Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Afternoon - 

    Supplemented yesterday's SOC run with a cycle ride in the afternoon and then a hike around the MOD land. Busy up there with Royal Marines training in desert gear, which suggests they're covering options re deploying to Syria/Iraq.

    Out early this morning and pleased to say the heel was less painful which indicates that the stretching is doing some good (or my pain threshold is rising to compensate!). 

    NW: a couple of squirrels and assorted small birds

  • hi all

    grendel - what a great start to the day!

    5 miles for me, a bit slow and lazy but done anyway image As I typed that I realized that there aren't many people that would call running any speed at 5am lazy, so I should be happy then image

  • Evening all - 6 miles at a decent pace and a swim, not club as Mr F wasn't going and my mojo isn't back enough to persuade myself to go on my own at 9pm. Chris, good you're keeping an eye on future deployments. MC, yes, it's funny what we consider to be lazy.

  • Ah, running, I remember that! Chris, good call on following Physio advice. They and their treatment are wonderful. Their advice is often bonkers!

    Evening all.
  • Morning - weights and a little recovery run, first outing for the gloves this season, brr, looks like a beautiful day now though. PSC, you're spending too much time at the wrong end of the day!

  • 530am530am ✭✭✭
    Good Morning L&G

    28 miles done yesterday at the Tolkien marathon. Great to see Emmy and her team! The best bling ever...
  • Morning - 
    Yes, much colder this morning but bright and sunny once the mist lifted. Stopped for nearly 10 minutes chatting to two other runners with spaniels! Planning to cycle later and possible o/w swim this evening.

    NW 4 dogs (spaniels) 1 deer

  • I see Darth Vader made another appearance yesterday.

  • Morning all, 

    Pressed snoozed this morning but managed to be up and out by 5. Cloudless starlit Sky, I tried to identify as many of the stars as I  could but only got as far as twinkle twinkle, the others are a mystery, definitely a chill in the air though.

    Managed to trip over a carelessly discarded childs skate on the sea wall, luckily no damage done, although if they want the skate back they will have to go on to the beach to look for it. 

    6 miles done, quicker than expected after last nights club session, no plans for anything else today - least of all an O/W swim!!!

    530 am well done on the marathon 

  • Grendel -

    You should get one of these for star identification.. 


  • Shame - I have a windows phone, not available. image

  • Morning you lot

    Had a 13 hr shift yesterday and so my legs are tired today.

    45 mins perhaps on bike later

    5.30am: 28 miles yesterday. Respect.

    Catch up time

  • Morning again.

    Hopefully visit the New Balance shop in Keswick when we're down in a couple of weeks timeimage

    Kate: Yup it's getting colder again. If it's 'glove's on' time for you.


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Weird... i wrote a response and it's gone image

    5.30 - was lovely to see you yesterday.

    A real SOC for me yesterday... a very tiring day and commute back to NL. Ended up out at SOC this morning for my recovery run. It was certainly a recovery run!

    Chris - sounds like a good run!

    Kate - i think gloves are soon in my future soon.

  • emmy: Yup autumn and colder mornings are here now.

  • Morning

    It's the Glasgow Sept holiday weekend, so the house is very quiet !

    30mins Steady not long done, just to get out.

    NW: 1 owl, 1 other runner looking very fast, 1 cyclist battling into the wind, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 robin red breast

    Okay session, dry .cold and windy. Lots of leaves falling so very autumnal.

    Coffee calling

    Back later

  • Morning all - 5.5 miles and some hardcore garage prance, PW 1 OR 1 NW 1 cat. Gloves stayed at home this morning and I'd have been better off in a vest than T shirt, I'm going to have to go back to the selection of the clothes by the front door until the cold kicks in on a permanent basis. A September holiday sounds like a great idea birky, I have used up all my leave now so it's going to feel like a long stretch until December (see, I didn't say the C word).

  • Morning kate

    Yeah we don't have a long weekend at the Bank Holiday in August, so this is when we get that one.

    Glad no mention of the C wordimage

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Kate - I was thinking the same this morning. It was rather warm out there.

    The leaves are starting to fall here too but it's quite a mixed bag of weather.

    Birky - sounds like a great idea to have a holiday. Hope that you have a good time image

    SOC for me and Boyska. Bless the little lad - he looked like i was dragging him out the door until we got going!

  • emmy: Working at Glasgow Warriors Rugby tonight. Rest of family are off.

    Cold but bright here today now

  • Not another bank holiday that the English don't get Birky?

    4:50 this morning, not even a drunk out and about this morning let alone a deer, owl, bat or anything else (though I do think I saw a black cat).  

    Made a statement on the cubs FB page last night to say that as I couldn't make their structured session I'd do something myself - this morning.

    so mile warm up, mile warm down and 20 times one minute in the middle with minutes rest - approx 6 miles - 

    Rest day tomorrow as off to London tomorrow for some gaming convention thing with junior (his birthday present) not my idea of fun.

  • Mild and drizzly here this morning. Looks like the clement weather's here for a little while yet.

    Physio said to continue stretching regime and return for a check up in 2 months. I mentioned doing Snowdonia Marathon and she agreed that it wouldn't do any more harm and that I should go ahead. That's the type of advice that I like to hear!!

  • image great news Chris.
  • Morning you lot

    Grendel: Not sure the difference between Scottish and English holidays mate. Still can't work it out !

    chris: good news mate.

  • Morning psc, sorry mate I forgot to say that ! DOH !!

  • Morning all, no run today, started out early, breakfast at Clacton McDonalds, drive to Upminster and off to London for some gaming thing, Grendel jrs belated birthday present, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
  • Lol, morning Birky.

    Just heading out for a couple of hours to try my new S-Lab pack. Kate is right, I'm doing too much at LOC. must buck up!

  • morning all

    I seem to have missed a few days!image I have been a bit under the weather - swam on Thursday but yesterday felt a bit deathly at work, so nothing and nothing today either. Supposed to be doing Nottingham Half tomorrow but I'll see how I feel. 

    Grendel - sounds a bit boring to me too, but most of what my kids enjoy doesn't appeal to me - unless it involves a bike ride!

    Chris - good news on Snowdonia

  • Morning all - 8 good miles run, some hilly, some fast 5 OR NW a group of ducks enjoying their new pond. PSC, I was a bit more normal o clock this morning, just fancied running in the light and seeing a few more things than normal, got home from work quite late last night and got off the train In the dark which was a little soul sapping. Garage bouncing also complete, has anyone else given Fitness Blender a go yet, their core stuff hurts. Grendel, your day to me sounds like stepping into one of the circles of hell, so best of luck. Hope you feel better for tomorrow MC. Right, boring jobs to be done, then repayment of hot yoga, swim and a curry later. 

  • Kate 2 hours to get here, a packed tube and now stood in a queue surrounded by mainly pubescent boys. The circles of hell doesn't even begin to describe it.
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