Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • emmy: A cracking quote from The Major in Fawlty Towers.

    The Major: I must have been rather keen on her because I took her to see... India!
    Basil: India?
    The Major: At the Oval... fine match, marvellous finish... now, Surrey had to get thirty-three in about half an hour... she went off to powder her... powder her hands or something... women... er... never came back.
    Basil: What a shame.

    See some of Basils classic lines in The Telegraph below



  • Oh and 35mins Steady earlier on.

    NW: 1 owl, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 Post Office Van, 1 cyclist

    Forgot to post that.

    Dry and very mild, even at that time !

  • Morning you lot

    Just off out with Geordie

    back later

  • Morning all - 4 miles and a garage bounce NW 2 deer right outside my front door, lovely. Boiling out there, t-shirt was too hot, but looking a bit grey now. Lurgy still hanging on, Miss F now struck down too, Bournemouth marathon on Sunday has all the signs of being a plod at this rate. Happy hump day.

  • Morning again

    30 mins Steady with Geordie. Mild with some smiry rain

    NW: 1 owl, 1 dog, 1 cyclist,  4 other runners and 2 robin red breasts

    Morning kate; All the best with the Bournemouth Marathon on Sunday.

  • Chucking it down when we went out this morning.

  • Afternoon all,   no running this morning as it is club night. Will be an interesting one, Up until now it has been a structured session, but to dark officially since last week so just a run round country lanes in the dark

    Early one tomorrow though.

  • Morning you lot

    Younger son is 19 today ! Where have those years gone ?

    45mins steady earlier. Cold, dry , no wind.

    Working at Great Scottish Run in Glasgow on Saturday.

    Back later to catch up.

  • Morning all,

    Did a lot of sprint drills and 400 metre reps at club last night so I always knew that the legs might not want to go out this morning, sure enough made a lot of excuses when the alarm went off. 

    Very dark, no street lights and only the security lights on the sea wall and the lights from the ride on lawn mower being used at that ungodly hour on the Clacton Golf Course for company. There may have been swans on the lake, there may even have been dragons, but the only actual person I saw was down by Clacton Pier, there was a man with head torch and a metal detector on the beach. 

    5 .06 miles done Happy Thursday

     Back on to edit it to wish Birky Junior a happy birthday

  • Morning all - 4 miles in the darkness, 1 OR, 1 cat, no dragons. Spin afterwards, body protesting after an hour of technique swimming last night, mainly poor technique. Happy birthday Master B.

  • Morning Grendel and Kate

    No dragons here. A few squirrels mind youimage

  • NOC afternoon 10k xcountry with Rusty. Warm and humid and luckily took a water bottle for the dog as all the puddles have dried up and there was nowhere for him to get a drink. NW 1 kestrel hovering, 3 squirrels, no dragons.

  • evening all! Haven't had much chance to post. Bit of a slow start to the week through feeling crappy then an eye infection but I am ok now (well, eye still a bit iffy) but back to the routine - ran Tues/weds and swam tonight. Aiming to get up tomorrow for a run too

  • Beyond the dark lies dragons. I love that thought.

    Happy belated birthday to Birky jnr. Last year of teenage angst.

    Morning all, just about to head out into the gloom.
  • Fail! Fell back to sleep. Lunchtime plod perhaps!

    Up and at em.
  • Morning all, out early enough for it still to be dark for the whole run, heard a dog bark and that was about it in terms of wildlife, though perhaps those dragons? and no sign of the singing siren from earlier in the week. 

    2 times 2 off 1 minute, was followed by 2 times 90 sec, 2 times a minute, 2 times 45 secs off 45 and then 2 times 30 secs off 30. mile warm up and down - 40 minutes in total.

    Happy Friday

  • Morning psc and grendel

    Wet and windy here today.

    Steady enough session earlier

    NW: 2 squirrels, 1 owl, 1 snail on garden gate, 1 cyclist, 1 dog and 1 paperboy on his bike.

  • I like the difference between the cyclist and the paperboy on his bike! Two entirely different species of wildlife.

  • Grendel: Yeah there a difference. As one is one cyclist who I'm pretty sure is a competitive cyclist. Decent bike, cycling kit etc.

    The paperboy was on a  mountain bike cycling on the footpaths with his papers in the bag and I think wearing a tracksuit and  a baseball capimage

  • I know,I know, the things I mention in NWimage

  • Afternoon all

    Foggy morning in Surrey today but managed to spy some cattle and a couple of deer lurking in the mist. Also loads of dog walkers out which is a bad thing because Jenny can't resist stopping and having a quick (or not so quick) chat with each and every one of them. Will be swimming later today. Was planning to go to the pool but weather's so nice now that I'm tempted to go open water instead.

  • evening all..

    well todays plan to run didn't come off - had a good day at work though which is a good thing.  Long run planned for tomorrow - the second outing of my new super sexy Salomon pack thingy - just sitting here sipping red wine and trying to work out a decent route!  All the gear and absolutely no frigging idea!  My OH has rather brilliantly found that Brighton Mara still has space so we are both signed up to that at the end of the month.  I am vaguely marathon fit in a non-competitive/close to the back of the running field sort of category so am really looking forward to it. image  I've done it a couple of times and it's been a hoot both times.  

    The more I hear The Script, the more I like them, half way through their second album and keep turning it up!  

    Grendel, I've got to ask - is that Alf Tucker as your avatar... a child hood (comic) hero of mine.  Used to pick up Hotspur on the way back from school and read it on a bench half way home as I could wait to actually get home to read it!!  Happy/innocent days.




  • Brighton mara PSC, isn't that in April?

  • Doh, freudian slip.  I'm in Brighton too, I actually meant Beachy Head! Maybe I should put the red wine glass to one side and make a cuppa!! image

  • Morning kids, been in a new job and offline quite a bit.

    Not really sure I won't vanish again but HELLO

    Hope everyone is well :??)
  • Morning Gobi. Is the new job going well?

    Morning all...
  • morning all

    gobi - great to hear from you, hope you are well and the new job is going well

    PSC - beachy head - choose a nice easy one, won't you??

    well, autumn is definitely here this morning. Spinning and swimming for me today

  • Morning all - swim and a run for me, heading down to Bournemouth in the rain shortly. Just make sure you turn up I the right place PSC.

  • Afternoon all,

    Decided to dip out of the really early start, ending up not going out til 5:15. My plan to do my longer run today didn't happen.

    7 miles run, collected other half's bike from her work and riding home.

    Wildlife seen, nothing,dogs none, other people none. One van driver delivering the newspapers to the local holiday parks.

    Happy Saturday
  • Morning you lot

    Rest Day today, but have walked Geordie

    When walking into work yesterday morning at George Square at about 7am, a small runner passed me and nodded. It was, believe it or not Haile Gebrselassie ! Who is running today to defend Great Scottish Half Marathon title. I did a double take but it was him.image

    GNW: 1 owl, 2 robin red breasts, 1 cat, 1 other dog, 1 cyclist.

    Gobi: Good to have you back

    Catch up time over coffee

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