• Night Will

    Bune: are you expecting one particular star sign to shine through?

    Are runners or forumites in particular?

    And which of my star signs do you want?

    In England I am gemini.

    In Ceylon (where I was born) I am Sagittarius.
  • ooh Sam - how does that work - they are opposites ?

    mm more curiosity really - although there may be some tie in with signs that are in to talking, and technology - gemini, aquarius - but might be interesting to see what different signs running preferences are ?
  • well that killed the thread!
  • I'll get my coat since I bought it up.

    Don't know as my mum just mentioned it out of the blue one day. For some reason didn't enquire further. If I found out, I will let you know.

    Night night.

    May you have dreams that leave you feeling refreshed an uplifted in the morning.
  • nite sam - thats a nice thought
  • FWHS sam! night!
  • that'll be the compounding variables bune!
  • hows the hair Al?

    did you see BSP last nite btw?
  • timecheck!
  • cool
  • hi Bune!
  • Well I like it !

    Yes - they were good! and such nice young gentlemen! Place shut at 11 which kind of killed the end-of-tour party atmosphere
  • hi fruits - you recovered from Friday?

    was that the last gig Al ? - did ya get spotted as a regular groupie?
  • I should go to bed soon :(
  • mm its nearly tomorrow
  • the coolest band in Britain finishing off in the biggest hell-hole in Britain!
  • I have indeed Bune!

    Hope I didn't offend anyone, and made a goo d impression with plenty :)
  • you seemed pretty cool to me FR - particularly liked your "I'm not that f*ckig fat!" line!
  • Im sure you didnt and im sure you did!

    yes mansfields not exactly the most glam place in UK !
  • I don't remember saying that Alan - what was the context?
  • not quite - fortunately - going from a suit to a "Who the f*ck is Mick Jagger?" tshirt and purple hair might have helped!

    Pity the hair doesnt really show up in the dark tho
  • there was that tiled mosaic/murial thing of a portly man with antlers
  • It suddenly occurred to me that there was a record out by that title Alan (I think) - who was it by?
  • Ahhhh - yes of course :)
  • ?

    were you very casual then Al?

    Fruits you are definitely not fat !
  • Right - bed for me!

    night Alan and Bune xx

    <<hugs to you both>>
  • yeah, I think suit+purple hair is more me
  • like everyone says "just be yourself" - who the f*ck else can you be?
  • nite fruits !

    oh i dunno Al - you could be chilled too?
  • er you can be anyone you want to be?

    whats happened with the textbuddy?
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