers be more likely to try Sis go and buy it if they like it as they will be regular runners not just perhaps a browser who has bought magazine as a one off.
  • The publishers already have our money. No need to tempt us to buy the mag with a free gift.
  • Look at what you pay, no where near the cover price.


  • That makes no difference Greg. It's just unfair.
    I subscribe to Word and they send me their cover mounted CDs. Most mags do. Think I may unsubscribe in protest.
  • unsubscribe in protest if your want but you still pay less than the shop price even if you add the price of £1 on to cover the SIS go gel. It costs me the £2.50 a month (againtst £4.30 in the shop and thats not including the 3 issues for 3 pound to start with) and I expect you got a free gift for subcribing in the first place!


  • I think they can keep the mag and just give me the Gel.
  • I got no free gift for subscribing in the first place! Should I have done? Only subscribed last month!
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    They're always doing promotions to get people to subscribe - usually it's a watch (with extra annoying beeping feature that can't be turned off).

    HOw you managed to miss it JBT, is a mystery!

  • I got the watch and you can turn off that annoying beep - can't remember how but I think you just press 2 buttons together (i'm thinking the bottom one on left and right!).

  • I feel cheated now! I'm changing my user name to outraged of twickenham! I don't actually WANT  a watch that beeps annoyingly. I just want to sell it second hand on ebay! image
  • Subbies don't get a free gift as they are paying way less than the shops. The gift idea is
    a classic gimmick to rope people buying. The gift is supplied to get people to try and buy
    the product. It does have a disadvantage if the shop mag is in plastic wrapping which stops you
    looking in the mag.

    It would be nice if RW had proper gifts like the training log or the race diary like they
    did years ago.

  • Subbies pay less because the publishers don't have to give a cut to the distributors/retailers - they don't lose money, in reality they make far more and the bulk of their income (around 75 per cent) comes from advertising anyway. I know its a promo gimmick to get new readers but I still think its mean not to keep your loyal readers happy - regardless of whether they got an annoying watch. It's more what it says about their attitude that bothers me.
  • i'd rather pay less than the shelf price than pay full price and get a free gift!!
  • Tha annoying beep can be turned off by pressing the top right button on its own. You should see the alarm picture dissapear from the face.

    More annoying than that is that my watch doesn't keep the correct time. I've only had it a few weeks and loses time at a rapid rate. Plus I got the chunky male watch - I'm a girlie.

    I agree, we should still get the freebies.

  • "I agree, we should still get the freebies."

    Thank you Linda. I thought I was the only one who thought that.
  • It would be nice to get my magazine!

  • Noticed tonight that you get a free copy of Runners World when you buy a copy of Mens Health!

  • Yes but sadly the free copy of RW is last month's issue.
  • I don't see why we should accept that just because we get the mag at a cheaper rate that we should be happy not to get the freebies.

    I assume it is better for the mag company that we subscribe and that's why they offer the cheaper deal when we do subscribe? If they get a better deal then surely they should be looking after those who do subscribe and not penalising them for it instead?

    If the magazine comes with a freebie in the shop then that's exactly how we should recieve it in the post. IMO.

    TBH I only subscribed for the watch, I wouldn't have bothered otherwise. Then I get a watch that is for the wrong sex (even though I specified female) and doesn't even hold the time.

    As much as I love this magazine, for me there is a new competitior on the market - Womens running. The magazine is so relevant to women that I subscribed without even the carrot of a free gift.

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭
    Linda, how is womens running different from mens running? With all due respect thats just another gimmick to tap into the womens market, as you lot clearly buy more magazines than us men folk...
  • Lol. I probably do buy more mags than most men.

    Womens running magazine is just geared toward women more ( Yes, running is running whether it be men or women but this particular magazine just seems relevant to me from front to back (of the mag).

    I still love Runners world and I still read it from front to back but Womens running just has the edge for me.

    However this website is 100% better than the Womens running one.

  • A free sachet of SIS GO?, as a subscriber, I am outraged!!!
  • I've started buying Women's Running too, although Runner's World is far better in my opinion. I think Women's Running is good for those just getting into running, and a little less daunting than Runner's World might seem to someone who is new to it all...but I think Women's Running is a little closer to the likes of Zest, Women's Fitness etc. I get a much better read out of RW, the articles are meatier and I like that it's aimed at advanced runners as well.

     Saying that, I'll buy any magazine that has anything to do with running. I'm a sucker.


     I think it'd be nice to give subscribers the free sachet, but I'd be happy just to pay less for the magazine in the first place. And go out and buy the sachet myself.

  • Ok RW. Give in. Subscribers will now get a free sachet of hot lemon.
  • I'd take to the streets and lead a march to RW's HQ but I haven't got the energy.
  • How do you know we weren't sent the freebie but the postman nicked them all??? imageimage

    For those that have managed to switch off the annoying beep, dont worry it will switch itself on before long.  The one I got was sat on a unit all by itself when it suddenly decided it was going to start beeping again.

    Free RW with Mens Health... How annoying, we subscribe to Mens Health so we didn't get that freebie either... I'm outraged!!!

    I buy Womens Running too and agree it is aimed more at the beginner but I like to get ideas from the exercise routines & whatnot to freshen up my usual gym routine a bit... And my friend seems to like that one more too... Now, if only she'd buy her own copy & then pass it on to me... 

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    men and women should have same rights at races and with other stuff aswell
  • I had a look at Women's Running and just found it too plain and boring.
    Why a magazine targetting women and running. Do they do this for triathon or cycling, no.
    Just think it makes women a easy target which they are not.

    I'm going to be honest, Running Fitness is getting better than RW. (think RW going
    to stain me with the son of satan.) RF magazine seems to have more interesting
    subjects about running which RW should really focus, being a proper running mag.

  • well if we don't get gifts for subscribing why cant they reward us for the length of your subscribion like a yearly one and the more years the better the gift . is there any one who works for r/w and  can answer  these question hulksy
  • Had a lovely letter from RW today. Renew for another year for £34 and I get a free RW Complete
    Guide to Running.

    It did say in the letter "RW is the one magazine you can rely on"

    Right, I`m cancelling my subscription and going to RF.

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