The Revival of The London Social

Is there any interest in a revival of the London Social?

I was wondering about say every couple of months on the last Friday of the month....

Also would anyone be interested in a RW London Curry night?

EDIT: Forgot to say suggestions of venues for either or both always welcomed



  • I'm always game for a curry
  • BookyBooky ✭✭✭
    Close enough for me to get to image
  • As always ever readyimage.
  • I could be persuaded image

  • Ooooooh go on then. Can't do this month, sadly.
  • mavamava ✭✭✭
    I'm sure a certain scotsman could be persuaded into either beer drinking or curry eating and beer drinking. 
  • I was wondering the other day if the socials were still going, as I hadn't seen any mention of them for a while.
  • me please
  • I wouldn't mind going for either, it's being so long!
  • moomoo - How strange

    I met Scotty on the train this morning - what a fluke I was late and jumped into the end carriage.

    Now I (for the first time in ages) come on here and your here.

    Maybe I should come along to catch up... mind you if Plummy is going I better watch out, I know how he likes to smack peoples.....image

  • Depends who's going.

  • Me silly


  • And meimage

    Good on you for reviving this, Dave, it would be great to see the London Socials back.

    Just drinkies for me rather than curry as it costs twenty quid to get there, so adding a meal onto it makes it a bit too wallet-wounding, but would be great to have a natter and a catch up with everyone over a pint or several

  • I'd like to but the last Friday of the month is usually the end of works reporting period so I can't get out of work early. image

    Any other friday I can naff off after 3pm. image

  • I keep meaning to come to one... depends on work though.  Mine is very unpredictable. 
  • Could be tempted if you give me enough notice ... I would appear to have enough points for a free return flight to Londinium image
  • I'll be working in Londinium from the end of the month so I can join the party image
  • Ohhh curry! A good central one is that one behind Covent Garden opera house - called Masalla Zone I think. Yum. (Otherwise if you want to come down south London Mirch Masala in Tooting is ace and BYO)
  • I quite like the idea of a meal.  Not a standing around in noisy pubs kind of person really *G*
  • Me too Rowan.
  • Yep I'm always up for a beer or three but not  to keen on a curry.
  • I can feel a list coming on....
  • Ooops, no I can't just had an urgent phone call about pizzaimage


    Will have a go tomorrow if nobody else does it in the meantime

  • Talking of which, would people be more into pizza than curry?  I'd do either myself, but just wondered!
  • Not really, it's the cost of a meal on top of train fare and drinks that's a problem for me.
  • *boing*

    I killed the thread with my tales of woe and poverty image

  • Ah Bless Hashie image

  • It's going to be a Christmas social at this rate image
  • OK lets do a list


    Lets Just go to the pub


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