Welsh Castles Relay 2010

Here we go again !

"The world's greatest race" (in Wales - that involves Castles - and, err, a relay...). Hope to see some RW forumites again this year. Anyone bagged a stage yet ?

To quote the web site which I kindof look after (and which does no justice whatsoever to this fine event) :

"The 2010 race will be the 28th running of the race and will held over the weekend of the 12th and 13th of June. 59 Teams will attempt to complete 20 relay stages over the 211 miles of Wales finest, and hilliest, terrain that separates Caernarfon and Cardiff Castle.

Teams will compete in one of four categories – ‘Open’, ‘Ladies’, ‘Masters’ (once upon a time referred to as ‘Vets’) and ‘Business House’. Races within races is also a key feature of The Castles  as individuals try to bag Stage Wins (and a precious Yellow Castles Sweatshirt) and teams battle it out for the Kings (Open), Queens (Ladies) and Monarchs (Vets) six stage Mountain prizes"

There is also a forum.  Sadly the deadline for entries has long since passed. Best of luck to everyone involved in the 2010 race !

Carrot cake in Dolgellau will never taste so good...



  • Here is the thread from the 2009 race.

    (I'd forgotten about the suggestion to compile a list of Female course records !! Will look into it...)  

  • Still trying to get over last year on stage 10. Hope to be there again this year but only if I get a short flat stage as I am not in good shape.

    Good luck to everone taking part.

  • Yep I'm doing Stage 2 for Team 10.

    What happened to the news about the lost 21st stage we were promised?

  • Scabbie - everyone trembles at the mention of Drovers (14) but always Stage 10 always looks tougher to me. You deserve a rest !  If you have the choice, go for 6 (Barmouth to Dolgellau).   Stunning scenery, as flat as a Welshcake, and lots of options for a drink/nibbles after.  You also get to enjoy watching others tackle 7, 8 and 10.

    Hi Musketeer !  "Stage 21" - Cardiff to Barry ??!  I prefer the current route (Cardiff Castle to the bar in Llandaf Rugby Club...)

  • Hi Tim, I am hoping for a slightly shorter leg than that, 1,4 or 9 are my preffered options. I have run stage 6 before on the old route before they swopped to the footpath.

     Is Musketeer reffering to the fact that there used to be 21 stages, 11 on Saturday and 10 on Sunday.

     If I rember correctly stage 10 went from Llanfair Caereinion to Welshpool and stage 11 from Welshpool to Newtown. The old stage ten was then dropped in favour of the now very tough stage we all love from Llanfair Caereinion to Newtown.

  • Thanks Scabbie - talk about learning something new every day !  Have just consulted the sacred texts ; 1995 the year that the course was changed ? 

    Best of luck to everyone at Bridgend AC doing the Castles this year...

  • I've got leg 11 this year, Ellesmere Port's first race in this, we're well looking forward to it...

    Cheers Pug image

  • Yep, well we only have a small club, so we've put the quickest runners on the mountain stages OR people who love hills... however, we're all there for a laugh, but I'll be going hell for leather... don't think I'll be one of the top ones though, but I'll give it all I have... really looking forward to it apart from teh early start image

    Cheers Pug image

  • Every cloud has a silver lining Pug - the Llanbadarn Fynydd Community Centre normally do a BBQ + Baecon Butties at the finish !

  • Well, I am the one doing leg 10 for Ellesmere Port! The good news is that I know few people who have already done as I don't really know what to expect.

    It seems that if I take it easy the first few miles, I should be ok.

  • Less than three weeks to go - best of luck with the (warm weather...) training everyone

    Denis - most of the climbing on Stage 10 is in the first 3 miles - undulates for much of the way after that though. You'll be fine - we'll give you a shout !

  • He's a tough lad is Denis, he'll fly like a weapon... just liek me image Although fi weatehr is liek this, it could be warm, however with us doing later legs and me the morning shift I may get away with it. hence why o chose it, plus Kelvin is doing it, and it'll be Fatboy Smackdown II

    Cheers Pug image

  • The support on Stage 10 is great needless to say - the finish even better !
  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭

    Not been well earlier this year, so I'm just driving a minibus & enjoying the scenery!  Hopefully back to sufficient form for a place in one of our teams next year.

    Are Vets still 35+ for men (as well as ladies) this year?  Seemed like an odd change to me, even if it did help us win the not-so-old category!

  • Afraid so 40 mins ("Vets" defined as over 35...)

     Personally I think it should be 50+. I may be a little biased though !!

  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭

    Being pedantic, it is "Masters" who are defined as 35+ - which is even worse!  However, the reasoning is largely based on Track & Field performances.  It is the sort of thing that race organisers can make their own event rule for - races have all sorts of odd & inconsistent categories.
    Yes, 50+ would seem good to me.  54+ even better...

  • Maybe we should call them the 'Young Masters' ?!!

    I'll raise (again) at the post castles mop-up. Why not raise directly ?

  • Have a choice... a week on a sailing boat off the West Coast of Scotland, or driving the TeamBath bus for the weekend.... so I'm afraid the Castles looses out.   Hope you all have a great weekend, and can TeamBath improve on last years impressive performance??

  • Have been asked by team captain to swap from leg 2 to Red Kite centre - Brecon leg
  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭

    oft - Raise directly with who?
    Certainly happy to do so, what was the opinion within the organisers when you raised this last year?

    Our runners are picking up all manner of injuries, looks like I may end up running after all!

  • 40mins - best to raise such things "via your team captain" (to quote the WCR mantra).  This being a team event and all, we try and encourage all formal communication to be passed on via team captains both to/from those who organise. Things can become a little bit chaotic otherwise.. 

    Sorry to hear aboyt the injuries. It'll need about 30 of ours to be injured before I get asked to race !

  • I'm doing stage 6 for PLS. It might be the slowest run in the history of the race but I'll give it my best shot!
  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭

    Club desperate, so I'm now running down from Drovers - which has to be a lot better than running up to it!

  • Well done 40 mins - in theory its downhill. There's still lots of bumpy bits on this though !

    I doubt you'll be last Russel (Penny Lane Striders ?).  6 is my favourite stage. V.good ice cream to be had at the finish...

    Meanwhile, I've just taken delivery of 1300 WCR Race Programmes. I'm too frightened to open a box and read one for fear of typos...  One less worry though !!  

  • Are you all packed ?

    Forecast looking good for the weekend (for now anyway !)

  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭

    Yes, I've been told there's more uphill coming down from Drovers than the official profile indicates!  Will be an interesting contest with the cut-off time.
    Agree with you about Stage 6 btw - nice stage - although I rather enjoyed the finish of 20 last year.

  • Well I'm looking forward to the first stage. Bit flatter than stage three which I had last year.
  • Dommers (and anyone else doing Stage 1) - don't forget the ritual of The Start.

    The race proper begins only once you've crossed the bridge at Caernarfon Castle, this following the traditional jog around the castle itself, which is led this year by Team Interval Madrid

    Off to help pack goody bags shortly !

  • Good luck everyone. The forecast looking perfect for the weekend...

    For those organising The Castles, its van packing today, course checking tomorrow and then the big start on Saturday (9:15 Team Captains briefing, 10:30 the start of the race itself at Caernarfon Castle)

    Don't forget to check out the race rules everyone !   Can be seen here

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